AEW DYNAMITE TV REPORT 6/7 Sage’s Report on – Orange Cassidy vs. Swerve Strickland, Ricky Starks vs. Jay White, Tony Khan’s Announcement

By Tyler Sage


JUNE 7, 2023

Announcers: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz


The crowd chanted for Orange Cassidy before the two men touched, Cassidy put his hands in his pockets and dodged an attack by Swerve Strickland. The men battled back and fourth, grappling on the mat and trading holds. Swerve was in control after a roll by both and he stood up Cassidy with wrist control. Cassidy played Opossum and then popped up and applied a hold of his own.

Swerve rolled to the outside and put his hands in his pockets. Orange came to the outside and was tossed into the barrier by Strickland. Back in the ring, Swerve was in control and worked over Orange with offense in opposite corners. Swerve and Cassidy went over the top rope, while attacked to each other. Cassidy hit a dive and then a move off the top rope to even the odds. Both men battled on the apron and hit the ring post face first into the break. [c]

Cassidy was taking offense and then hit a Stundog, Swerve then hit a DDT off the ropes, leaving both men on the mat. Cassidy parried an uppercut and hit a move for a two count pinning attempt. Cassidy then went to the top rope, Swerve went to the apron and caught Cassidy and hit a Death Valley Driver on the apron.

Cassidy got up and hit some thrust kicks on the apron then took himself and Swerve to the floor. Back in the ring, Orange hit a DDT for a near fall. Swerve and Cassidy had an amazing full flip counter move, Prince Nana almost distracted Orange. But, he was able to hit an Orange Punch then Beach Break for a near fall.

Swerve then hit a brain buster on teh entrance ramp and tossed Cassidy in the ring. Swerve tried for a head kick, it was dodged and Cassidy covered for a two count. Swerve then hit a head kick and a stomp from the top for a near fall. The men then rolled and covered each other several times until Cassidy was awarded a pinfall.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

(Sage’s Analysis: A tremendous opening match, one of the best TV matches AEW has put on this year. Both guys brought it and the finish was ok, but it feels like this match will get ran back soon.)

-The Embassy ran out and beat up Cassidy, The lights went out. Sting and Darby cleared the ring when the lights came on.

-A video recapping the main event of Ricky Starks and Jay White was shown.

-Bryan Danielson came out and joined the announce team, a video of his challenge to Okada was shown. [c]


Best Friends and Rocky Romero attacked all three members of BCC when they walked toward the ring, the bell was rang and BCC took out Chuck Taylor after he hit a driver on Wheeler Yuta. Claudio and Moxley tagged in and out beating down Taylor. On the outside Trent took out Yuta and Rocky entered and exited the ring to take out Moxley. Taylor then sent Claudio to the outside and the members of Chaos hugged.

Moxley entered and hit a cutter on Taylor, Claudio and Yuta entered and hit a combo move to gain control as the break started. [c]

Yuta hit a German Suplex on Taylor, Chuck then hit a running knee strike. Trent and Moxley then entered, as Trent hit a spear. Moxley came up quickly and took out Trent. But, Trent tagged in Rocky who hit a move off the top. Claudio entered and was whipped into the ropes. Trent and Rocky then teamed up and worked on Moxley, Rocky then covered for a two count.

Moxley tried for a driver, but Chuck entered and hit a team move with Trent. Rocky and Moxley were now in the ring, Rocky did a flip into an arm bar. Claudio took out Trent, Yuta took out Chuck as Moxley bulldog choked Rocky until the match was called in the favor of BCC.

WINNER: Blackpool Combat Club

(Sage’s Analysis: A fine match that went the way it should have, I like that Chuck was in a match and didn’t have to take the pinfall.)

-The Young Bucks and Hangman Page were backstage, they complemented BCC. Hangman said they are in Washington DC and they challenged Moxley, Claudio and Yuta to a match. [c]

-Kenny Omega vs. Will Ospreay was confirmed for Forbidden Door.

-MJF came to the ring. He said that the crowd has smoked their brains out, he told the drug addicts to keep their mouths shut. He said there is no place more boring than Colorado and berated the crowd for talking. He said that he was bored and there is no competition in AEW. He said no one was on the level of the devil, Adam Cole’s music hit and he walked out.

MJF cut his entrance before the end with crowd participation. MJF said he was excited for some worthy competition, he said that he is a big fan of Cole. He said when CM Punk left him as a kid, he found Ring of Honor and thought it sucked. But when he was going to change the channel, until he saw Adam Cole. He was instantly hooked, and got as much Cole tape as he could get. He watched him in CZW and all the Indies and all the way to Florida. He said that he was so good that he became the greatest champion in NXT history.

MJF said he went to CZW and a top name in the independents, then to AEW. He knew Cole would jump and they would have an epic rivalry. But, MJF said this guy showed up. MJF asked what happened to him and called him a gameboy not a playboy. He said that Britt leaves the house with his balls. MJF also said that he used to have the body of a world champion.

MJF said that AEW has done everything to make Adam Cole look cool, he ran down the list of things. MJF said that all they do for him to look cool is ring the bell. MJF then ran down all his iconic matches in AEW. He said he has beaten everyone on his level and asked why Cole thinks he can beat him. He then said that Vince McMahon didn’t think Cole was a top guy.

MJF said he though Vince lost his mind, how could Cole not be a top guy. MJF said that now he has seen him, he thinks that Vince was right. Cole then got on the mic, and asked really? He said that MJF came across like a social media troll. He said Britt could beat up MJF, he asked why MJF cares so much about others relationships. He said his fiancee left him and he can’t hold a relationship. He called MJF a world class D-Bag.

Cole then brought up his body, and said that MJF should talk about his body of work. Cole suggested that they both go and pee in some cups and see who is natural and who is not. Cole said that he has respect in all locker rooms he has been in. Cole said that not a single person respects MJF back there. He said he does the minimum in everything he does.

MJF said that was tough talk from Keith Lee’s manager. Cole said a real champion would shut him up and that MJF is a coward. He said that everything he is saying will go over MJF’s head. He said he is better than MJF and the crowd knows it. MJF got in Cole’s face and said that he would fight him whenever. Cole celebrated that they have a match.

-The Hardy’s were backstage, Matt introduced his new employee Ethan Page. He made Page apologize to Isiah Kassidy, Hardy wants to make Ethan a better human, he said they need to get rid of that ego.


Preston Vance and Dralistico attacked Jack Perry and Hook as they entered, after a brawl where all four men were in the ring the tornado tag match broke down. Perry and Dralistico were in the ring, while Vance and Hook were in the crowd. [c]

Hook attacked Vance with a chain and he was bleeding badly, Perry then attacked Vance. Dralistico jumped in and that allowed Vance to team up and they took out Perry. They duo traded to do the same to Hook, but he fought back. Hook took out Dralistico, but Vance ran in with a clothesline and took out Hook.

Vance then put a chain around Hook and pulled him up onto the apron. Perry ran in with a chain, Hook then did a flip and sent them both through a table at ringside. Perry then took out Dralistico and then the way to in shape Jose came in. Hook and Perry applied holds to Dralistico and Jose for the win.

WINNER: Jungle Boy & Hook

(Sage’s Analysis: That match was very fun to watch, but as soon as it’s over the insanity of that blood feud going from zero to a hundred miles an hour felt off. But, I do like Perry and Hook as a team.)

-Tony Khan announced that the main event of the first episode of Collision would be, Jay White & Juice Robinson & Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk & FTR. The crowd seemed to cheer for and chant CM Punk.


Takeshita dominated the entire minute and hit a running knee strike.

WINNER: Konosuke Takeshita

-Don Callis raised the hand of Takeshita and grabbed a mic. Callis said that he has something to say and will be heard, he let Takeshita speak in Japanese. Callis then said that he would tell the truth about Kenny Omega, he said that everything Kenny has ever had is because of him. Omega has been a cancer in his life and he has cut it out. Callis said that he would cut The Elite out of AEW for good. [c]

-Christian Cage was backstage, he said that Arn Anderson cost him the TNT championship. He said he was going to take something from him, they then revealed a beat up Brock Anderson.


Kris Statlander and Anna Jay locked up and fell tot he mat, Statlander had a brief hold. Anna Jay then applied a side head lock and stood both of them up. Statlander applied a side suplex and then an arm hold, Jay countered until Statlander hit a neck breaker and a kip up. Jay rolled to the floor, then back int he ring as Statlander followed. Daddy Magic blocked Statlander, Jay tried to get an advantage but Statlander stopped her and dropped her on the apron. In the ring, Jay hit a spinning kick to get control into the break. [c]

Statlander was in control as the show returned, she set Anna Jay up for a top rope move. Daddy Magic distracted Statlander and Jay got the advantage leading to a near fall for Jay. Anna tried for the Queenslayer, Statlander hit a lariat, Magic distracted again and Jay applied the Queenslayer. Statlander stood up with Jay on her back and slammed Jay.

Statlander hit a tombstone pile driver for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Kris Statlander

(Sage’s Analysis: A standard women’s match in format, that last few minutes were good. Jay is and has been an enhancement talent for some time. Statlander’s finisher is a nice addition, but her music and “more than a women,” gimmick isn’t landing for me as of yet.)

-Toni Storm said that a four-way match will take place and the winner gets to face her for her AEW Championship. It was also announced that Cole and MJF would fight in a world title eliminator match, so MJF got the advantage after all?!? [c]


Ricky Starks ran up and attacked Jay White before the bell rang, the match officially started and Starks took White to the outside and slammed him into the barricade. Starks continued to break the count and tossed White back into the ring. Starks then picked up the ring stairs and changed his mind as White walked up the ring ramp, Starks chased and followed. White fought back briefly and then White attacked the eyes of Starks.

White hit Ricky with an elbow and took over control, grabbing the steel steps and putting them back in place. Starks hit a quick suplex on Jay as the last break started. [c]

Jay was still in control as the show returned, here White hit several hard chops. The overly methodical match continued with chops until Jay hit a superplex off the top rope, leading to a two count pin. White tried a Blade Runner, Starks fought out and hit a DDT for a near fall.

Starks covered once more for a two count. White countered Ricky’s finisher to a big side slam. The two men had a chop off, until White kicked Starks’ knee and he countered a Starks Spear. Ricky countered a Blade Runner and hit a spear. Ricky hit his finisher, but the ref was hit by White. The Gunns came in and hit their finisher and ran off. White came to and hit Blade Runner for the pinfall win.

Winner: Jay White

Final Thoughts: A solid show, that is blending regular AEW stories with New Japan ones. The addition of MJF and Cole seems a feud too early for me, and I though the main event dragged the entire time. But, overall a solid show.


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