SPOILERS: AEW Rampage 6/23 taping results and analysis


AEW Rampage spoilers


JUNE 21, 2023 


Note: Before AEW Dynamite aired, there was one dark match.

Hikaru Shida defeated Mei Suruga and Emi Sakura in a three-way match.

The heels doubled on Shida for a few minutes until Mei made the mistake of trying to pin Sakura, who paint brushed her with a slap and hit a back breaker. They had a nice sequence of near falls with all three trying to vulture a pin. Shida did the falcon arrow to Mei on Sakura, who rolled outside. That allowed Shida to hit a weak-looking kick on Mei for the win. They went a little more than 6 minutes. Decent for what it was. Perhaps you’ll get a chance to see it when AEW gets a streaming deal.

Before the taping started, Jericho came out and heeled on the crowd before taking his seat at the announce table next to Excalibur and Tony Schiavone. The opening match will be in the ring as the Rampage theme plays. Not many people left after Dynamite.

(1) United Empire (Will Ospreay, Jeff Cobb and Kyle Fletcher) and Swerve Strickland (with Prince Nana) defeated Trent, Chuck Taylor, Rocky Romero and Yoh

A brawl to start and then Ospreay worked over Yoh. Next up Swerve (who was over, lots of Who’s House? Swerve’s House) and Chuck. Taylor a roll up for two. Double elbows by Best Friends on Swerve. Kyle and Trent next. Rocky and Trent double knees to Kyle. Ospreay hit a tilt a whirl backbreaker on Rocky. Cobb clothesline and moonsault on Rocky for two. Cobb held up Rocky a long time in a suplex. Swerve with the Rick Rude neck breaker on Rocky. Back elbow off the ropes. Yoh got the tag and Ospreay pasted him with a strike and then his flipping somersault elbow. German with a bridge for two. Faces made save, cleaned house, group hug. UE triple teamed Yoh and Cobb hit a spinning power bomb but a kick out. Ospreay hit hidden blade for the win in about 9:40.

After a break, Adam Cole came to the ring. Before he could speak, MJF came out on the stage. MJF thanked Adam for giving him the confidence to accept the match against Tanahashi. MJF got Cole a match against Filthy Tom Lawlor, who attacked Cole from behind with one of his stablemates, bald guy with a beard. MJF said he would save his partner, and slow walked it. “Have fun at Forbidden Door, partner,” MJF said.

(2) The Acclaimed defeated three local talents.

It lasted about a minute. Two of the enhancement guys were Pick and Pop from Freelance Wrestling. Max’s rap took shots at Hunter Biden and former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. A squash.

QTV’s Harley Cameron came out with two guys in black hoodies and white masks. Crowd chanted “Who are you?” Harley spoke in high pitch and was hard to understand. This was rough and Harley got booed a lot, and not in the way you want to be booed. It sounded like she wanted to join the Acclaimed. Daddy Ass made a Captain and Tenille reference. Harley started singing and rapping, and you couldn’t hear her over the boos. Her bodyguards started dancing. This was awful. Bowens asked whether Harley thought he was into her and Bowens told her he’s gay to a huge face pop. QT Marshall came out at this point with Aaron Solo and QT put over the rap and heeled on The Acclaimed. John Morrison took off the mask and hood and attacked Billy from behind. Harley told Billy he could suck it, and the heels stood tall. Had to be seen to be believed.

(3) Skye Blue defeated Anna Jay A.S. (W/ Matt Menard and Angelo Parker) to advance in the Owen Hart Tournament

Skye got the nice hometown reaction. Anna worked Skye over for the heat. Menard and Parker jumped on the apron for the numbers advantage deal. Skye made a comeback and won with Code Blue in 8:30.

(4) Jungle Boy Jack Perry defeated Douki

Douki surprisingly over with the crowd. This went around 10 minutes, maybe less. Perry won with the snare trap submission and then Sanada came out to a milder reaction than many of the other NJPW guys got. They had a stare down ahead of their title match at Forbidden Door Sunday.

ROH 8-man tag team match: Lucha Bros, Komander, El Hijo del Vikingo defeated Shane Taylor and the Workhorseman and Gringo Loco

Loco was over as a local guy. Penta did his shhh and glove and zero miedo routine to a loud reaction. Everyone battled and Penta hit Made in Japan on Gringo for two. Tags and Taylor hit a splash on the much smaller Fenix. Workhorsemen took over on Komander and looked good. JD Drake chopped Komander hard, Komander fired back with kicks and got slapped hard for his trouble. Vikingo tagged in and did Vikingo things I can’t describe because they happen so fast. Top rope drop kick. Luchas a double kick to a kneeling Drake. Penta and Drake clothesline for a double down. Took them a while to get their bearings, but Komander and Vikingo did double flip dives off the top to the outside. Crowd standing at this point. Penta and Fenix hit their finisher on Anthony  Henry for the win. Penta thanked the crowd.

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