9/27 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Wrestle Dream Final Dynamite

By Tyler Sage


SEPTEMBER 27, 2023

Announcers: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz


Rey Fenix dove out onto Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal before the match officially started. The two men then battled on the outside trading chops. Rey then threw Lethal into the crotch of Satsuma Singh. Jeff went for his guitar, but Rey hit a pump kick and tossed Jarrett into the ring and the match started officially. Jeff set up a 619 like move, mimicked the zero fear hand signal and then was caught by Fenix and ate a DDT from Rey as the first break started. [c]

Rey had Jeff on the ropes, then the entire entourage of Jarrett was about to attack Rey. Ref Aubree ran out and pushed over Karen Jarret to stop the group. Rey then hit a cutter for a near fall on Jarrett. Rey then hit a thrust kick and followed that up with a rope run, but Jay Lethal took him out then Jarret hit a low blow for a near fall. Jarrett then hit a face slam for a near fall.

Jarrett went to set up a figure four, Rey countered into a pin and won via pinfall.

WINNER: Rey Fenix

(Sage’s Analysis: A fine Jeff Jarrett match, it is odd to book Rey winning via a rollup against the lower on the card Jarrett. But I guess it was a five on one match.) 

-A recap of Adam Cole injuring his ankle last week was shown. A video was then shown of MJF and Cole celebrating on MJF’s dad’s boat. On the boat, MJF questioned why Cole was late to supporting him, he then was about to hit Cole with the ring, Cole asked him if he was going to do that and MJF backed off.

-Don Callis and Takeshita were on video in Tokyo, saying that they were looking for Kota Ibushi. [c]

-Renee was in the ring, she welcomed Takeshita and Callis to the ring. A video recap of last week’s addition of Sammy Guevara was shown. In the ring, Renee asked if Sammy Guevara was officially in the Don Callis Family. Callis then introduced Sammy to the ring, he walked out with a new scarface inspired imaging package. Callis showed a tape of them in Tokyo, Callis and Takeshita entered Ibushi’s dojo and attacked him, with Takeshita hitting Ibushi HHH style with a kettlebell. Callis said that the family has never be stronger.

Sammy then got on the mic to less boos than Callis, but still a solid reaction. He said that Jericho is the villain, that he held him back and clipped his wings. Callis convinced him that Jericho is selfish and that he needs to take the torch and be a star.

-A recap of the death match between Danielson and Starks was shown. Ricky Starks was backstage and he said that he didn’t tap or got pinned. Wheeler Yuta then interrupted, he and Starks got into it to set a fight between the two at Wrestledream.


Brian Cage took out and tossed Nick Cage out of the ring as the match started, Cage and Claudio Castagnoli then engaged in a test of strength. The test was even and Cage hit a spin kick, Claudio fought back and then men traded forearms and chops. Nick reentered and hit a move off the top rope taking out both his opponents after a dive to the outside. Nick then hit a double stomp on Claudio and then a backbreaker on Cage. [c]

Cage and Claudio were battling with Cage hitting a German Suplex. Nick Jackson entered and hit a bulldog on Cage, then a DDT counter on Claudio. Nick then hit a 450 off the top for a near fall on Cage. Claudio then did his big spin ten times on Brain Cage, he covered but that was broken up by Jackson. Nick then tried for a splash, but was caught by Cage and slammed to the mat for a near fall for Cage.

Cage then turned to Claudio and hit a Vertical suplex from the apron to the mat for another near fall. All three men were then involved and tried pins and were broken up by the free man. Claudio hit a European Uppercut on Nick, then a lariat on Cage. Claudio hit a power bomb on Cage, then Jackson hit a hurricanrana and sent Claudio out of the ring and stop the pin on Cage.

WINNER: Nick Jackson

(Sage’s Analysis: A very fun match that made Brian Cage look really good in defeat. Nick and Rey should be an awesome singles match.)

-The Righteous had a video to hype their match with MJF & Cole at the PPV. [c]

-MJF and Adam Cole came out to the arena. Adam Cole was seated on a folding chair, he said this was a sad chapter and that his ankle was totally destroyed last week and now he needs to go get surgery. He said that because they cannot defend the titles they have to relinquish them. MJF said that he didn’t wrestle twice in one night to give the titles to The Righteous. MJF said that he wants to make sure that the ROH titles are there waiting for him when he gets back. Roderick Strong yelled Adam and was wheeled in by The Kingdom. He said it was an emergency and he needs him right now, MJF said that he knows that he is his boy and respects him. he said he would be there waiting when he gets back. MJF and Cole shared a hug as Cole left the ring.

MJF was alone in the ring and was interrupted by Jay White and the rest of Bullet Club Gold. Jay White entered the ring alone as the crowd cheered for White than more so for MJF. White told MJF to shut up, he said that everyone wants to hear his exotic accent for once. MJF told White that he must be smoking Colorado grass, then made fun of his facial hair. MJF said that he was really upset when he was compared to and not labeled as good as Jay White. He said that in his ring, with his poors around, he knows that they don’t compare. He said that he is a filet and once in a generation.

He said that Jay is a good wrestler, but he is tofu. He said it takes on the flavor of whatever you add to it, but it’s all a trick to make you think it has taste. He said that Jay White has gotten the best name, entrance, opponents and one of the best factions of all time. But, behind it all White is just tofu, and now he just trying to get some streak flavor. MJF told him to leave the ring and stop talking smack. He said that if he didn’t, that for the rest of their careers it would be known that MJF is better than Jay White.

Jay White said thank you and that is exactly what he came out for, his own MJF experience. But he is a little let down, something is off. He said that MJF is distracted by Adam Cole, and that the people do not love him as much as Cole. White said that it is all his fault, he originally injured Cole and put all this in action. Jay said that he is now here to run Max’s life in the flesh, Jay White said that MJF needs to go up a level to beat him for the AEW title. He said that he will be a truly elite champion. He said he can go cry with his poors after he loses.

-Jim Ross had a sit down with Darby Allin and Christian Cage, before their match on Sunday. JR said there would be no physicality. JR asked Christian about truly being TNT champion and that he has lost twice to Darby, how will he beat him twice on Sunday. Cage said that he isn’t the man or wrestler that Cage is. Cage then brought up Darby’s dead uncle. Darby said he isn’t afraid of dying and that he cannot lose in Seattle. Christian told him to bring all of his friends and family to the match, Darby then challenged Cage to not have Luchasaurus in the match. [c]


Matt and Penta battled early, then it was Orange and Matt, then Austin and Orange. Penta took out Austin and worked over Orange. Austin entered and both had a hand gesture off in the ring. Penta then took out Austin and Matt, then Orange and did an unopposed zero fear. Austin ran in and took out Penta immediately after. [c]

Matt Jackson dove off the top to the outside onto Penta as the show returned. Orange Cassidy hit a fall away slam onto Matt and Penta, Orange then battled with Gunn and ate a cutter for a two count. Penta entered as did Jackson, all four men were int he ring. Orange hit a destroyer on Gunn and then all four men were on the mat. Matt then hit some combo moves and then the combo northern lights suplex on Orange.

Matt then hit a tandem Northern Light suplex on Penta and Gunn as the crowd chanted “A E Dub,” Matt and Penta then squared off, Orange ran in and hit an Orange Punch on Penta and then a Beach Break on Matt. Gunn hit a move on Orange and then tried to pin all three opponents to no avail.

All three men then kicked Gunn. Then Matt and Penta teamed up on Orange. In the end Orange rolled up Matt for the pinfall win. [c]

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

(Sage’s Analysis: I hate doing live reports for four way matches, so take that in to account. But I though this was a fun match that means absolutely nothing for the match on Sunday.)


Willow power lifted Hart as the match started, Willow then laid in chops in the corner. After that Willow hit a suplex and laid in ground and pound shots. Willow applied a series of scoop slams, Julia then fought out of a move and hid under the mat as willow was distracted. Julia then took down Willow and attacked here while down. [c]

Willow hit a move in the corner and then slammed Julia for a near fall. Julia was then in control and applied the heartless hold, Willow was able to break the hold in the ropes. Julia did a front flip, Willow tackled and pushed Julia over. Willow tried a cannonball in the corner, Julia dodged and hit a moonsault for the win.

WINNER: Julia Hart

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match that sets up Hart as a real threat going into the PPV and I liked the match as well.)

-Excalibur went over matches for Rampage, Collision and the PPV on Sunday. [c]

-Swerve Strickland was seated, as Hangman Page entered the arena. Renee handed Page the contract to sign first, Swerve said that he has been impressed with Page, but it’s too late for Page. He said that he is walking in Seattle, AKA Swerve’s house. He said he is nothing like Page, he said he would never be like Page.

Page said that Swerve was fired up and that’s good, he said his comments stung. But, he thanked Swerve because he was right he was off. He did good things like beating Moxley and reuniting with The Elite. But, it started to rain every time it was getting better. He said all of that is over and he is still here. He said in that time something was washed out of him and now he has hope.

He said the fans deserve more from him and he deserves it for himself. He said that in Seattle Swerve will get the best version of Hangman. Swerve laughed and said that was more embarrassing than the Broncos last week. He said this was not personal, he just wants Page’s position. Swerve said he might have mental issues, because he creates enemies everyday and says that it rains a lot in Seattle.

Page said his opportunities were earned and that everyone that he has gotten he knocked out of the park. He said that Swerve should want his spot and he can’t fill his boots. Page then stabbed the hand of Swerve with the pen.

-Jay White was then shown getting beat up backstage.

Final Thoughts: An interestingly paced show, that felt like it was actually trying to build and compete stories for a PPV. I think it mainly completed that goal, while feeling like a middle of the road episode of Dynamite.

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