20 YRS AGO – WWE Live Event Results (9-27-2003): Lesnar vs. Angle, plus Cena in the opener, Eddie Guerrero, Tajiri, Rey Mysterio, Hardy, Bradshaw, more

Kurt Angle undergoes knee surgery
Kurt Angle (art credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


The following was originally published 20 years ago this week here at PWTorch.com…

WWE Smackdown house show
September 27, 2003
Winnipeg, Manitoba at Winnipeg Arena
Report by Craig Legare, PWTorch.com correspondent

Sable came out first and got the crowd revved up for the night. Afterwards, John Cena came out to a big pop. He did a very funny rap dissing Winnipeg. He insulted us with the fact that we lost the Jets, that got a BIG reaction. Benoit then came out and said he needs to stick his boot up Cena’s ass.

(1) Chris Benoit beat John Cena via tap out to the Crossface. After the match, A-Train came out and attacked Benoit, then Bradshaw came and made the save. Great match. Cena had major heat, and Benoit was over big time.

(2) Rhyno beat Orlando Jordon after the Gore. Decent match. Jordan seemed to hold his own in the ring. Nothing was sloppy.

(3) Jamie Noble (w/Nidia) beat Nunzio. A good match. Not much else to say about it.

(4) Bradshaw beat A-Train. Not bad. Finish came with a clothesline from Hell.

(5) Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore beat Spanky & Paul London. Awesome match. One of the best of the night. One missed spot where Spanky gave moore a headscissors out of the ring, but it basically looked like Moore ran through the ropes. Otherwise, the match rocked. Lots of cool spots. London did a great job.

(6) Los Guerreros beat The Bashams (w/That Thing They Call Shaniqua). Eddie was SO over in this one! The crowd just loved him. The match was very, very good. During the match, a fan at ringside dumped a beer on Eddie, and Eddie got really mad and ran into the crowd and pounded on the guy. He apologized to the fans after the match was over. Crowd went bananas for it.

(7) Tajiri beat Rey Mysterio. Good match. Mysterio was way over with the crowd. All the signature spots you’d expect from these two. The finish came after Tajiri spit the green mist in Rey’s eyes and then kicked him.

(8) Shaniqua beat Nidia and Dawn Marie. This one was really fast. Oh, yeah. Funaki was the special guest referee. It was basically 30 seconds long. Whatever. Dawn Marie was really hot!

(9) Brock Lesnar beat Kurt Angle. Very good match. These two are just incredible. Lesnar had a lot of heat. Angle got a very loud ‘You Suck’ chant during his entrance theme. The finish came after the F5 if I remember correctly. After the match, Angle thanked the fans for coming, and said that the Canadian fans are the best fans in the world. He’s right, too.

Note: There were a fair amount of empty seats. Nobody was in the upper deck. There was a decent amount of people, though. Overall, this was a very good show. Every match was thoroughly enjoyable.

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