EXCLUSIVE: Headlocked creator Michael Kingston discusses what makes “Tales From The Road: Vol. 3” the most entertaining collection yet in the series

By Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist (X:@SR_Torch)


In an exclusive interview with PWTorch columnist Sean Radican on the PWTorch VIP podcast Radican Worldwide, Headlocked creator Michael Kingston talked about what stands out about “Headlocked: Tales From The Road Vol. 3.” “To me, this is the most entertaining collection we’ve done cover-to-cover,” said Kingston. “I really think we’ve hit a bunch of different types of stories and I think it’s a lot of fun. “I also think it’s probably the most sort of in-the moment star power”

“We have four wrestlers that are on AEW television and Lita’s a hall of famer and she was just on WrestleMania. Trinity is the biggest star in Impact Wrestling. Dango is a featured part of them. The innspiration isn’t on TV right now because Jess (McKay) is pregnant, but these are all people that are in their primes as talent contributing and I think we knocked these all out of the park.”

Headlocked creator Michael Kingston currently has a Kickster for “Headlocked: Tales From The Road: Vol. 3” that closes tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern. “Headlocked: Tales From The Road: Vol. 3” is a collection of single-shot comics from within the Headlocked universe that require no prior knowledge of the primary Headlocked storyline. Multiple wrestlers are contributing a comic to this volume of “Tales From The Road” including Adam Cole, Jay White, Trinity Fatu, Powerhouse Hobbes, and Amy “Lita” Dumas.

You can back Kingston’s “Headlocked: Tales From The Road: Vol. 3” project and access several of the exclusive rewards offered including prints signed by The Undertaker and all of Judgement Day here.

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