NXT HITS & MISSES (11/14): Chase U secandal, Brawling Brutes vs. OTM, Baron Corbin vs. Wes Less, Rozanne Perez vs. Lash Legend, Supernova Sessions

By Jason Goodspeed, PWTorch contributor

Roxxane Perez and Lash Legend


Chase U vs. Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo: Hit

Okay, there’s a Miss involved here, but we’ll get to that a little later. The match quality was great and I’m enjoying the cheesiness of the Chase U scandal. It’s silly, but watching the “student” walk out and the continuing drama regarding the mystery of the scandal has me hooked for some reason. (By the way, unless I missed what the actual scandal is… I’m assuming it’s related to how they won the titles?)

Supernova Sessions: Hit

Unless Noam Dar for some reason loses his snarky charm and weasel-like personality, he’ll always get a Hit from this viewer. It appears that Chad Gable will be facing Noam Dar next week, which should be an absolute clinic and a joy to watch!

Roxanne Perez vs. Lash Legend: Hit

I think Lash has shown a marked improvement since her debut. She’s still a little rough at times in the ring, but she’s getting there and she already has the mic skills down. Perez is Teflon, so a loss doesn’t hurt her at all, especially with the interference (more on that foolishness later).

Bron Breakker & Dijak confrontation: Hit

This Hit goes for the kidney shot “Retribution” line – I love when wrestlers jab others over failed storylines

Trick Williams vs. Joe Coffey: Hit

Hit quality match with the ever-improving Trick Williams, plus the continuing slow burn between Trick and Melo

The Brawling Brutes vs. OTM: Hit

The right team went over, but OTM (what exactly does “Out Tha Mud” mean?) should be getting more wins, even if just in squash matches. I’m impressed with Nima and Prince though so far and Scrypts is doing a great job as their mouthpiece. (Also, thank you for explaining where the Scrypts name came from, too!)

Gigi Dolin vs. Ariana Grace: Minor Hit

Gigi seems to have two types of matches: slightly good or slightly bad. This I felt was a good showing and Grace played her part well. I know I shouldn’t like the Beauty Pageant act (it reminds me a lot of my days watching GLOW from the ’80s), but, she seems to have fun with it.

Baron Corbin vs. Wes Lee: Hit

I know people rag on Baron Corbin a lot, but he’s solid in the ring and Wes Lee is… well, Wes Lee. Lee’s protected by the appearance of Dirty Dom. Corbin’s match with Ilya should be great

Lyra Valkyria has tea with Xia Li: Miss

I had to watch this segment twice to see if I missed something, but it just seemed… odd. I like both of these performers, but this segment just didn’t do anything for me. But, to be fair, I learned a little about tea leaves…which is something, I suppose

Joe Coffey loses again: Miss

I know for those who never watched NXT UK, it isn’t as jarring, but I witnessed Joe Coffey and Gallus as a dominant force there, only to have them lose way too much here stateside, Joe especially. I think there were other guys who could’ve taken the loss to Trick Williams instead of Coffey

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