NXT TV RESULTS (11/21): Hazelwood’s live report on Valkyria vs. Li title match, Hayes vs. Briggs and Davenport vs. Hail in qualifying matches, Dar vs. Gable, more



NOVEMBER 21, 2023

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Kelly Kincaid

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

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-The show began with immediate introductions for the Heritage Cup Match.

(1) NOAM DAR (c) (w/Meta-Four) vs. CHAD GABLE (w/Alpha Academy) – Heritage Cup match

I will be doing elapsed time for the match. Round one began with with Chad Gable taking the left arm. Booker T mentioned this was Gable’s first Heritage Cup match. Gable took Noam Dar down with a headlock takeover, but Dar worked to his feet to get a hamemrlock and then a small fireman’s carry only for Gable to lock him down with a head scissors. Dar fought out and into a grounded side headlock, rubbing his forearm in the face. Gable worked to his feet and went right back to the left arm. This is a feel-out round, an “appetizer” as Booker T said. Gable suddenly hit a takedown from a go-behind, then a front facelock slam. Dar and Gable kept working holds and counters, Gable cinching an ankle lock, but Dar hitting the ropes and into a kneebar as the bell rung. They were within an arm’s reach the entire round.

Round two began with Gable ducking a shot and hitting a shoulder tackle. He put on an immediate side headlock, then hit another shoulder tackle after a rope run. Dar slapped him in response and hit two chest kicks, asking for some from Gable. Gable obliged with a cross chop to the throat and a back elbow after sending Dar into the ropes. He hit a big chop, ducked a shot, and hit a German that flipped Dar onto his belly for a two-count. Dar came back with a kick to the arm, the leg, then a feint into a leg kick, and a sweep. Gable came back with an armbar in the ropes, using the four-count. Mensah clocked Gable behind the ref’s back and allowed Dar to hit the Novaroller.

Noam Dar up 1-0 [c]

They returned with Dar climbing the top rope with 30 seconds left in round three. Gable met him and went for a superplex. Dar blocked and with ten seconds left, Gable was able to hit. They locked legs, then Gable rolled him over for a two-count just before the bell rang.

Round four began with the two just trading forearms, then kicks and a superman punch from Dar. Gable caught a kick and hit a leg-trapped exploder. He climbed to the top and hit a flying headbutt two-thirds of the way across the ring (I thought we were done doing that move?). Dar rolled to the apron. Gable met him and went for a German off of the apron, but Dar blocked, then kicked his leg out and hit an elevated flatliner to the floor using the ring as leverage. Gable just made it back in and was hit by an immediate spinning elbow for a near-fall. With one minute left in the round, Gable caught Dar and went for a crossface, but Dar rolled into a kneebar attempt. He then caught a countering Gable into a rear naked choke, but Gable rose to his feet and hit a crucifix pin for a two-count. He turned right into a sliding knee for a two-count for Dar. The round ended with them trading blows and slaps from their knees.

Round five began with Gable hitting a rolling kick and then the O’Connor Roll German bridge for the score. Behind the ref’s back, Dar hit a superman forearm after the bell.

Tied 1-1

Round six began with Dar rushing Gable in the corner and then hitting a release Northern Lights. He hit a sliding lariat for a two-count. A confident Dar had a vertical countered into a fantastic brainbuster. Gable climbed to the top, but was caught on this attempt into a triangle choke. Gable lifted him and hit a release powerbomb, falling into a pin attempt for a two-count. Dar caught a kick and hit a spinning back elbow again for a two-count. Dar set for the Novaroller, but Gable caught him into an ankle lock. Dar rolled him into the corner and then a pin, then into another, both for two-counts. Gable lifted Dar into a Razor’s Edge position and flipped Dar into a DDT for a two-count. He set for a moonsault, caught Dar’s legs on the counter, and cinched in the ankle lock with 15 seconds. Dar tapped just after the bell rung to retain the Heritage Cup. There was confusion in the ring after until ring announcer Kelly Kincaid announced the ref’s decision. Lash Legend pushed down Maxxine Dupri, but Oro Mensah couldn’t get Otis to do the same. He deposited Mensah over the top and then danced at Legend. She turned into a slap from Dupri and into the arms of Otis. She reacted with disgust and fled the ring.

WINNER: Noam Dar at 18:36 elapsed to retain the NXT Heritage Cup

-They showed video from the weekend of JBL choosing his qualifying matches for the Iron Survivor Challenge: Carmelo Hayes vs. Josh Briggs (who he said fits the mold of some of the best big men in the business) on the men’s side, and Blair Davenport (who he said reminds him of him) vs. Thea Hail. I said in our group chat over the weekend that I’m calling it now: Davenport wins the Iron Survivor Challenge.

-They showed Xia Li and Lyra Valkyria making their way for the championship match. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: That match was the epitome of the beauty of rounds matches in professional wrestling. They started out with holds and counters and didn’t leave an arm’s reach and they ended with nothing left, trying to beat the hell out of each other and in Gable’s case, snap the ankle of Dar. The match just kept building and while we missed most of one round, we saw the entirety of the other rounds, able to witness the gradual changes in storytelling as they happened. It would have been weird to have Gable be the one to defeat Dar and not any of the other wrestlers who are more associated with the Heritage Cup so this outcome is fine with me. They’re clearly setting up something with Legend, Dupri, and Otis, and we’re either getting a faction match or a mixed tag match.)

-They returned with an announcement of WWE and the Big 12 to hand out custom title belts for the MOP of the Big 12 Championship.

-they shifted to Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo walking in a hallway somewhere (I think a dimly-lit Full Sail) with their regained Tag Team Championship. They walked through a kitchen (OK, so it was supposed to be a higher-end Italian restaurant). They walked through and greeted people and into the back room where they were greeted by their cousin and the rest of The Family, congratulating and surprising them. The cousin (whose name I still don’t know) gave a toast to The Don and The Underboss and they sat down to eat.

-They showed Hayes in the locker room as Trick Williams came in and sat down. He said he qualified last week and tonight is Hayes’ night. Hayes looked intense and Williams asked if he’s alright. Hayes said he’s locked in and he can’t sleep on Briggs. Williams said he knows Brooks Jensen and Fallon Henley will be at ringside so he’ll be at ringside for him like he was last week. Hayes said he had to do it for himself to get back and Williams tried talking him down. Hayes said he has to do it solo and Williams said he appreciates that. They dapped up and Williams smiled as Hayes walked out.

-Valkyria entered first and was immediately attacked on the runway by Li. She was yelling at Valkyria in Mandarin I believe and was led to the back as medical checked on Valkyria, selling a concussion angle it looked like. [c]

-They returned with Vic Joseph and Booker T recapping the attack from Li. She hit her spin kick.


They jumped right into this match with Joseph adding the nice touch that this match was for later, but had to go on now because of the attack from Li. Edris Enofe tagged in Malik Blade after a bit of back-and-forth with Humberto Carrillo and hit a dropkick. He then sucker punched Angel Garza. Garza made a sneaky tag and then pulled the ropes to cause Blade to fall outside. Carrillo then sat Blade on the apron for Garza to hit a running knee to the face. Garza worked him on the outside a bit before coming back in and grounding Blade (who had grown his hair out a bit). Garza put Blade into a Gory and tagged in Garza, who flipped in with a cutter. He then put Blade into a chancery as Garza hit a basement dropkick for a two-count.

Carrillo, the legal man, methodically took it to Blade only for Blade to counter a vertical suplex into a small package. Carrillo knocked off Blade and put Blade in their corner. He tagged in Garza and they stomped away. Garza taunted Blade and Enofe by letting him get close to the tag, but Blade fought back. He was knocked to the mat, though, and then into the ropes where Carrillo caught him with a cheap shot. Blade countered with a jawbreaker and DDT to Garza. Enofe was raring to go. Garza tried to prevent it, but Enofe came in as Carrillo also tagged in. Enofe took it to both men, but he rolled through a 450 and right into a powerbomb from Carrillo. They hit a double team where Carrillo launched Enofe into the air and Garza kicked him in the face. They called out D’Angelo and Stacks into the camera.

WINNER: Garza & Carrillo at 5:32 (pop-up PK)

-They showed cameras outside of medical as Valkyria was being checked.

-They showed Jensen and Henley hyping up Briggs. They said they’d be out there for him, but he said basically it’s a big moment for him and he needs to be out there. He heard Hayes’ music and rushed out. They looked confused. Hayes received a good pop for this qualifying match. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: It was good for them to address the sudden change in match card because of the unprompted attack. Both teams looked fine, working a standard tag team match with a long heat segment, a hot tag, and the heels winning this match, clean.)

-Briggs made his entrance.

(3) CARMELO HAYES vs. JOSH BRIGGS – Iron Survivor Challenge qualifying match

They locked up and Briggs threw off Hayes easily. Hayes pushed him and egged on Briggs. he ducked a few punches and landed a flurry that was stopped by a gut knee. Hayes went for his springboard lariat, but Briggs caught. Hayes flipped out and hit a thrust kick to send Briggs outside by the announce desk. Briggs fought back and sent Hayes inside, but ate a bicycle kick as he hit the apron. Back outside, Hayes slammed Briggs’ head on the apron and chopped Briggs, but Briggs was incensed and fought back with big strikes. Hayes caught him on the way in and hit a Fadeaway on Briggs, who went back outside. Hayes climbed and hit a splash to the outside and some immediate mounted punches. Hayes posed near the crowd as he climbed the barricade. Briggs caught him this time and dumped him on the apron. Finally back inside the ring, Briggs went for a suplex, Hayes slipped out, and Briggs bowled him over with a shoulder tackle. Briggs grabbed the left arm and worked that, but he rushed Hayes and was sent outside. He was able to lift Hayes to his shoulder, but Hayes slipped out and slapped him. Briggs launched Hayes into the ropes and used the rebound to hit a big lariat and then tossed Hayes into and over the announce desk. He slapped the desk and yelled. [c]

Briggs lifted Hayes and into a gutbuster as they returned. Joseph said they wondered how Briggs would adapt since he is not a singles specialist (former Evolve Champion). He hit a big side slam for a two-count. Hayes fought back with strikes and chops, but the power of Briggs caught him with a big slam and immediate splash, though instead of a cover, he got up and yelled. He then just dropped into a random cover and another for a two-count each time. Briggs then put Hayes in a rear chin lock.


Briggs then sent Hayes into the corner and hit a back elbow, but as he went for a rope run, Hayes ran and hit him with a kick. Hayes then landed his springboard lariat to give himself some recovery time. Hayes fired up and punched Briggs a few times. Briggs blocked an Irish whip, but Hayes came back with a counter and a thrust kick, then his spinning slam and a scissor kick that got Booker T out of his seat, “I like it a lot!” He said Hayes just needed a little more extension on the scissor kick. Briggs came back and went for an alley oop bomb, but instead hit a big one-handed release chokeslam and a running boot that flipped Hayes for a two-count. Joseph and Booker T gave a tip of the cap to JBL for selecting Briggs. Briggs climbed for a moonsault or something, but Hayes garbbed his foot. Briggs went for another chokeslam, but Hayes countered with the lung blower. As he set for Nothing but Net, Lexis King hit the apron and Hayes kicked him. Briggs then caught Hayes with a big lariat and a moonsault to qualify.

WINNER: Josh Briggs at 12:29 (moonsault) to qualify for the Iron Survivor Challenge

-They showed McKenzie Mitchell approach Lyra Valkyria in the locker room and asked if the match is off. Valkyria sounded offended and said even at ten percent, there’s no way she’d let Li take her title. She said the match is still happening.

-They showed Wes Lee making his way to the ring. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: A match deserving of the nearly 12:30 it was given. For those who were  unaware of Briggs in Evolve and his exploits there, they were able to see a bit of what made him a touted signing just before Evolve shut down. I don’t think it was a coincidence they had JBL choose Briggs and tie in the story of JBL leaving his tag team – albeit a far more successful tag team – to become a multi-time singles champion, including his reign of over a year as WWE Champion. They’ll probably use this and his performance in the Iron Survivor Challenge to break him away from Jensen and Henley who, even with the latter’s improvement, are not at Briggs’ level just yet.)

-They returned hyping the first PLE in France, Backlash in May 2024.

-They played another video, this one of Von Wagner going to Robert Stone’s house with some brownies. He said he loves them and had some on the way there. Stone invited him and Wagner said this was his best tank top. Stone brought his wife Tara down and then the kids greeted him enthusiastically. They sat a comically small and 70s-looking table for pasta. Wagner it’s just how he likes it with all the sausages and no asparagus in sight. The kids agreed and then the three of them ate ravenously. The kids were then staring at Wagner’s head and Wagner said it’s OK because “your dad taught me to be OK with it.” The kids said school was good except for the older kids who were being mean to them at recess. Wagner volunteered to go beat up the kids, who agreed, but Stone wasn’t happy about this. Wagner said sorry, no fighting. Tara then told Stone they should get dessert. Wagner whispered for them to write the names down. The brownies then came out.

-Lee made his entrance.


Lee said he feels that “you all know me by now, right?” He said he wears his heart on his sleeve and he thinks they all understand why he’s out there, especially after last week: “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio. Lee said Judgment Day has all of the gold (well, kind of) and he feels like him losing the North American Championship was the catalyst for that. He said he just sees red with Mysterio not just because he’s the lowest of human beings or has a face you just want to punch into dust, but because he has that title. He said people win and lose championships, but he found himself as the North American Champion and the fans accepted him when he was champion. He said he wants it back, no, he needs one more shot at Mysterio at Deadl1ne. He said before it was Lee vs. the world, but when it comes to-

Mysterio’s music interrupted and Lee had a look of utter hatred on his face. Mysterio smugly looked at him and said the one thing Lee does better than anyone is making the fans feel sorry for him. He said one month ago, Lee lost to Ilja Dragunov, Baron Corbin, and Carmelo Hayes and took time off. He says Lee’s opinion – that he should get a title shot – is worthless. Lee said, “Shut up, Dominik!” He said the title reign has been nothing but Judgment Day saving him at every turn. He said he has no doubts that Cody Rhodes will take care of his friends at WarGames, but “like a cockroach” Mysterio will survive. Mysterio said Lee’s title reign was all about proving himself, then mocked the record title reign. He then said Lee has to face three opponents next week and if he wins, he gets his title shot, but regardless of if he wins or loses next week, it’s his last shot at the title. Lee said challenge accepted.


A Chase U scandal video played with narration like it was 20/20 or something, Dateline, I don’t know, complete with dramatic music. They showed D’Angelo and Stacks telling Chase they owe him, then the folder being dropped off a few weeks ago that Jacy Jayne saw. It showed Shawn Michaels’ tweet about Chase needing to meet him in his office before losing the Tag Team Championship. It showed the title change from last week and a NXT_Anonymous video showing Chase in the parking lot and then the media scrum where Jayne saved Chase by driving off with him. They hyped Chase breaking his silence for next week.

-They showed Jayne and Hail in the back. Hail said she was a little nervous without him there, but Jayne talked her down and said trust her, there’s a good reason why they aren’t there. She said Hail can do this. Hail was down about losing the last time she had an opportunity like this, but Jayne talked her up and said she has her back always. [c]

-They returned with Briggs in the kitchen area and said he just needed one chance and hyped himself up. Tiffany Stratton walked up and said it feels good to be a winner and see him at Deadl1ne. Jensen and Henley congratulated him and she asked about Stratton. He said it was nothing (it really was nothing, but this is pro wrestling!).

-Davenport made her entrance first to boos. Hail entered next with Jayne with Chase U’s music, but Jaynes changed it to hers.

(4) BLAIR DAVENPORT vs. THEA HAIL (w/Jacy Jayne) – Iron Survivor Challenge qualifying match

Hail used her quickness early, but Davenport hit a big boot and leaping double stomp to the left arm. She then threw Hail into the corner twice shoulder-first, make that a third time, one for each turnbuckle. She grabbed the left arm. Hail fought back, but Davenport slammed her down and hit a falling elbow for a two-count. She grabbed the arm again. Hail tried to fight back and had to use the ropes to leap off for leverage. She then hit a few kicks and flying axe handles. She clumsily countered a vertical, but then got caught in a Fujiwara armbar. Jayne was cheering on Hail to reach the ropes, even pushing it toward her. Hail used a crucifix pin to break the hold, but Davenport just went back to work. She went outside to taunt Jayne, but Hail used that to hit a lope, favoring the left arm. She hit a quick suplex on the outside and rolled Davenport back inside the ring. She hit a running rolling senton and then looked up to see some of the Chase U student section. She went for a springboard drop, but Davenport got the knees up and hit the kamigoye.

WINNER: Blair Davenport at 4:08 (kaimgoye) to qualify for the Iron Survivor Challenge

-Joseph hyped an “exclusive inside look” at Corbin and Dragunov. [c]


It started with Dragunov granting Corbin’s wish for a title match. I think Corbin and Hayes are the only two men who have defeated Dragunov in over a year. It showed Corbin discussing the isolated nature of being a champion overlaid with Dragunov living that solitary life. Corbin said his is the complete opposite with generational wealth, expensive cars, and a mansion. He said he gets to kiss his wife every day. He said 2023 is when he found himself and shapes his future, the future where is the champion.

-The heels were already in the ring. Eddy Thorpe entered next with what sounds like new music, a bit more uptempo.


Thorpe and Charlie Dempsey locked up and Thorpe immediately took the left. Dempsey was in plain black trunks and boots with white laces. Dempsey took the arm in reverse and then shifted to the left ankle. He gave Thorpe no space and hit a gator roll into an arm lock. Thorpe reversed an Irish whip and hit a 360 splash, but Dempsey dodged a dropkick and then hit a sliding knee to the side. Dempsey then hit the European uppercut and a bridging butterfly suplex for a two-count. Thorpe fought back with a huge chop, but Dempsey hit another knee to the side. He then took a rear chin lock, a bit more forceful than other wrestlers, and then into an abdominal stretch. He then transitioned to a standing modified crossface, but Thorpe fought out with a hip toss. He hit a series of strikes and then a back elbow, running elbow, kick, and enziguri to Dempsey. He hit a running kick in the corner and then tried a Saito with one arm, but Dempsey blocked and went right back to the arm. He looked for locked in an octopus stretch, bending the fingers as well. Thorpe rolled over and into a pin to win the match, but was immediately attacked by Bourne. Dempsey then locked Thorpe into the place and held the left arm out, the other two attacking the exposed limb.

WINNER: Eddy Thorpe at 3:57 (leverage pin)

-They went back to the restaurant with The Family. They said it was good even though it looked like they hardly ate the food. A few folk came by and dropped off envelopes to D’Angelo, the third one a little light: “Inflation and taxes, they’re killing us.” The cousin left after saying goodbye and the Tag Team Championship made their way out through the back only to be jumped by Garza and Carrillo as they exited. Garza said the next time they see them, they’ll remember they did this to them. They drove off and The Family came out to help, including the cousin. D’Angelo yelled that if they want it, they got it.

-They showed Valkyria preparing for the main event. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Between the first round of the Heritage Cup match and this one here, it’s been a good night for technical wrestling.)

-They returned with an Ariana Grace vignette. It was of course great. She said she was the victim of a heinous attack from Karmen Petrovic. She said as a pageant queen who tries to find the best in everyone, she doesn’t see it in Petrovic. She discussed the foul stench of the NXT audience and that they should bathe and seek medical attention because she almost passed out, but that she is the cure. “I love you all.”

-Joseph said Lee will face Cameron Grimes, Bronson Reed, and Johnny Gargano in a fatal four-way match next week, Jerry Lawler’s picks for qualifiers, and D’Angelo and Stacks vs. Garza and Carrillo.

-Li made her entrance. I noticed that Kincaid said it just like how I’ve been putting in my recap all this time: “Women’s NXT Championship.” I don’t know if that’s recent or if I just noticed now. Valkyria then made her entrance for a second time and she immediately rushed into the ring and wanted the bell to ring before the introduction was even over.

(6) LYRA VALKYRIA (c) vs. XIA LI – Women’s NXT Championship match

The ref obliged and while Valkyria went at Li, Li knocked her down and then taunted her. She choked her with her boot, then used precision striking to maintain the advantage. She choked her again, this time with the knee, targeting that head and neck area after the attack earlier in the night. Valkyria dodged a strike and hit a running crossbody. She then hit a hip toss and running dropkick. Li rolled outside and ate Valkyria’s kicks through the ropes. Joseph said this is Valkyria’s first defense and that she “doesn’t want to be one-and-done.” She climbed to the top, but Li pulled out her foot and Valkyria hit the top turnbuckle hard. [c]


Li was in control as they returned, locking in a cravate. Valkyria fought out, but Li hit a big neckbreaker for a two-count. She cinched in a modified rear chin crank, really, but Valkyria threw her off and dropkicked the left knee. She then hit a few stiff kicks to the chest of Li, but the third was blocked and the fourth was kicked away, allowing Li to lock in a modified head squeeze. Valkyria rolled into a pin for a two-count, then hit her usual strike combo. A Northern Lights was blocked, but she countered a neckbreaker into a backslide. Li responded with a kick and then lifted Valkyria into a spinning torture rack slam for only a two-count. The two traded back control, but Li hit a back elbow. Her kick was caught by Valkyria and it became a leg-trapped suplex.The two rose to their knees and traded blows, then more from their feet. Valkyria hit a blitz of strikes, but ran into a jumping knee. She responded with a kick, but Li had a rear naked choke that Valkyria rolled into a two-count. Li missed her spin kick, Valkyria hit hers, then Cradle Shock.

WINNER: Lyra Valkyria at 9:41 (Cradle Shock) to retain the Women’s NXT Champion

(Hazelwood’s Take: A fine match that worked in the angle from earlier in the night. After losing last night to the woman who Valkyria defeated to become champion and then losing again here even after the attack earlier in the night pretty much signals that this is the height for Li as this iteration of her character. For Valkyria, with the attack and the “doesn’t want to be one-and-done” line from Joseph, they really did their best to have the audience think of Valkyria as having the odds against her and gutting out a tought victory which, in the end, it was. With Deadl1ne soon, it’s unlikely we’ll see Valkyria in a match until after the Iron Survivor Challenge is complete.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A mixed bag show for me tonight as I think there were far too many video/vignette segments. Scrapping one or two for an in-ring post-match interview or one more Mitchell interview in the back would have been a better use of time in my opinion. I do like how they used JBL’s announcement to probably push Briggs into the singles division as well as the Stratton/Henley overlap, and King’s involvement in the match indicates the Hayes’ next feud will be with the newcomer. My only issue with the Corbin-Dragunov is that we didn’t really hear from Dragunov save for the recorded bits played back for the video. Still, the Chase U stuff and The Family segments were just a bit too much for me, not to mention my inadvertent cackles during Wagner’s and Stone’s segment. However, the in-ring action was fine tonight, Hayes-Briggs being the standout and Dar-Gable behind them, and there was good publicizing of the main hooks for next week as well as Deadl1ne.

Tune into PWT Talks NXT for more!

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