WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS (2/16): Keller’s report on Roman Reigns and The Rock appearing to talk WrestleMania XL, Logan Paul vs. Miz, KO vs. Dom


FEBRUARY 16, 2024

Announcers: Corey Graves, Wade Barrett

Attendance: WrestleTix reported earlier today that 10,174 tickets have been distributed so far; arena set up for 10,557.



(1) KEVIN OWEN vs. DOMINIK MYSTERIO – Men’s Elimination Chamber Qualifier

KO came out first. When Dom walked out, he had a mic in hand. He tried to talk and was drowned out by boos. He grew frustrated as he tried to say Finn Balor & Damian Priest would retain the WWE Tag Team Titles and Rhea Ripley would retain the Women’s Title and he would win the Elimination Chamber to “complete the sweep” Graves said the crowd was showing no respect for Dom. Graves still playing the heel role, told Wade Barrett it’s good to finally have a broadcast partner who agrees with him on Dom. Graves hyped Elimination Chamber next Saturday. He said it goes live at 5 a.m. on the East Coast and 2 a.m. on the West Coast.

The bell rang 7 minutes into the hour. KO took it to Dom at ringside a minute in. R-Truth showed up at ringside and startled KO. Dom slidekicked a distracted KO and then rammed him into the ringside steps. Dom punched away at him and threw him into the ring. He landed a slingshot senton for a two count. They cut to a break at 2:30. [c]

Back from the break, Dom was still in control. At 7:00 KO made a comeback as Truth cheered him on. KO landed a top rope frog splash for a believable near fall at 9:00. Dom countered a Pop-up Powerbomb and delivered an X-Factor for a two count. They showed a wide shot of the arena from the upper deck showing the last rows filled on both sides of the entrance stage as Graves touted the sellout crowd.

KO landed a top rope senton for a near fall at 11:00. A winded-looking Dom landed a slo-mo 619 for a two count. Barrett called it the best 619. Dom yelled down at Truth and told him to get him a chair if he wants to be in The Judgment Day. Truth looked around for one and picked one up. Fans booed. Truth sat on the chair at ringside and watched Dom. Fans cheered. Graves said that’s not what Dom had in mind. KO recovered and landed a superkick and his Pop-up Powerbomb for the win.

WINNER: Owens in 13:00 to earn a spot in the Chamber.

(Keller’s Analysis: Decent match. Dom still looks a little green at times. The Truth stuff felt below the usual level of Truth no matter how you feel about it usually.)

-Backstage, Kayla Braxton interviewed Drew McIntyre. He said he needs to win the Chamber for Raw, for the World Title, for the people. L.A. Knight cut him off and said his moment can get stolen one more time at WrestleMania. Drew said he sees through his over-the-top personality. He said if he doesn’t win titles, fans will turn on him. Knight called him an old-timer (even though he’s three years older than Drew). As things heated up a bit, referees stepped between them.

-They cut to the parking garage where Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, and Paul Heyman stepped out of a limo. Reigns saw Jimmy Uso and called him “Big Jim.” He was all smiles and hugged him. Jimmy looked confused, as if Reigns mistook him for someone else. “Let’s go fix everything Jim messed up.”

-Zelina Vega made her ring entrance along with Carlito, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz Del Toro. [c]

-They showed Logan Paul arriving at the arena with a group of followers.

-Kayla interviewed Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate about their title match at the Chamber. Dunne said things are going well, and all that’s left is for them to slap The Judgement Day around and take their titles. Bate said they are due a new tag team name: New Catch Republic. Dunne didn’t look impressed. Dom showed up and said they can’t beat any member of The Judgment Day. Bate suggested a match against him and R-Truth next week. Dom angrily said Truth isn’t even part of The Judgment Day. Dunne didn’t seem amused by Bate’s personality.

(Keller’s Analysis: Tyler looked like a kid waiting in line at the zoo who had to pee really really really bad as he waited for Kayla to ask her question.)

(2) ZELINA VEGA vs. TIFFANY STRATTON – Women’s Elimination Chamber Qualifier

The bell rang 31 minutes into the hour. Vega landed a moonsault press onto Stratton at ringside a minute in. She then noticed Legado del Fantasma at ringside. They cut to an early break. [c]

Wilde, Del Toro, and Carlito walked out to ringside to address the presence of Legado del Fantasma. Vega landed a DDT for a near fall at 6:00. A minute later, Stratton slammed Vega to the mat with a cartwheel into an Alabama Slam for a two count. Elektra Lopez trash-talked Zelina at ringside, so Zelina yanked her over the barricade violently. She then threw her back. When she returned to the ring, Stratton kicked her and landed a sidewalk slam and top rope Prettiest Moonsault for the win.

WINNER: Stratton in 9:00 to qualify for the Chamber.

-They cut backstage to A.J. Styles being confronted in the locker room by Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, and Michin. Anderson said Styles clearly has forgotten where he came from. Styles popped up and slapped Anderson. Anderson pointed at his face and told him to try to do it again. Styles snarled and turned and left as Gallows told Anderson that it’s over.

-They showed Paul Ellering coaching AOP and Karrion Kross with Scarlett. [c]

-A captioned vignette aired with Damage CTRL. Iyo Sky said Bayley started their group, but they took it to a new level. She said Bayley isn’t who she once was and said she should sleep with one eye open.

(3) AUTHORS OF PAIN (w/Paul Ellering, Karrion Kross, Scarlett) vs. JAVIER BERNAL & BEAU MORRIS

The bell rang 48 minutes into the hour. AOP won quickly with a Super Collider.

WINNERS: AOP in under 1:00.

-Byron Saxton interviewed Logan backstage and noted it’s his first match on Smackdown. Logan said fans get to see him knock out The Miz live on Smackdown to quality for the Rumble. [c]

-They showed the exterior of Delta Center. Graves said they’re only 50 days from WrestleMania. He then threw to a video package on Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins on Raw earlier in the week.

-They showed a woman bringing a tray of snacks into The Bloodline locker room.

-The Miz made his ring entrance. Logan Paul then made his ring entrance.


(4) LOGAN PAUL vs. THE MIZ – Men’s Elimination Chamber Qualifier

Barrett said Logan is appointment viewing. The bell rang at the top of the hour. Logan shoved Miz into the corner during a test of strength and then shoved his fingers into Miz’s forehead and smiled. Miz took over as the announcers talked about their background. Graves said Logan has a higher score than Miz in WWE’s 2K24 video game. Logan hit Miz with a series of showy uppercuts and then stuck his tongue out. He followed with a split-style legdrop for a two count.

Miz made a comeback with a barrage of roundkicks in the corner. He played to the crowd for cheers and then landed a running clothesline to Logan in the corner. Logan came back with a springboard clothesline on the ring apron and then second rope splash on Miz on the ring apron. He played to his crew in the front row who took a selfie with him. They cut to a break at 5:00. [c]

After some back and forth action, Logan ducked a Miz kick. Miz, though, stayed on offense and worked over Logan’s leg. Logan yanked on the ring apron. As the ref put it back, Logan raked Miz’s face and then hit Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale for a believable near fall at 11:00.

Miz applied a figure-four. Logan pulled himself to the floor and then rammed Miz into the ring apron. When Logan got brass knuckles from his buddy Jeff at ringside, Miz attacked him first. Miz picked up the knux. The ref warned him not to use it. Miz threw them aside in frustration. Logan took over when Miz re-entered the ring and delivered his finisher to Miz for the win.

WINNER: Logan in 13:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Competitive start to finish. Logan is really fitting in as a top tier level performer overall with great intangibles, body language, and athleticism. Miz wasn’t buried, and they “protected” him since he lost shortly after he was frustrated by the referee not letting him use the knux.)

-Backstage Tiffany Stratton asked Liv Morgan and Bianca Belair who she’s supposed to pin first in the Chamber. Belair was in cartoonish over-the-top mode. Jade Cargill took exception with Stratton interrupted her business talk with Nick Aldis. Stratton left after Aldis told her, “Not the time, not the place.” Aldis went back to chatting with Jade and Bron Breakker.

-Naomi made her ring entrance. [c]

(5) ALBA FYRE (w/Isla Dawn) vs. NAOMI – Women’s Elimination Chamber Qualifier

Graves asked Barrett how Naomi might be feeling about returning to WWE after time away since he went through it. Barrett said the things that annoyed him previously didn’t exist anymore and he had a fresh mindset. The bell rang 23 minutes into the hour. They fought to the floor a minute in. Dawn distracted Naomi, giving Fyre a chance to get in a cheap shot. Naomi, though, delivered a bulldog type move onto the ringside steps and celebrated as they cut to an early break. [c]

Naomi rolled up Fyre. When Fyre kicked out, Dawn punched Naomi leading to a near fall. Naomi landed a leaping high knee and then she kicked Dawn off the ring apron. Naomi then spiked Fyre’s head into the mat and then applied a submission for the tapout win.

WINNER: Naomi via submission in 9:00.

-Backstage, Dakota Kai approached Bayley in a panic. She said “the girls” are coming for her and she needs her help. Bayley said she saw what they said, but this has been going on for months and she’s not sure she can trust her. Dakota pushed Bayley to trust her because she really believed things would get better. Bayley said she couldn’t do that right now and walked away from a disappointed Kai.

(Keller’s Analysis: Kai, even after Bayley turned to walk away, looked disappointed and not sinister. Then again, there was a camera pointed at her, so her character wouldn’t want to show her hand if she’s being deceptive.)

-Aldis stood on the stage and announced that he has signed Breakker to a Smackdown contract. Breakker walked out and signed the contract with enthusiasm. They had two photographers enter the frame and shoot photos of Aldis raising Breakker’s arm.

-Backstage, they showed The Bloodline heading to the ring. [c]

-Barrett plugged Dunne & Bate vs. Dom & J.D. McDonagh. Graves plugged The Street Profits vs. AOP. Barrett said Breakker would make his Smackdown debut next week. Graves hyped Knight vs. McIntyre. (These are all being taped tonight since next week everyone will be headed to Elimination Chamber.)

-The Bloodline music played and they made their way to the ring. And nearly five minutes later, Reigns asked Salt Lake City to acknowledge him. He said he wanted to be honest with the fans. “The people of Utah, well, you’re idiots,” he said. Boos rang out. He said when they all get together, they’re pretty dumb. He said tonight is a big night and he doesn’t want them to ruin it because when his cousin comes out, they might go into catch phrases and think he’s so funny. “Everything we say has meaning, it has purpose, it is information that you need to understand,” he said. “Tonight is history. Tonight is the greatest night ever in WWE.” Fans began chanting “Cody! Cody!” loudly. Reigns paused and said, “The guy who ruined everything. Yeah, Cody.” He said tonight is the first night they can say to them that The Rock is member of The Bloodline. Boos rang out. The Rock walked out, decked out in a colorful vest. He showed off the goosebumps on his forearm. They cut to a break. [c]

Rock said, “Now before The Rock drops some gospel on ya’, The Rock has got some good news to share,” he said. He said it’ll make them happy. He said they have broken an indoor attendance record for the state of Utah. They went to a wide angle from the upper deck. He said they broke the record for the largest gathering of trailer park trash he has ever seen. He said if they didn’t like that, they’ll love this. “Finally!” he said. He then paused as fans booed. He asked if they’re sure they want to boo The Rock. “Finally, your life has meaning,” he said. “Finally you and your 50 wives will have a story to tell your 600 inbred children.” He said they can say they’ve seen greatness in person because “finally, The Rock has returned to Salt Lake City.” A “Rocky!” chant rang out.

Rock said they’ve brought out a side of The Rock they haven’t seen in years, but it’s always lived inside him. He threatened to “slap the herpes off your lips” to a heckling fan. He said they had Rock vs. Reigns in their hands, the biggest WrestleMania match ever, and they let it go. He said it’s the same toilet they sat on and tweeted (in a whiny voice), “We want Cody!” The Rock said he had a question for them. He asked what Cody’s story is. He said Roman beat Cody last year and they want him to get another chance. He asked fans to try to apply that logic to sports.

He said the 49ers just lost to the Chiefs, and they didn’t say they have a story to finish. He said they took their loss like men and moved on like men do. He said Michael Jordan came in that city and crushed the dreams of the Utah Jazz. “He ended the Utah Dream story,” he said. “The Utah Jazz took a beating like men and moved on and worked their asses off to get right back on top.” He said in the real world, you don’t get a shot at another story just because you want it. He said they don’t understand “because you’re spoiled, entitled little crybaby bitches.” He said he’ll do everything in his power to be sure Cody walks out of WrestleMania as a loser. He said Cody’s story is ending and theirs is just beginning. He said, “If you smell….” He told fans their privilege of singing with him is over so enjoy the ride silently. He finished the phrase. Rock’s music played and The Bloodline posed center-ring as the show ended.


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