10 YRS AGO – TNA Impact Results (4-3-2014): Magnus (Nick Aldis) vs. Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young vs. Abyss in TNA Title mtach, plus Jeff Hardy as Willow, Roode, EC3, Bully Ray, MVP, Love, Sky, Rayne

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

MVP (photo credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)


The following report originally published 10 years ago this week here at PWTorch.com…

TNA Impact Results
April 3, 2014
Taped 3/15 in Orlando, Fla.
Aired on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

TNA Impact opened with Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter III already in the ring ready to get things started with a tables match. Bully Ray then came out first for the face duo, followed by Willow/Jeff Hardy, who Ray screwed out of the TNA World Title one year ago at Lockdown 2013. On commentary, Mike Tenay said he is “really intrigued” by this tag team pairing.


The faces started off in control of the action with a flurry of offense. Included was Hardy running of Bully’s back to corner-splash ECIII. Bully then opened up ECIII’s legs for Hardy to come off the top with a Devon diving headbutt to the groin. Hardy and Ray came together to share a moment, then Hardy went to the outside looking for a table. Hardy and Bully set up the table, but the heels got them from behind.

Roode and ECIII tried to suplex Ray through a table, but Hardy moved the table out of the way just in time. ECIII and Hardy were isolated in the ring, then Hardy made a comeback and did sort of a handspring cartwheel splash in the corner. More odd gyrations, then Hardy flowed into a Twist of Fate on ECIII. Hardy wanted a Swanton Bomb, but Rockstar Spud suddenly showed up ringside in a wheelchair. Hardy re-directed his offense to dropkicking Spud out of his chair.

Back in the ring, Ray noticed ECIII was still on the table, so he tried a big splash, but Roode grabbed his foot to the block. Roode and ECIII then double-teamed Ray, but Ray came back with a crotchgrab on Roode and press slam onto ECIII. Ray tried to follow with a powerbomb through the table, but Roode reversed, then dropped Ray with a spinebuster through the table for the win.

Post-match: Roode and Carter were not done. They grabbed another table, set it up, and sent Ray through the second table. No sign of Hardy/Willow returning to make the save. Roode’s music played and the heels started to leave, but Roode’s desire for destruction overcame him again. He called for a third table, which ECIII produced. The heels put Ray on the third table, Roode climbed to the top turnbuckle, and Roode came off the top with a splash through the table.

WINNERS: Roode & ECIII at 7:15. Strong attempt to make Ray sympathetic in his new face role. He could use a friend or two, but TNA booking says babyfaces are untrustworthy or easily distracted by shiny objects, so perhaps he’s better off on his own.

Parking Garage: Kenny King was shown arriving at the building on a golf cart. King asked a stagehand what’s on tap for him tonight. The stagehand said he doesn’t have him down for any matches tonight. King entered the building in a huff to have a chat with MVP.

Backstage: Mr. Anderson was shown walking down the hallway holding a straightjacket. He faces Sam Shaw next.

[Q2] [Commercial Break at 8:14]

Parking Garage: A roving cameraman was concerned about Abyss’s whereabouts. TNA World champion Magnus said he’s just fine and they’re on the same page.

Office: MVP hyped tonight’s card to another roving cameraman. Suddenly, Kenny King barged in. King wanted a word with MVP, who blew him off because he had to finish hyping the card.

In-ring: Mr. Anderson, sporting a goatee, came to the ring and did some dog bark noises. Anderson asked for the crowd’s attention, then introduced himself. Anderson referenced Sam Shaw being creepy, then TNA jump-cut to fans chanting “creepy bastard.” Back to Anderson, who said he’s going to put Shaw in a straightjacket to keep his hands to himself.

After a pause, Sam Shaw emerged on-stage. Shaw asked for his music to be stopped, then he noted to the crowd that he is not a “creepy bastard.” Shaw asked Anderson if he knows how precious his hands are. “Do you know what I do with these hands?” he asked rhetorically. “I create art.” Shaw said Anderson is just like these people, ordinary – the worst crime in society.

2 — MR. ANDERSON vs. SAM SHAW — Straightjacket match

Now on the ring apron, Shaw claimed that Christy Hemme loves him. Anderson took exception and smashed Shaw to start the match. Anderson tried to put Shaw inside the straightjacket, but Shaw fought off. Shaw choked Anderson with the jacket as Impact cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:24]

Back from break, Anderson was at the mercy of Shaw, who put half of the straightjacket on Anderson. Shaw declared victory, but Anderson came alive with a right hand strike. Anderson, wearing half of the straightjacket, delivered a spinning neckbreaker into a rolling senton.

[Q3] Anderson removed the jacket and attempted to place it on Shaw, but Shaw kicked Anderson in the crotch as the referee pretended to be rubbing his face while standing too close to the action. So, he missed the mule kick. Does it even matter? Isn’t a No DQ stip inherent in this type of match? In any event, Shaw took advantage of the attack and put Anderson inside the straightjacket. Shaw struggled to secure the jacket, then eventually just wrapped up Anderson like a suitcase, pulled tight on the strap, and was declared the winner.

WINNER: Shaw at 9:13. Like a punchline at the end of a drawn-out joke, that was a long way to go for Shaw “winning” another match over Anderson.

Backstage: A roving cameraman caught up with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky celebrating their reunion. Angelina said they plan to re-write history. Velvet, now in heel mode, said Madison Rayne was trying to out-shine the two stars who made her. She vowed to make it a bad night for Madison, no matter who her mystery partner is.

[Commercial Break at 9:34]

Parking Garage: A roving cameraman asked Eric Young about his TNA Title shot tonight. EY said it’s about doing what’s right after he brought out the monster in Abyss, but he also deserves a title opportunity after being in TNA for 10 years.

In-ring: Tigre Uno was introduced to the ring for the start of a Best-of-Three Series for the X Division Title. X champ Sanada was out next. Before the bell sounded, Kenny King interrupted. King, dressed in a suit, said he’s in the building, so they need to get out of his ring. King said he’s not here just to rob the spotlight, but to lock it down. King said he is the X Division.

King addressed Sanada and Tigre Uno, noting the division is not the same without him. MVP’s music then interrupted to bring out the Director of Wrestling Operations to do some boss’ing. MVP asked King if he’s lost his mind. King said he’s not crazy, but MVP said he’s acting crazy interrupting *his* show. King took exception. MVP said it became his show when he sent Dixie Carter home and is in charge of content. King responded that even with MVP in the ring, he’s the biggest star in the ring right now.

MVP said King testing his patience right now. So, they should wrap this up, head back to the office, and talk. King said unless MVP has a stack of money and girls back there, he doesn’t want to hear or see what MVP has to offer. King said he is the main-eventer around here. He then asked MVP what he has going on tonight. MVP said he’s directing operations. King then threw the M-V-P gimmick in his face that he just wants to participate tonight.

[Q4] MVP responded that King is not on the card tonight and the show is over. King asked for one final moment to bow for his fans, then he “bumped” MVP on the way out of the ring. MVP took exception, then King noted he got his attention. King asked for a little exhibition match, which MVP accepted. MVP left the ring as the international X Division wrestlers looked over their shoulders wondering if another interruption was coming.

[Commercial Break at 9:46]

3 — X Division champion SANADA vs. TIGRE UNO — Match #1 in a Best-of-Three Series for the X Division Title

Back and forth early on that leaned more toward Sanada. Sanada tried a top-rope moonsault, but Tigre crotched him. Sanada recovered moments later and delivered a double underhook Tiger Suplex with a bridge pin. It was good for a three count.

WINNER: Sanada at 3:34 to go up 1-0 in the series.

Backstage: Magnus told a roving cameraman that he’s about to show everyone a new side of Abyss.

[Commercial Break at 9:55]

Locker Room: New Knockout Brittany (Santana Garrett) approached Knockouts champion Madison Rayne to propose a tag team for tonight. Brittany said she doesn’t want to seem like a creeper, but she admires her – especially starting from nothing to become champ. Madison turned her down, though, because Brittany doesn’t want to get involved with the Beautiful People. Brittany didn’t take “no” for an answer and convinced Madison to be her partner. Brittany closed the door to talk strategy.

[Q5 – second hour] Magnus’s music played at the top of the hour to bring out the TNA World champion. Magnus introduced himself, then called out his new creation. Abyss’s music played and “corporate” Abyss emerged wearing a suit to go with his catcher’s mask. Magnus said this is a real star, not like the mouth-breathers in the crowd.

Magnus then tried to get in Abyss’s mind that what is not happening tonight is them squaring off in the four corners TNA World Title match. And the reason why that is not happening is because they are a team, compadres, best buds, etc. Magnus said he treats Abyss like a human and a star. He reminded Abyss of how Jim Mitchell treated him and all the mind games Eric Young tried on him. “That’s okay. I’m different,” he said.

Magnus said because he’s a Brit, it’s hard for him to express how he really feels. So, he’s going to wear his emotions on his sleeve. “Abyss, I love you,” he said. Magnus then gave Abyss a big hug, which Abyss did not match. Magnus’s music played for the World champ to leave as Taz talked about Magnus appearing to have an agenda here.

Suddenly, Eric Young – dressed in his wrestling gear – attacked Abyss on the ring entrance. Magnus cut him off, though, and the heels beat EY into the ring. No sign of Samoa Joe to make the save. After a few moments, Joe stormed the ring to clear the heels. EY then recovered in the background and stood his distance from Joe. EY shouted back that he’ll tell Joe when he wants his help. “Stay out of my business,” Young told Joe.

Up Next: Beautiful People reunion.

[Commercial Break at 10:08]

Office: MVP talked to the Wolves about MVP facing Kenny King and the Wolves getting a Tag Title shot tonight. Suddenly, TNA tag champ Robbie E. barged in with a doctor’s note. The doctor dejectedly said he checked it out and Jessie cannot wrestle tonight after pulling his quad working out in the gym. Davey said he has a bum shoulder, but Robbie said Kurt Angle is injured. MVP said it’s a torn knee. Robbie replied that if he forces Jessie to wrestle tonight and he gets injured, he’s looking at a lawsuit. “Lawsuit! Lawsuit!” Robbie shouted as he walked off. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards then freaked out about not getting their Tag Title shot. More like Davey was over-the-top complaining on the verge of whining while Eddie stood quietly looking to MVP for help.

Vignette: Knox continued his search for something. Knox slapped the door on an old-looking house to reveal an older man, who waved Knox inside. Knox’s dad walked him through some scraps in a shed that represented the family business, which Knox turned down to become a wrestler. His dad waited out Knox’s explanation before noting he needs his help. Knox’s dad said a lot of people are out of work because of an unidentified flood. Knox’s dad asked him to spend some time at home to help get their family business up and running again.

[Q6] In-ring: Beautiful People’s music played back in the arena to bring out Velvet Sky and Angelina Love for tag action. Madison Rayne then came out with Brittany.


Brittany started off in control, trying to show fire to impress Madison and show that she belongs in the ring. But, the BP heelishly used a numbers advantage to take control. Brittany eventually broke free and tagged in Madison, who cleaned house. But, Brittany wanted back in the match. Her hubris was her downfall, though, as Angelina finished off the rookie for the win.

WINNERS: BP at 4:02.

Up Next: MVP vs. Kenny King in an “every match must have a label” Exhibition Match. Still to come: TNA World Title four-way match.

[Commercial Break at 10:23]

PPV video: Sacrifice is coming. The video teased MVP wrestling.

In-ring: Kenny King’s music played to bring out the King of the Night still dressed in a suit. Except, he was shirtless, but still wearing his suit jacket to go with dress pants. King removed the suit jacket to wrestle in dress pants and shoes. MVP then emerged dressed in his wrestling gear. Suddenly, King was in his wrestling gear.

5 — MVP vs. KENNY KING — Exhibition match

Taz wanted to know what this is about – unsanctioned match or something else? Tenay essentially told Taz to stop asking questions and call the match. The “exhibition” match started with a basic wrestling exchange before King armdragged MVP across the ring. MVP responded with a mathold. MVP squeezed it tight and King demanded he let go. Apparently that did not count as a tap-out or verbal submission, so the match continued.

[Q7] King responded with a bodyslam and some showboating that upset MVP, who slowly came to his feet. MVP played it cool, then applied another side headlock. Meanwhile, one fan on the front row randomly chanted, “You still got at it,” at MVP. King again tried to get under MVP’s skin, so MVP popped him with a right hand. Apparently that did not fit within the exhibition rules.

A scrap broke out and the two men rolled around the ring. So, ref Earl Hebner called for the bell, as the “spirit” of the competition apparently went out the window. More refs spilled out to separate MVP and King, who then blindsided MVP on the way out of the ring. King gloated from the entrance ramp as MVP collected himself in the ring.

WINNER: ??? at 5:18.

Locker Room: Magnus approached Ethan Carter III, who asked Magnus what he wants. Magnus took offense. Why so hostile? Magnus said their business relationship is strained, but their friendship is solid as a rock. He asked ECIII if he has his back tonight. Magnus noted he was taking a dump and had a realization that he needs Carter. Carter replied that Magnus has Abyss, the man he “loves,” by his side, so what does he need him for? Magnus brushed off ECIII’s comment and asked if they’re on the same page. ECIII responded with insider lingo that he hears the monitor is going to be sold out tonight. In other words, he’ll be hanging out backstage.

Backstage: Kenny King talked up his “exhibition” performance against MVP to a roving cameraman. MVP then attacked King, who tried to run away. MVP beat him up, but the Wolves jumped in and separated MVP from King. Edwards and Davey tried to calm down MVP while also raising their concerns about MVP going after King, who high-tailed it down the parking garage area. MVP calmed down and said they’re right.

[Commercial Break at 10:39]

In-ring: Samoa Joe’s music played to bring out Joe for the TNA World Title four-way match. After Joe swaggered down to the ring, Eric Young was introduced as the second babyface challenger. Next out was Abyss dressed in his ring gear. Last out was TNA World champion Magnus.


6 — TNA World Hvt. champion MAGNUS vs. ABYSS vs. SAMOA JOE vs. ERIC YOUNG — four-way match for the TNA World Title

Magnus & Joe and Abyss & EY paired off early on exchanging blows. The match moved to the floor, then EY came flying at his three opponents with a suicide dive. Young played to the crowd before rolling Magnus back into the ring. Young delivered a cross-body block for a two count, then Abyss stumbled back into the ring. EY moved and Abyss accidentally crunched Magnus in the corner. EY and Joe then had a showdown, allowing the heels to attack them from the side. Impact cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:48]

Back from break, Magnus shouted orders to Abyss, who followed instructions by trying to take out Joe ringside. Abyss simply checked the box, though, as Joe fought back after Abyss failed to complete the task. Abyss then re-entered the ring to help Magnus double-team EY. Magnus and Abyss took too long to follow up, allowing Young to quickly come off the top with a double attack. EY got out of control and found himself flying to the floor.

Joe re-entered the ring and stacked up Abyss and Magnus in the corner. Double splash. Kick to Abyss. Snap powerslam to Magnus. EY broke up a pin, though. So, Joe dropped Young with a snap powerslam for a two count when Abyss broke up the pin. So, Joe dropped Abyss with a snap powerslam. Three in a row, but Joe could not secure a cover on Abyss.

At 12:00, Joe applied the rear-naked choke to Magnus, but Magnus pulled the ref in close so he couldn’t see a mule kick to Joe. Abyss then dropped Joe with a Black Hole Slam to remove him from the equation. Back in the ring, Abyss grabbed EY for a chokeslam, but Young bit his way out of the grip. So, Abyss transitioned to a Black Hole Slam. Abyss teased making a cover, but Magnus shouted, “No!” from the ring apron. Abyss sold confusion over what to do as Magnus slowly re-entered the ring. Magnus and Abyss shared a conversation, which Tenay described as outright manipulation.

At 14:00, Magnus climbed to the top rope and dropped an elbow to Young’s chest. Magnus covered Young for the win as Taz called the champ a genius for manipulating Abyss to do his work. Post-match, Abyss continued to sell confusion before Magnus embraced him and thanked him for his service. Abyss went back to staring down at EY, who he could have pinned to become World champ. Magnus was shown celebrating to close the show.

WINNER: Magnus at 14:06 to retain the TNA World Title.

Before Impact officially ended, TNA aired a 15-second spot for next week’s live Impact centered on … the return of Dixie Carter. The spot advertised someone feeling the “wrath of Dixie.”

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