TNA IMPACT TV RESULTS (6/13): Lilly’s report on Nemeth Brothers vs. ABC, The System visits The Hardy Compound

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch Contributor


JUNE 13, 2024

-Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

-Recap of last week’s events.

(1) MIKE SANTANA vs. ZACHARY WENTZ (w/Trey Miguel)

They fought right at the bell with Santana clearing the ring of Wentz. Santana chased Trey. Wentz did a moonsault off the ropes to the floor on Santana and threw him back in the ring. Wetnz was on offense but Santana battled back and did a dive on Wentz and Miguel on the floor. Wentz rallied back with kicks and got a two count. They traded kicks. Trey got in the ring while the referee was distracted but Maclin took him out. Santana caught Wentz with a spinning clothesline for the pin.

WINNER: Mike Santana in 8:00.

Santana and Maclin stood toe to toe after the match.

(D.L.’s Take: A preview to the tag team showdown at Against All Odds. Wentz was a good opponent to showcase Santana in singles action.)

-Tom Hannifan had a sit down interview with Mustafa Ali. Ali talked about walking a path to greatness and making the X Division great. Hannifan noted that Ali has cheated. Ali said he was an inspiring champion and was propelling the division forward. Ali wanted credit for all the good things he’s done. Hannifan said that Ali lost week in tag team action. Ali said he was looking forward to wrestling in his hometown of Chicago. Hannifan said that people are accusing Ali of ducking Mike Bailey. Campaign Singh stepped in to end the interview. Ali and his entourage walked off. [c]

-The System discussed going to the Hardy Compound later. Masha Slamovich tried to talk to Alisha Edwards but Alisha blew her off. The System left. The Hex approached Masha and taunted her about not being on the same page with her partner.


They argued and pushed each other at the start. Masha took Marti to the mat. Marti got the upper hand, but Masha quickly rebounded and booted Marti. Marti gave Masha a running knee in the ropes, then Allysin choked Masha from the outside. Marti got a two count after a hip attack. Masha made a comeback with a flurry of offense. Marti got a two count with her feet on the ropes. Masha knocked Allysin off the apron and Marti used the distraction to roll up Masha for the pin.

WINNER: Marti Belle in 5:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Another singles match that was there to set up a tag team match. After Alisha walked out during the preceding promo, this outcome wasn’t entirely unexpected.)

-Backstage, Steph De Lander told Xia Brookside she didn’t have an answer to PCO yet. First Class walked by and AJ Francis took Steph’s black rose while bragging about a First Class Summer. As they left, PCO appeared and followed them. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed First Class on the entrance stage. AJ bragged about Rich Swann having his back and holding the Digital Media Title. Gia asked about the rose. AJ said his DMs are open and the rose was from an admirer backstage. The lights went out and came back on. PCO appeared and attacked AJ. Swann attacked PCO but got knocked down. Security ran in to break up the fight. PCO picked up the rose and sniffed it. And a new feud is born.

(3) DANI LUNA (w/Jody Threat & Lars Frederiksen) vs. TASHA STEELZ

Dani suplexed Tasha and clotheslined her for a two count. Dani got a two count after a Falcon Arrow. Lars and Jody talked strategy at ringside. Tasha kicked Dani off the ropes and went on offense. [c]

Dani and Tasha went for kicks at the same time and were down on the mat. Dani made a comeback and got a two count after a powerbomb. Tasha battled back. Tasha went for a submission on the mat. Dani reached the ropes to break the hold. Tasha chopped Dani. Dani gave Tasha a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. After jockeying for position, Dani powerbombed Tasha and got the pin. Team Dani celebrated after the match.

WINNER: Dani Luna in 14:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Another tag team wrestler in singles action. I see a trend. With that said, the second half of the match really picked up and I enjoyed it. Not sure if this was the end of the problems within the Dani/Jody/Lars team.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Joe Hendry backstage. Hendry talked about being beaten up by The System last week. He said he has enlisted Ace Steel for help. Ace walked in and said he believes in Hendry and would push him to his limits and break the glass ceiling. Frankie Kazarian interrupted. He said he put on a clinic last week. Hendry said if that was a clinic, then the patient died. Ace challenged Frankie to face Hendry at Against All Odds.

-The System were in the car headed to the Hardy Compound. [c]

-The System were at the Hardy Compound and looked at a giant painting from Jeff. Hardy appeared on a balcony and welcomed them. He introduced the family, including his wife, kids, and Senior Benjamin. Moose threatened to beat him up in front of his family. Moose set off a “trap of booby” and explosions and smoke went off.

Brian Myers picked up a Matt Hardy action figure and walked into an arcade. He picked up another figure and said “That’s an upgrade.” He found another Matt figure. Then Matt appeared in the same outfit as the figure. Myers walked closer and it was a cardboard cutout. One of Hardy’s kids appeared and Myers chased them. There was a wrestling ring with a skeleton of Edge. A voiceover said “You will always be Edge’s bitch.” The skeleton speared Myers. One of Hardy’s kids did a legdrop off the ladder onto Myers.

Eddie Edwards was outside. Hardy’s son Wolfgang appeared. Eddie turned into a werewolf. They cut to Alisha in the house. Piano music started. Alisha found Hardy’s wife and daughter. Alisha said she just wanted to leave. She ordered the daughter to get out of her way. The daughter threw confetti at her.

Moose was outside looking for Hardy. One of Hardy’s sons approached Moose and told him to come with him to find Hardy. Senior Benjamin was looking at old Broken Matt clips. Moose went in the house and looked around at old pictures of Hardy. Hardy attacked Moose from behind and threw him into a wall. Hardy put Moose in a chair and rolled him down a ramp. Reby had Alisha in a guillotine. She dropped the blade. Hardy threw Moose into the Lake of Reincarnation. Moose came out in old school New England Patriots gear.

Hardy said he reincarnated Moose into his best form because he wanted Moose at this best. Moose said Hardy wouldn’t make it to Against All Odds. Moose was going to spear Hardy, but Vanguard 1 stopped him. Hardy put Moose in the Twist of Fate. The System suddenly appeared outside of the gates, back in their regular forms. Moose vowed revenge at Against All Odds. [c]

(D.L.’s Take: I’m sure this wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they put a lot of work into it and there were some cool special effects.)


The Concierge brought Ash to the ring. The announcers talked about Ash showing up on NXT Battleground to get in Jordynne Grace’s business. Rosemary was shown looking on from above the ring. Ash stomped Jada. Jada pushed Ash and delivered a dropkick. Jada went for a dive to the outsde, but Ash caught her with a perfectly timed punch. They continued to cut to Rosemary looking on. Back in the ring, Ash continued on offense. Jada made a comeback. Jada went for a moonsault, but Ash got her knees up. Ash won after the Rarified Air.

WINNER: Ash By Elegance in 4:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Jada got more offense than I thought, but the result was never in doubt.)

-Jonathan Gresham segment. He sat in a chair. He said that Sami Callihan makes him laugh. He said he’s beaten Sami once but at Against All Odds it would be him against Sami’s immune system. He ended with “thumbs up, thumbs down.” [c]

-Jordynne Grace promo. She talked about being disappointed that she didn’t win the NXT Title. She blamed herself for not expecting interference. She said she is still the TNA Knockouts champion. She issued an open challenge to anyone in WWE, MLW, Stardom, AAA, NWA, or the independents. She said nothing would stop The Juggernaut.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt were shown in the ring and previewed the matches for Against All Odds.

-ABC and the Nemeth brothers did their ring entrances. [c]

(5) NIC & RYAN NEMETH vs. ABC (Chris Bey & Ace Austin)

Hannifan noted that Nic and Ryan have never teamed. Bey and Ryan started the match. Nic tagged in and took Bey to the mat. Bey mocked Nic’s hip swivel. Nic dropkicked Bey. Ace took Nic to the mat. ABC tagged in and out to keep the advantage on Nic. [c]

Nic tried to fight out of ABC’s corner but was unsuccessful. Nic eventually made the hot tag to Ryan. Ryan fired up and clotheslined Bey, followed by a neckbreaker for a two count. Nic got a two count on Bey after a Famouser. The Nemeths double teamed Bey. Bey and Ryan clotheslined each other.

Nic and Ace tagged in and battled. Ace nailed Nic with a kick for a two count. ABC double teamed Nic. All four wrestlers fought and traded moves. Nic superkicked Bey. Everyone was on the mat as fans chanted “TNA!” Nic and Ace traded the advantage. Ace accidentally pushed Bey into Nic. The Nemeths double teamed Bey. Nic gave Bey the Danger Zone and got the pin.

WINNERS: Nic & Ryan Nemeth in 22:00.

(D.L.’s Take: This built into a really good tag team match. ABC’s troubles continue.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A decent go-home show. The Hardy Compound segment is certainly an unconventional way to promote a World Title match, but it had its moments. Jordynne Grace cut an enthusiastic promo for her open challenge. I’m intrigued by the pairing of Joe Hendry and Ace Steele. With the alleged TNA/WWE partnership, it makes me wonder if C.M. Punk might show up at some point. Good main event to cap off the show.

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