AEW DYNAMITE RESULTS (7/10): Owen Hart Cup Tournament Finals with Danielson vs. Hangman and Willow vs. Mariah, Jericho vs. Joe, plus Mercedes, Ospreay, Swerve

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


JULY 10, 2024

Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

Attendance: WrestleTix reported earlier today that 3,897 tickets had been distributed so far; arena is set up for 4,436.



PWTorch editor Wade Keller is joined by wrestling analyst Stephanie Chase to review AEW Dynamite LIVE tonight right after Dynamite. Join us and let us know your thoughts on Dynamite during the show.

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-A video recap aired of the MJF heel turn on Daniel Garcia last week and his promo on Collision the following Saturday.

-Will Ospreay made his ring entrance. Excalibur introduced the show and noted he was with Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness, so no Taz. He said they’d explain that later. Ospreay sat on the top turnbuckle and said he’s heard rumors MJF is one of the most insecure men in pro wrestling. He said Garcia earns every opportunity he gets. He said the moment Garcia threatened his popularity, MJF did whatever it took to stop it. He said MJF wants to blame the people for the injuries he gave Garcia that could end Garcia’s career. Regarding MJF talking about having ADD, he said: “I’ve got ADHD and it doesn’t give me an excuse to be a little prick.” He said the Bidding War of 2024 didn’t go his way because Tony Khan would rather spend his money on guys who will elevate AEW rather than bury it.

He said apparently he’s “a talentless hack.” Fans booed. He said he’s welcome to that opinion. He complimented Calgary fans and said he has more talent in his left nut than MJF has in his entire body. Fans chanted, “Left nut.” Ospreay smiled, stood, and thrust his pelvis. He said MJF does’nt like him because unlike MJF, he reminds people of what AEW is meant to be. He said he represents the foundation of AEW. He called MJF “a selfish little prick.” He said since he arrived in AEW, he has felt like he was cleaning up someone else’s mess, and that someone is MJF. He said the level of the devil is the ground floor and he’s on the top floor of the skyscraper. He then called him to the ring.

Excalibur said it’s tough to disagree with anything Ospreay said. MJF’s music played. Ospreay dropped the mic and waited. MJF didn’t walk out. Nigel said they know that MJF isn’t there and that’s why Ospreay called him out. MJF then appeared on the big screen.

MJF said the fans in Calgary don’t deserve to be that close to his greatness, plus he deserves better than to be near their stench. He said all of the others who thought they were top guys fell at his feet. He said he doesn’t have to murder himself to get fans to care about him. He said all he has to do it talk. He said Ospreay is a flavor of the month. He said Ospreay is the fans’ dancing little monkey. He said once they’ve seen his routine, they’ll get tired of it and then try to throw him into the trash. He said he isn’t replaceable, whereas Ospreay is. He said they’ll move on and call the next flippy guy the best in the world. He said he’s a generational talent, so if he gets in the ring with him, he’ll get exposed.

He said he’s not like Ospreay and he doesn’t wrestle for fun or the amusement of the fans. He said he wrestles for a purpose and for the betterment of AEW. He suggested a match next week with his International Title on the line. He said he won’t be wrestling for stars, but rather he’ll be punching him in the face until he starts seeing stars.

Ospreay laughed and said, “Adorable.” He said: “I’ll see you next week, ya’ little bitch.” (Reset the Bitch-o-Meter.)

-A video package previewed the men’s final.

(1) BRYAN DANIELSON vs. SWERVE STRICKLAND – Owen Hart Memorial Cup Tournament Men’s Final

The wrestlers walked past Jeff Jarrett who was standing next to the trophy on the stage. The bell rang 17 minutes into the hour. Excalibur noted even though Taz was in Calgary, the EVPs banned him from the arena. Nigel said it’s their pleasure he got to replace him. Excalibur said you cannot endorse what Swerve did in his rivalry with Hangman, but you can also not condone what Hangman has become as a result. Schiavone expressed concern about Danielson’s injured neck, which Danielson was clutching early. They cut to a double-box break at 4:00 with Hangman in control. [e/db]

Hangman applied a sleeper to a bloodied Danielson and swung him around. Excalibur said the blood was getting into Danielson’s eyes. After back and forth action, they cut to another double-box break at 10:00. [c/db]

Hangman landed a tombstone piledriver after the break for a near fall at 13:00. Danielson springboarded off the top rope and flipped onto Hangman at ringside. Excalibur said he hadn’t seen him do that in more than a decade. Hangman came back with a piledriver at ringside. The ringside doctor and Jarrett checked on Danielson. Nigel complained about Jarrett being there. Hangman pie-faced Jarrett, then returned to the ring. Danielson rolled back into the ring at 20:00. Hangman went right after him with a barrage of punches. He then yanked off his Kinesio tape.

Danielson fired back with a Busaiku knee. Hangman suplexed Danielson, but Danielson landed on his feet. When Danielson went for another Busaiku knee, Hangman moved and the ref took the blow instead. The ref rolled to the floor. Hangman hit Danielson with a discus lariat. Nigel complained there’s no justice without a referee. Hangman whipped Danielson with his belt.

Jarrett saw enough and entered the ring and warned Hangman to back off. Hangman shoved Jarrett down and yelled at him. Jarrett pulled off a t-shirt and revealed a referee shirt underneath. Danielson then rolled up Hangman from behind and Jarrett counted to two before Hangman kicked out. Danielson applied a LeBell lock. Hangman escaped and then landed a Dead Eye center-ring for a near fall.

Hangman gave Danielson a Buckshot Lariat to the back of his neck. Danielson came back with a roll-up into a bridge. Hangman kicked out and applied an immediate crossface. A “Fight Forever!” chant broke out. Danielson’s hand didn’t drop a third time, and then he leveraged Hangman’s shoulders down for a three count.

WINNER: Danielson in 26:00 to win the Owen Hart Memorial Cup Tournament.

(Keller’s Analysis: Excellent match with a lot of drama generated by Danielson’s neck injury and bloody face, Hangman’s raging intensity, and Jarrett being a replacement ref to store order and fairness to the match.)

-Jarrett walked to the stage and picked up the Owen belt from the table. He then walked to the ring with Martha Hart to present the belt to Danielson. Swerve Strickland walked out with Prince Nana as Excalibur talked about the Wembley Stadium main event being set and said it could be the night Danielson wins the AEW World Title in the last year of his full time career. [c]

-Swerve stood mid-ring with Nana and addressed the crowd and Danielson. He said Ospreay told him the best in the world is who holds the World Title. He said there was a lot of doubt going around, so he had to silence that. He said now that he defeated Ospreay, he’s the best in the world, the reigning AEW World Champion. He congratulated Danielson for the win. He said it’ll be a privilege and honor to face him at Wembley. He said he still remembers that Danielson holds a pinfall victory over him. “I’m someone who holds onto grudges,” he said. “We’re at two different points in our careers. You on the downside, Bryan, and you’re looking at the most dangerous man in AEW.” He said the EVPs walked down to the ring and tried to bribe him with “miniature-sized Reebok pumps” to get him to join them in Blood & Guts. He said he is entering the match, but not on Team Elite. He said he’ll be on Team AEW. Fans cheered.

He said he’ll be the leader of the team. He said he’ll do two things Danielson didn’t do this year – beat Ospreay and lead Team AEW to victory against Team Elite. He said there have been three wrestlers who have been leaders of the Dynasty – him, Ospreay, and Kazuchika Okada. He challenged Okada to a match. “The World Champion will show you how to make it rain, bitch.” (Reset the Bitch-o-Meter.) He said he’ll see Danielson at Wembley and he promised it’ll be his final countdown.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was all over the place and not particularly good or focused. It was arrogant, though, and he seemed cool at least. I guess he’s going for boos against Danielson. Mentioning Okada just muddied the focus.)

-A video aired previous the women’s Owen Hart Tournament Final. [c]


-A video by The Acclaimed featured Max Caster rhyming sneakers with “dirt sheet leakers” and closed with a line about “The Acclaimed got the torch.” It included Anthony Bowens making a face when he smelled a sneaker. Caster talked about the history of The Bucks and the journey of Jack Perry.

(Keller’s Analysis: That felt a little personal! Dirt sheets and the Torch getting mentioned in the same rap! Max annihilated my Bitch-o-Meter a week or two ago and then this. What did I ever do to Max?!?!)

(2) SAMOA JOE vs. CHRIS JERICHO (w/Bryan Keith) – Stampede Street Fight

Joe came out first. As Jericho came out, they showed Jericho throwing a fireball at Hook last week. Excalibur said the medical team didn’t divulge what happened to Hook, but Jericho did some pretty serious damage. Schiavone said there’s no reason to do that to another human being. The bell rang 3 minutes into the hour. Joe took off Jericho’s hat and then punched through the hat into Jericho’s face. Jericho poured horseshoes out of a bag, but Joe made a comeback and slammed Jericho onto them. Joe kicked away at Jericho, but Jericho caught his leg and then kicked him in the crotch. Excalibur said it’s legal in a Stampede Street Fight. Jericho put Joe in a Walls of Jericho and they cut to a double-box break. [c/db]

Back from the break, Jericho landed a leaping dropkick off the second rope and then he waved at the crowd as Joe regrouped at ringside. Schiavone called him disingenuous and phony. Jericho leaped off the ring apron at Joe, but Joe moved and Jericho hit the ringside steps. They brawled into the crowd and then eventually backstage. Jericho threw hot coffee in the face of Joe. Joe put Jericho in a sleeper, but Big Bill came out of a locker room and smashed Joe in the back with a chair. Keith and Bill joined Jericho in beating on Joe. Jericho pulled out a belt with a metal buckle and punched Joe in the face. Bill then chokeslammed Joe onto a pallet on a forklift. Jericho then drove the forklift through a phony wall of a sheetrock obviously created for that spot. They cut to Joe in a heap of wreckage behind the wall. The doctor stopped the match and awarded it to Jericho. Jericho looked at the camera and said, “How does it feel, Samoa Joke?”

WINNER: Jericho in 13:00. [c]

-They replayed what happened after the break. Then they showed Joe getting rolled into an ambulance.


Don Callis joined in on commentary. Callis said he thought Danielson’s win was fantastic. Nigel was disappointed in Callis. They cut to a double-box break at 2:00. [c/db]

Eventually Claudio put Fletcher in a sharpshooter. Pac then landed a top rope elbow on Fletcher and applied the Brutalizer. Ishii attacked Claudio and then suplexed him. Ishii clotheslined Pac and then Fletcher who took a flip-bump leading to a two count. Ishii set up a brainbuster on Fletcher, but Claudio intervened and landed a European uppercut on Ishii and then a Neutralizer on Fletcher. Pac covered Fletcher, but Claudio yanked him off. Pac and Claudio battled mid-ring. Ishii suplexed Claudio. Pac gave Ishii a German suplex. He gave one to Claudio next. Fletcher then surprised Pac with a small package for a two count. Pac landed a Black Arrow onto Fletcher’s back and then applied a Brutalizer for the tapout win.

WINNER: Pac in 11:00.

-A graphic hyped Ospreay vs. MJF for the International Title which will start Dynamite next week. Then Pac said he has made many bold promises and suffered many humiliating failures. He said he doesn’t know what he’s going to do next, but it’s All In season, and he will not be denied his Wembley Moment. He said tonight’s victory is a line in the sand. He said he will be back. Excalibur noted he missed All In last year, but he’ll get a shot at the International Title this year.

-Renee Pacquette was backstage when Hangman bumped into her. She demanded some respect. Hangman pounded on a door. Out came Okada who asked, “Can I help you?” Hangman tried to enter the room. Okada stopped him. The Bucks came out and asked what he was doing there. He said, “I’ll do it.”

(Keller’s Analysis: So Hangman’s fiery promo that AEW distributed last week on social media focused on Swerve wasn’t portending a rematch between him and Swerve at All In, but rather Hangman having incentive to join Team Elite so he can get his hands on Swerve.)

-Mercedes Moné made her entrance and brought both of her belts with her. She thanked the EVPs for extra security because she won’t be interrupted. She said she is the best of the past, present, and future. She said Bret Hart’s line about being the “best there is, was, ever will be.” Schiavone said that was sacrilegious. She said if she wrestled Britt Baker, she’d leave her with more than herniated disks and a stroke. “I would leave you for dead, bitch,” she said. (Reset the Bitch-o-Meter.) She then poured a shot, but Baker interrupted. Fans popped as Mercedes insisted security stop her. Baker attacked two security guys and made her way to the ring. Mercedes ran away. Excalibur said, “The Doctor upstaging the CEO once again.” Baker posed on the second rope and looked down at Mercedes who tried to stay composed. [c]

-They cut backstage to Darby Allin attacking Brandon Cutler. He said it’s not over and he’ll see The Elite at Dynamite 250.

(4) WILLOW NIGHTINGALE vs. MARIAH MAY (w/Toni Storm) – Owen Hart Memorial Cup Tournament Women’s Final

The bell rang 47 minutes into the hour. Excalibur hyped “Dynamite Kid” Tommy Billington vs. Konosuke Takeshita on Collision this Saturday. Excalibur said Swerve will face Okada next week in a champion vs. champion match. Excalibur said Blood & Guts in two weeks will feature Team Elite vs. Team AEW with Swerve and Hangman now on opposing teams. Willow leaped off the ring apron with a flip senton onto Mariah. They cut to a double-box break. [c/db]

Back from the break, Mariah made a comeback and played to cheers from some fans. She landed a huracanrana to score a near fall on Willow. When Willow made a comeback, someone in a hoodie grabbed Willow. Kris Statlander then kicked Willow. The hooded person was revealed to be Stokely Hathaway, who ran to the back. The ref didn’t see it. Mariah then landed a running knee strike to Willow for a near fall at 12:00. Mariah leveraged Willow’s shoulders down for a near fall seconds later. Storm yelled words of encouragement to Mariah. When Mariah turned around, Willow clotheslined her.


Willow landed a running cannonball in the corner. When she set up a Death Valley Driver, Mariah rolled through and leveraged Willow’s shoulders down for a three count. Mariah leaped into Storm’s arms as Excalibur said Mariah will face her idol Storm at Wembley. They skipped to the stage together.

WINNER: Mariah in 14:00 to win the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament.

-They skipped to the stage together. Mariah picked up the Owen belt and hit Storm with it. She then hit Luther with it. She turned back to attack Storm some more. Fans booed. She knocked Luther off the stage onto two tables below. Storm came up bleeding from her forehead. Mariah hit Storm with her shoe.



PWTorch editor Wade Keller is joined by wrestling analyst Stephanie Chase to review AEW Dynamite LIVE tonight right after Dynamite. Join us and let us know your thoughts on Dynamite during the show.

Email our post-show at with your comments and questions about Dynamite. We’ll read your emails live during the post-show.

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