VIP AUDIO 9/12 – RETRO RADIO – Keller’s Pro Wrestling Focus (3/29/1992): Eddie Gilbert talks about his aspirations to become a WWF booker, speaks about state of ESPN’s Global Wrestling Federation, discusses his marriage to Madusa/Alunda Blayze (75 min)

September 12, 2019

SHOW SUMMARY: This episode of Pro Wrestling Focus, from March 29, 1992, features a long interview with Eddie Gilbert as he talks about booking ESPN’s Global Wrestling Federation, his aspirations of replacing either Dusty Rhodes as […]

VIP NEWSLETTER – PRO WRESTLING TORCH #1634 (September 11, 2019): Comprehensive NXT Roster Evaluation, Mitchell’s Guide to Watching Pro Wrestling this Fall, Parks on 205 Live’s fate, Keller’s TV reports

September 11, 2019

PWTorch Newsletter #1634 Cover-dated September 11, 2019 LINK: 1634 PWTorch Newsletter PDF –LIST OF ALL LATEST NEWSLETTERS –CLICK FOR ALL 2019 NEWSLETTERS –CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTORY OF ALL PAST NEWSLETTERS BY YEAR SUMMARY: This week’s PWTorch Newsletter includes […]

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