VIP AUDIO 11/20 – 10 YRS AGO James Caldwell Audio Show (11-04-2005): TNA’s prime time special and their wrong track, Cena’s elevation (44 min)

November 20, 2015

SUMMARY: In this week’s “Chillin’ to JC,” Torch columnist James Caldwell discusses TNA’s prime time special, why not to jump on the TNA bandwagon, why new viewers enjoyed the show, why long-term viewers saw the same TNA mistakes, why TNA is on the wrong track thinking short-term, why there isn’t an emotional attachment in TNA, why high spots in TNA are distractions from the ultimate goal, how TNA is abusing the rules of pro wrestling, why Taboo Tuesday was more enjoyable than Impact, the stories told at Taboo Tuesday, how John Cena was elevated at the PPV, how ROH is affected by TNA, wrestling’s evolution from a talent to promotion-based product, whether WWE’s investors see the same product as pro wrestling analysts, and much more. […]