VIP AUDIO 11/06 – 10 YRS AGO Caldwell Audio Show: Coach lead announcer on Raw, Palmer Canyon, Chikara


SHOW SUMMARY: In this week’s “Chillin’ with JC,” Torch columnist James Caldwell discusses Coach’s first week as Raw lead announcer, why Coach may have intentionally tanked the broadcast, how Coach is being used as a buffer, why WWE would want Coach to tank the broadcast, Jim Ross as top babyface, how WWE has lost focus by pushing for J.R.’s removal, why John Cena is suffering right now, John Cena vs. Steve Austin, why Cena should have shown fear to Kane under any other circumstances, the short-term benefits of using Steve Austin, the long-term loss WWE will experience after Ross-McMahons ends, why Palmer Cannon might be sabotaging Smackdown, why WWE would want to sabotage Smackdown in the storyline as a reflection of real-life, TNA’s next big step, what TNA can do to get people talking each week, how to make the X Division stand out, the lack of confidence TNA has in the X Division, Chikara Wrestling, the Houston Astros in the World Series, and more.

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