10/9 AAW Pro Results – Gargano vs. Page

By PWTorch Staff


AAW Pro Results
October 9, 2015
Berwyn, Ill. at the Eagles Club
Attendance: 400 sell-out

(1) Allysin Kay beat Mia Yim with a discus forearm at 7:11.

(2) Louis Lyndon won a six-way mayhem match at 10:18 to retain the AAW Heritage Championship. Lyndon submitted Gregory Iron with the Dragon Sleeper to retain. Also in the match were Shane Sabre, Markus Crane, Brett Gakiya, and C.J. Esparza.

(3) Heidi Lovelace & Candice LaRae beat Tessa Blanchard & Jessicka Havok at 8:55 when LaRae pinned Blanchard after a Lovelace frog splash. Afterward, Blanchard got in Havok’s face, blaming her for the loss, so Havok clokeslammed Blanchard twice.

(4) Oi4K (Dave & Jake Crist) beat A.C.H. & Ricochet at 19:37 in tag action after a tandem Tombstone Piledriver on Ricochet.

(5) Eddie Kingston beat Tyson Dux at 19:04 in a Last Man Standing match. Guardrails, thumbtacks, chairs, and a kendo stick were used. Afterward, Kingston indicated that he wants to go after the AAW Hvt. Title again.

(6) Kongo Kong defeated Christian Faith (w/Greg Iron) at 4:49 with a big splash.

(7) The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter w/Bucky Collins) beat Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett at 11:04 to retain the AAW Tag Team Championship.

(8) Trevor Lee beat Silas Young at 15:01 with a small package.

(9) AAW Hvt. champion Ethan Page beat Johnny Gargano in a Two-out-of-Three Falls match at 25:15 to retain the AAW Hvt. Title.

Fall 1 – Gargano won via tap-out to the GargaNO Escape.

Fall 2 – Page kicked the middle rope while Gargano was re-entering the ring and then pinned him.

Fall 3 – Page won after hitting consecutive Spinning Dwaynes in the deciding fall.

After the match, Gargano got a standing ovation from the crowd, only for Page to come back in the ring and beat him down again. Candice LaRae ran in to stop Page, but as Page was about to get his hands on Candice, Trevor Lee and Louis Lyndon ran in to stop him.

[ FYI: AAW’s next big show is November 6 at 115 Bourbon Street. Abyss and Team Tremendous make their AAW debuts on the show. More Info at AAWrestling.com ]

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