Updated Live Smackdown Ratings – DVR viewers & Replay on Syfy

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


WWE Smackdown Ratings Tracking

December 24 replay on Syfy: The “WWE Week” edition of Smackdown scored a 0.92 rating in its usual Thursday night timeslot.

The Christmas Eve replay drew 1.228 million viewers.

If combining the two Smackdown audiences, Smackdown scored a 2.45 rating and drew 3.492 million viewers.

December 22 on USA Network: The live special scored a 1.53 rating, which is exactly what Smackdown has averaged this Fall TV season on Syfy.

Appearing on a higher-profile network, Smackdown got a bump in the key demographics. Males 18-49 was up two-tenths of a rating from last Thursday’s Smackdown on Syfy, males 18-34 was up nearly two-tenths, and adults 18-49 was up nearly one-tenth.

– Smackdown drew 2.264 million viewers, right in-between the last two Thursday night episodes on Syfy.

By comparison, last year’s Tuesday night Smackdown special during WWE Week drew 2.027 million viewers.

The difference is last year’s live Smackdown followed a three-hour TLC PPV and a three-hour Raw, wearing out the audience on WWE programming. This year, there was a break from TLC to “WWE Week,” allowing for Smackdown to only follow the gimmicky “Slammys” edition of Raw.

DVR UPDATE: The live Smackdown added 95,000 DVR viewers for a total of 2.359 million viewers on USA Network.

Adding up all three figures – live Smackdown, DVR, and Syfy replay – the episode drew 3.587 million viewers.

– Smackdown’s median age was 45.6 years-old, falling within the desired 18-49 advertiser window.

The show skewed 65 percent males 18-49 and 35 percent females 18-49, the reverse of all other USA Network programming on Tuesday night.

Chrisley Knows Best was 38/61, Modern Family was 38/62, and Law & Order Criminal Intent was 30/70.

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