1/7 “WWE Kids” taping – Results from Full Sail


At Thursday night’s NXT TV taping, WWE taped the first edition of the “WWE Kids” show, featuring kids involved in the show with WWE stars. WWE issued a casting call in October looking for local Florida talent to be part of the first taping.

WWE Kids TV Taping
January 7, 2016
Taped at Full Sail University
Report by Josh Parry, PWTorch NXT correspondent

The WWE Kids format replaced the pre-NXT dark match with kids on commentary and ring announcing.

(1) Becky Lynch beat Natalya.

(2) Big Show beat Heath Slater.

Everyone played babyface and raised each other’s hands after each match. This is going to go down really well with the family-friendly audience for sure.


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  1. Actually this show could work. It could showcase all the PG stuff (in a good way, not goofy 1980’s WWF), letting the edgier material to RAW and SmackDown. I can see characters like Bo or Adam Rose shine here as the main “bad guys”.
    Wonder if they are going to get a title (TV title? Kids Title?) to make it interesting.

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