2/10 Lucha Underground TV Report – Cuerno vs. Fenix main event, Joey Ryan, lots happening


Lucha Underground Report
February 10, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 2 Episode #3 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

The show opened with a video recap of the season premiere featuring Prince Puma and King Cuerno.

Announcers: Vampiro welcomed the audience to the show. He recapped the recent confrontation between Mil Muertes and Prince Puma. Matt Striker threw to Santos for the opening contest.

In-ring: Santos introduced Bengala to the ring. Next out was the debuting Kobra Moon.


Moon dropkicked Bengala, then gave him a huracanrana. Moon jumped over the top rope to give Bengala a huracanrana on the outside. Moon kicked Bengala’s back, then kneed him. Bengala gave a few flying headbutts and a kick. Moon went for a rear-naked choke then got flipped over. Bengala superkicked her, then went for a moonsault. Moon countered and locked in the snake sleeper submission hold. Bengala tapped out for Moon’s first win.

WINNER: Moon at 2:47 via submission. I feel like LU is debuting too many people too quickly where I wish they would spread it out and build vignettes for a few weeks instead of one vignette and the person debuts that night or next week. Neither wrestler looked good here. Bad debut for Kobra Moon and I think you already know my opinion on male vs. female matches.

Backstage: Catrina told Fenix that she gets tingles in his presence. Fenix demanded to fight King Cuerno, then destroy Mil Muertes and Catrina.


Vignette: An Aztec boy and man spoke about a war between tribes and the stars. Then, a a man in a luchador mask appear with an Iron Man-like ring on his chest and soared to the stars.

[JD’s Reax: I want to hold out to see where things like this is going, but traditionally I have not been a fan of things like this on Lucha Underground. The most supernatural I’m willing to go in this context is someone like Drago who goes into flames then comes back, but I mean if there is going to be people who can fly and turn into stars, I’m not buying it.]

Backstage: Catrina confronted King Cuerno. She said he took the title, but did not destroy the man. Catrina demanded that King Cuerno kill the Fenix tonight. She said it would be non-title, but he must destroy Fenix.

In-ring: Santos introduced Jack Evans already in the ring. His opponent tonight is Drago.



Drago pushed Jack into the ropes. Evans kicked Drago, then Drago hit a sunset flip and kicked Evans to the floor. Drago and Evans exchanged blows. Evans kicked Drago, then threw him across the ring. Drago kicked Evans’s head in retaliation to knock him off the top rope. Drago chopped and kicked Evans. Evans threw Drago to the mat then clubbed him.

Drago grabbed Evans and DDT’ed him off the ropes. Evans came back with a series of kicks. Drago reversed with a cradle and attempted a few pins. Drago then hit a neckbreaker-like move. Evans went for a backslide pin for the win, even though Drago’s legs were on the ropes.

WINNER: Jack Evans at 7:20. Good way to get heat on the heel Evans with the feet on the ropes, but I would like to see Drago win more than he does since he’s so popular.

Post-match: Jack Evans grabbed the mic and declared himself the winner, Jack “The Dragon Slayer” Evans.


Vignette: Texano talked up his accomplishments and where he is from.

Backstage: Prince Puma stared in a mirror and kissed his cross. Catrina asked who he prayed to. Catrina taunted Puma for his religion. Catrina said maybe it’s time for Puma to make a sacrifice.

In-ring: Santos introduced the main event, a “Last Luchador Standing” match.


3 — Gift of the Gods champion KING CUERNO vs. FENIX – Non-title Last Luchador Standing match

Both men traded elbows, then Fenix knocked down Cuerno with a springboard elbow. Fenix landed a huracanrana off the ropes and the ref started his count. Cuerno kicked Fenix multiple times and Fenix went down. Fenix launched Cuerno outside, then went for a dive, but Cuerno moved. Cuerno kicked Drago on the outside, then threw him into the ringpost. Cuerno threw Fenix into a crowd of people. Cuerno then threw Fenix into the barricade. Cuerno hit a clothesline to knock down Fenix yet again.

Cuerno rought Fenix into the ring and Fenix hit a superkick and dropkick. Fenix leaped off the top rope for a corkscrew. Fenix hit another corkscrew. Fenix flipped down Cuerno in the ring and went to the top rope. Cuerno kicked Fenix off the top. Cuerno then hit a suicide dive to the outside.

Cuerno grabbed a conveniently-placed ladder and rammed it into Fenix. Cuerno grabbed a table from under the ring, then attempted a German suplex, but Fenix escaped. Fenix climbed the ladder and Cuerno chased after him. Fenix kicked over the ladder once he got to the top and Cuerno fell through the table. Cuerno could not meet the count of ten.

WINNER: Fenix at 11:20. The best part about this was hearing the referee’s voice go out around the six-minute mark from having to count too much. I’ve never like the last man standing match because it has so many inconsistencies. Things like either the ref is counting after every move or when the wrestler is on the ground and another one is setting up for a spot the ref won’t count. They also can’t decide when the count stops because sometimes they continue when the guy is standing because sometimes he is on both feet and they continue. It’s also difficult to invest in these types of matches because you know it won’t end until someone goes through a table or ambulance or ladder.

Backstage: A female detective walked through an office and met with a man (he might be a wrestler, not sure) who had a photo of Catrina. He tried to explain how Catrina was trying to bring back The Crew. The detective didn’t want to hear about it. She said she wanted to hear about Dario Cueto. The man said he didn’t know where Dario was. The police captain said this case is getting too big, so she is assigning him a partner. Joey Ryan conveniently walked in and the police chief said they are to bring down Dario Cueto.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I thought more this week than last week that there is too much going on in Lucha Underground. Bruce Mitchell talked about there being a lot going on. I felt that way this week that they are trying to introduce too many characters and juggle too many storylines where I’m feeling overwhelmed. I don’t know what is main event and what is mid-card, as the line has blurred a lot. Someone like Mil Muertes has not felt main event yet.

They are only three weeks in so things will evolve, but LU needs a main focus storyline that is main event and is promoted above everything else then have meaningful mid-card matches filled with wrestlers in grudges wanting to make their way to the main event. Right now it feels like everyone is on the same level trading wins. Lucha Underground still puts on fun, unique shows and by no means should anyone give up on it, but I think they need to do some correcting by slowing down all these crazy storylines and choosing who they want to push and promote to main event level.

SUMMARY RESULTS: (1) Kobra Moon submitted Bengala… (2) Jack Evans beat Drago… (3) Fenix beat King Cuerno.

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