John Cena returns to NBC’s “Today” Show – promotes Raw return, talks new shorts but not t-shirt controversy, attempts booty-pop on live broadcast TV

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


John Cena returned to NBC’s “Today” Show on Memorial Day Monday morning to promote his WWE TV return on Monday night.

Cena predicted a “triumphant return on Raw,” joking that he’s sure the fans in Green Bay have planned a big welcome for him. Cena said sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad.

Today co-host Tamron Hall tried to get a scoop from Cena on what he’s doing on Raw. Cena said, “You never know what to expect,” prompting Tamron to find other ways to get information out of Cena.

Cena eventually said that talk show host Ellen DeGeneres gave him bedazzled cargo shorts to wear to the ring on Raw, which he said he is going to wear. Tamron asked won’t that take away some of his edge.

“I’m 39, I’ve been wrestling for WWE for almost 15 years, my edge is now rounded.” Cena deadpanned. “I will go out there with tons of gumption in bedazzled Ellen shorts.”

NBC then aired WWE’s Memorial Day tribute video that will open the broadcast.

This was followed by Cena debating whether a hot dog is a sandwich, taking part in mental exercises with U.S. military troops, and doing a cooking segment.

There was also a sit-down interview with the band Fifth Harmony, who Cena noted opened WrestleMania performing “America the Beautiful.” The group members noted they were honored to open WrestleMania and it opened them up to a different demographic.

Then, things got weird. Tamron noted that Cena is doing to host the ESPYs this year, and he might want to dance like past hosts. Cena said he just has a two-step in his arsenal, then he displayed a knee wiggle as Fifth Harmony tried to get him to work on his craft.

Eventually, Cena attempted a booty-pop, which looked more like Cena was squatting a weight bar in the gym. Eventually, he got lower to put some dance moves on tape. “I am ESPYs ready!” Cena declared.

Cena made his regular appearance in the 9:00 a.m. EST hour of Monday’s show.

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