7/19 WWE Draft Post-Show – Complete Coverage on WWE Network with final Draft Picks

WWE Draft - July 19, 2016 (c) WWE.com


WWE Draft Post-Show Coverage
July 19, 2016
Aired on WWE Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

After the TV portion of the WWE Draft concluded on USA Network with the first 30 picks, WWE shifted to a post-Draft special on WWE Network finishing up the Draft with 30 more picks.

The bonus hour post-Smackdown Draft resumed in the studio with Renee Young, Booker T, Corey Graves, and Lita.

– Backstage, Tom Phillips brought in returning star Neville, now on Raw. Neville said he will be rejuvenated on Raw, especially mixing with so many guys from NXT he came up with.

– The next set of picks was for the Seventh Round.

  • Pick #31: Golden Truth as a unit to Raw
  • Pick #32: The Usos to Smackdown
  • Pick #33: Titus O’Neil to Raw
  • Pick #34: Kane to Smackdown (re-uniting with D-Bryan)
  • Pick #35: Paige

The studio panel discussed this batch of picks, including wondering how mad Paige will be drafted this late in the process.

– Backstage, Tom Hamilton brought in Natalya to discuss Becky Lynch also being on the same show as her. Natalya ripped Becky up and down.

– Backstage, JoJo brought in Cesaro to discuss his sixth round Draft pick. He said he’s disappointed in his spot and not being Top 10. Cesaro questioned Smackdown being the “wrestling show,” yet he was drafted to Raw. He called it another stumbling block in his career. Cesaro said he’ll try to find the positive of being on the flagship show.

JoJo asked what he thinks about Stephanie and Mick Foley as GMs. Cesaro said that’s the problem with this whole thing because it should be about the wrestlers, not the GMs. He said this is annoying all of the talking. But here he is actually with a chance to talk, so he’s going to keep talking because he has thoughts that work. And he’s on the flagship of Raw. Cesaro just put the Draft on blast, work-shoot style.

– At the studio, Renee and Booker interviewed Goldust & R-Truth while Graves & Lita took a bathroom break. They stuck around for the Round 8 Draft picks.

  • Pick #36: Darren Young (w/Bob Backlund) to Raw
  • Pick #37: Kalisto to Smackdown
  • Pick #38: Sin Cara to Raw
  • Pick #39: Naomi to Smackdown
  • Pick #40: Jack Swagger to Raw
  • Pick #41: The Ascension to Smackdown, getting an extra pick.

– Backstage, Hamilton brought in Alberto Del Rio to talk about going to Smackdown.

– At the studio, Renee & Booker talked to The Usos, who were thankful to be kept together. Asked about Roman Reigns, Jey Uso said he’s ready to get back to WWE, but they’re on separate brands now. But, they’re excited to be on Smackdown Live. Booker wanted to talk more about Reigns. So, um, well, the fans hate him! Usos smiled at Booker putting Reigns on blast. The Usos talked about Reigns being more hungry than ever to come back. Humble? Sure.

Renee tried to lighten the mood by asking Jimmy Uso about his wife, Naomi, also being on Smackdown with him. He said he was sweating bullets about that.

– Backstage, JoJo brought in Titus O’Neil to discuss being on Raw. Titus talked about beating people up with a smile on his face. Suddenly, Darren Young barged in celebrating being on the same brand together. Titus didn’t want to be friendly, then told Backlund to get hold of his boy.

D-Young and Backlund did an interview. In the same room. Together. No split screen. Why are they doing this? Backlund told D-Young to have a constant sense of barbarism. He told him to fight for the top. D-Young wanted to go out and party. Backlund looked at him like he just ruined the whole thing. Backlund said they will work out harder and harder, doubling down on the principles and instructions.

JoJo tried to get back on-track about facing The Miz for the IC Title at Battleground. Young vowed to make Miz his prey at Battleground. He said he will out-wrestle him and fight him. Backlund told him it’s always a war…and you have to out-work everyone. Young wanted to talk off-camera.

– Back to the studio for more picks.

  • Pick #42: The Dudleys together on Raw
  • Pick #43: Zack Ryder to Smackdown
  • Pick #44: Summer Rae to Raw
  • Pick #45: Apollo Crews to Smackdown
  • Pick #46: Mark Henry to Raw
  • Pick #47: Alexa Bliss to Smackdown (NXT Pick #4/6)

– Backstage, Kalisto attempted a promo in the moment. He wrapped it up that he’s going to do his lucha thing.

– Back at the studio panel, the panel discussed Apollo Crews being lost in the shuffle after being called up post-WrestleMania. Now, he gets a fresh start on Smackdown after being lost in the shuffle. He was lust in the shuffle. How lost was he in the shuffle? He was pretty lost in the shuffle.

Now to the next round.

  • Pick #48: Braun Strowman to Raw
  • Pick #49: Tyler Breeze & Fandango to Smackdown
  • Pick #50: Bo Dallas to Raw, breaking up the Outcasts
  • Pick #51: Eva Marie to Smackdown (not an NXT pick)
  • Pick #52: Shining Stars to Raw
  • Pick #53: The Vaudevillians to Smackdown

– The Smackdown braintrust of Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon joined the studio panel to discuss their picks. Shane said they have a lot of work to do after the Draft finishes to make sure their roster is filled out completely. D-Bryan said they don’t want to be about holding people down, like The Authority on Raw.

The conversation moved to Dean Ambrose having a tough situation at Battleground trying to retain the WWE Title and keep the title on Smackdown. Shane and Bryan also talked about the underdog mentality of their Smackdown brand, and guys/girls having people with heart and passion.

– Backstage, JoJo brought in the Social Outcasts. Bo Dallas celebrated being drafted to Raw. JoJo let Curtis Axel and Heath Slater know they haven’t been drafted yet. Bo told them to calm down and just Bo-Lieve that they’ll all be on Raw together. “What the heeeeel?” Slater shouted as he stormed off. Axel stomped off, too. Bo excitedly said he’s going to go look at the Raw roster.

Now to the final round of the Draft.

  • Pick #54: Alicia Fox to Raw
  • Pick #55: Erick Rowan to Smackdown
  • Pick #56: Dana Brooke to Raw
  • Pick #57: Mojo Rawley to Smackdown (NXT Pick #5/6)
  • Pick #58: Curtis Axel to Raw
  • Pick #59: Carmella to Smackdown (NXT Pick #6/6)
  • Pick #60: ???

Poor Heath Slater was not drafted.

– At the studio, Renee and Co. talked to Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley, who talked about their Draft strategy. Stephanie said Mick was the first name she thought of for the GM spot on Raw. Mick talked about getting the call about the role. He said he knew it would be a lot of travel, but he knew he would regret it if he did not take the opportunity.

Stephanie gloated about beating Shane and D-Bryan with their picks, watching them constantly rip up their Draft cards.

– Somewhere in the locker room, Heath Slater was the last man in the locker room after not being drafted. He lamented not being picked, then the lights turned out on him. He chucked his shades aside as the special ended.

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  1. I cannot believe they put Braun Strowman on Raw and the other two on Smackdown. That will suck. He will be lost on his own. This whole draft and brand split has garbage written all over it. Both shows are going to suck.

    • Wrong this is the best thing WWE has ever done. You wanna know whats gonna suck Undertaker not getting drafted. The Tag Teams being split up is gonna be awesome i wanna see the outcome. Gonna be gudde.

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