WWE Video – Brian Kendrick in weekly interview – reflects on CWC journey, cuts promo on new champ T.J. Perkins

Brian Kendrick & Daniel Bryan - CWC 2016 (photo credit Kyle N./PWTorch.com)


Brian Kendrick, now part of the WWE roster again as part of the Cruiserweight division, joined Michael Cole for this week’s sit-down interview.

Kendrick talked about his “long, strange journey” back to WWE after being released from the company several years ago.

Cole brought up Kendrick coaching at the Performance Center and wrestling a few times at NXT, opening the door for him to return. Kendrick said he was running a wrestling school in California and connected with William Regal. He said they wanted him to be a P.C. coach, but he kept telling himself “I am a wrestler… I need to wrestle.”

Kendrick also reflected on his run through the Cruiserweight tournament and final match that concluded with Daniel Bryan crying with him in the ring. Kendrick said at the time he felt like it could have been his last chance in WWE, selling the story of the tournament being perhaps his final opportunity to re-join WWE.

But, Kendrick is now part of the main roster and became #1 contender to the Cruiserweight Title on Monday’s Raw. In the interview, Kendrick snapped out of nice-guy mode when Cole brought up T.J. Perkins’s story. Kendrick said he wants to talk about his story, not Perkins’s. He said hearing Perkins’s name disgusts him. “Like he suffered more than I suffered,” Kendrick said, vowing to win the CW Title at Clash of Champions on Sunday.

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