Oddmakers off on No Mercy results, WWE Fan survey includes PWG and New Japan mentions and discounts, Robbie E on TNA ownership rumors

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


-In WWE’s latest survey to their email list, one of the questions they asked is what is the main reason you subscribe to WWE Network. The options they list are WWE live PPV events, Cruiserweight Classic, Original Shows (such as Table for 3, Swerved, Camp WWE, Holy Foley), NXT Takeover events, NXT TV each week, Older Classics (WCW Nitro, AWA, NWA, WCCW), Collections (Becoming the Rock), older PPV events, past episodes of Raw or Smackdown. It also floated the idea of getting a discount by paying up front for a six month or 12 month subscription, or receiving a free create of WWE Merchandise with a 12 month up front subscription. The survey included mentions of PWG and New Japan, also. [Thanks to PWTorch reader Hilario B.]

-In an interview with the Two Man Power Trip, Robbie E addressed his attitude about rumors of TNA being sold or shutting down. He said: “The thing is do you know when I’ll worry about when TNA closes? When TNA closes. Until then, who cares? Over the past six years every other month people are saying it is closing and why are you saying this? The thing is in 2016 I guess it’s just cool because it’s not just TNA it is just what people do in general and it is be negative and it is cool for them to do. People just bash stuff and be negative and that sucks.”

-Oddsmakers predicted the Usos would win the WWE Tag Team Titles but were wrong. They also had Miz beating Dolph Ziggler, and were wrong. They had Randy Orton beating Bray Wyatt and were wrong. Usually they are much closer on results. Not sure what happened. If someone within WWE who is normally privy to results before showtime wasn’t present or wasn’t informed, I’d be nervous if I were them! It could have been simply the result of some late changing in booking plans, too. One source says the usual late surge of “Insider/Smart Betting” indicators weren’t there this time.

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