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Former WWE Divas Champion, member of the famous Hart Family dynasty and one of the stars from E! Network’s hot show “Total Divas” Natalya Neidhart joined “Multi-time Award Winning” the Rack Thursday Night. In a nearly ten minute interview, she discussed what to expect from the upcoming season of Total Divas, if we get to see more behind the scenes of the Women’s Revolution, the difference between the Raw and Smackdown women’s rosters, what to expect from her Team Smackdown Survivor Series group when they go against Team Raw’s women, if she will consider going for the Smackdown Women’s Title in the future, and so much more.

-What we can expect in the upcoming new season of Total Divas: “This season might be one of our best seasons yet. We have three new cast members and, of course, you have your traditional favorites like The Bella Twins, Eva, Naomi, myself; we’ve been with the show since the very beginning, but it’s always fun when you mix it up with new cast members. We have Lana, we have Maryse, and we have Renee (Young) coming on and I think adding a little extra flair to the show is going to be really entertaining this season. There is a lot of drama but there’s also a lot of women empowerment, a lot of situations where the girls come together. The first episode will actually our biggest show of the year, which is WrestleMania, so we really start the show with a bang. We take a look at WrestleMania and it’s one of the most exciting events of the year but also, for us inside the company, it’s so big. I tell people this is so special to me because it’s such a unique look inside our locker room, our personal lives, and you guys get to share that journey with us and I’m so glad that you do.”

-Will we get to see the behind the scenes of the Women’s Revolution: “Yeah, definitely; you’re definitely going to see that. WWE is embracing this Women’s Revolution and this new… I don’t want to say it’s entirely new because I feel like some of the greatest opportunities I’ve had have been in WWE as a woman, but they’re really behind us more than they ever have and it’s a wonderful time to be a part of the company and we do showcase and feature a lot of that on Total Divas. One of the things in particular about the show is that it is relatable to women all across the world that watch us and tune in; we’re not perfect so they don’t have to be perfect.”

-Does she prefer to be on Smackdown or on Raw with the Brand Split: “I feel like any opportunity you are given you need to make the best of any situation and I love being on Smackdown. This locker room we have right now is probably the best locker room of women I’ve ever been in and I was actually saying that to Nikki Bella, one of my other co-workers and another star of Total Divas, we’ve never had a locker room of girl this easy going. It’s like our girls, they’re passionate about what they believe in but we’re also a sisterhood and we’re always there for each other through the good, the bad, everything. I love being on Smackdown; I love Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. Granted, if I was on RAW, I’m sure I would have a close relationship with Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley and all the girls and guys on that show, but I just love my job and I love what I do and when you’re having fun, you don’t really feel like you are working, except for when you have those 5 am flights.”

-How does the Women’s Team Smackdown Survivor Series team match-up with Team Raw: “Well, I think we have to be united because we all giving each other our bodies in the ring; when you are competing and being a part of a team sport, and we can’t just do this by ourselves, you have to really trust and have a good rapport with each other. We’re excited for Survivor Series and with me being the coach, I’m going to, for sure, lead my team to victory. If anyone watched Smackdown Live this week, which I’m sure you did, it was mayhem. We had this awesome match between Nikki Bella and Carmella and all of a sudden Charlotte comes out and sits in the crowd like ‘Oh, I’ve got my ticket and I’m here to see the show.’ Next thing you know, all the Raw girls come out through the audience and they join in in this big brawl, and then our Smackdown girls come out and it’s like anything can happen with WWE. You can expect to see crazy, athletic, amazing women showcasing what they do best, so it’ll be cool.”

-Would she ever consider going after the Women’s Title again: “I think so; I’d love to get the title again. I love representing WWE and women’s wrestling. The women are just in such a great place right now in WWE and it’s a great time for us. For me, to be the women’s champion again, I’d love that; whether to be a good guy or a bad guy, It’s just such a big honor to be the face of the Women’s division. So, I’ll definitely be going for it again and if I beat a girl who say’s ‘Oh, I don’t want the women’s title’, you kind of have to wonder why they’re here because we all want to be great and that is a symbol of greatness.”

-The difference between the Smackdown and Raw Women’s divisions: “I think there is a really competitive locker room on Smackdown and I feel like the reason that Smackdown has that feel that you brought up, because I’m hearing that from a lot of people, it’s not that were necessarily better than them, I just think we’re more the underdog division. I don’t think we’ve really had our time to shine just yet and that’s exciting because that’s about to come; that’s on the forefront for us and on the horizon for us Smackdown girls. So, we just are all just chomping at the bit; I’ve jumped into this new bad girl role which I was a good girl for so long and then I became a bad girl and so it was brand new, fresh territory for me. Then, you have Nikki Bella coming back from her hiatus, she’d had a neck injury and taken almost a year off, and then she came back so she was fresh. And then you have Carmella and Alexa Bliss debut and they were brand new from NXT and then you saw Naomi introduce her new babyface character. So all the girls on Smackdown are starting from ground zero, on an even playing field. Whereas, on Raw, I think a lot of the focus and attention has been on Charlotte and Sasha and then you see newcomers like Bayley come into the mix and Nia Jax, but so much of the focus was between Charlotte and Sasha that I feel like some of the other girls that it became very much about that single story, which is great because that story made history, but if you look over at Smackdown, we are all vying for the title and it’s very much like the six of us all clawing like tooth and nail to get it.”

FINAL NOTES: You can follow Natalya through her Twitter (@NatbyNature) for all the latest on her and her projects You can also see Natalya and all the other Total Divas on the returning E! Network show “Total Divas” Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on E! You can also see Natalya serving as the coach of the Team Smackdown Survivor Series team this Sunday, Nov. 20 at Survivor Series, starting at 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT with the Kickoff show live on the WWE Network! You can also see Natalya as part of the weekly WWE broadcasting as part of the Smackdown Live brand.

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