RAW PRIMER: What to expect tonight based on what happened last week with New Day, Jericho, Seth, Owens, Reigns, Strowman, Charlotte

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch Specialist

Chris Jericho (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


DECEMBER 12, 2016

“You have a date with history.”

At Midnight The New Day will have reached 478 days straight as champs tying Demolition. EPIC. However, they first need to survive tonight. Last week the Club and Shesaro (Or Cesheamus?) battled in a hard-hitting affair to determine who would be the next challengers but “The Unicorn Train” caused a DQ and a no contest. Now they pay for their sins by being put into a triple-threat against the two, which means that they could fall just a day short of history, and they won’t even have to be the ones pinned for it to happen. While heavy money still favors the champs (especially considering everything they’ve done to hold the belts this long) WWE has a history of breaking hearts. You can cut the tension with a Swiss-Superman Uppercut.

“It’s all about the Game, and how you play it.”

The architect is ready. He is no longer fooled by the man he once used to be when he was the Authority’s praised champion. Seth wants Aitch, and he wants him badly. So badly, he’s willing to temporarily move the target onto the “Gift of Jericho.” Y2J has consistently been a thorn in Seth’s attempts to reclaim his crown, and at Roadblock the two will face off. I’m more than happy to watch this transitional feud happen, especially as this big build for Mania slowly dials in.

Universal friendship > Universal Championship”

Speaking of Jericho, where is his mind at in terms of his relationship with Kevin Owens? The two bestest of friends ever haven’t been clicking on the same page, and KO now has his biggest challenge ahead of him as holder of the red belt: Roman Reigns. Roman has convinced Owens that he couldn’t win without Y2J, and he certainly won’t be able to against THE BIG DAWG. Kevin was able to garner some confidence back when he defeated arch-nemesis Sami Zayn last week all by himself, but he just of easily could have lost that match as well.

“Olé, OléOlé

Sami was fortunate enough to not have to worry about Braun Strowman last week, and him laying the wood to former friend KO is a good way to release his pent up frustration. However, with this being the go-home show before Roadblock I do expect a segment from these two tonight, which means that Mick Foley will surely weigh in as well. I just hope Braun is in a good mood for everyone’s safety. I mean for God’s sake it’s Christmas time!

“Purple rope three-way”

On ‘”205 Live” on Tuesday, Swann retained his newly won Cruiserweight Championship against Brian Kendrick in the latters guaranteed rematch. TJ Perkins was on commentary for that bout, and even got involved in the finish when Brian got accidentally pushed into him. Afterwards the Captain of the Bully Choke attacked TJP before being interrupted by Swann who came to his friend’s aid, but Brian got the better of the two and stood tall to end the show. While the division is still slowly finding it’s footing, these three have proven how great they can be in the ring, and having this be a two-way chase (especially when a friendship is involved) for the strap makes me excited for tonight and where they go. Also sooner or later we’re going to get Gran Metalik and Akira Tozawa so if you aren’t interested in this feud then just know that those guys are coming and they be HAPPENING.

“Where it all started”

Charlotte is dangerous, deceptive, and focused which are the same traits for a James Bond Villain. She used her father last week to draw out The Boss and give her a beating of a lifetime. Ric’s tears were put to good use last week, and Charlotte is again proving why she’s been on top since she debuted, but angry Sasha should worry you just as much. Not to mention that this show takes place in Philly, one of the first spots these two main-evented during their NXT days. The fans know they belong at the top, and so do they. In 6 days they’re going to show us why, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get to have a little fun tonight.

Excited for Roadblock? Tune into Raw tonight to see how we get there!

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