ROH HITS & MISSES: Young Bucks, Kushida, Jay Briscoe, Marty Scurll, The Kingdom, Roppongi Vice, Rebellion, Search & Destroy,

By Mike Mills, PWTorch Specialist

ROH ring (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


The Young Bucks & Adam Page (Bullet Club) vs. (Roppongi Vice) Trent Barreta &  Rocky Romero & Chuckie T: I fully went into this match thinking that I would absolutely hate it. There’s nothing I hate more than 50 superkicks in a match and a 6-man match with The Young Bucks felt like that’s what I would be watching. Well, I was mistaken. Let’s be clear, there were superkicks to be had but it was not nauseating. These 6 guys put on a show and heck of a match from the start. If you haven’t seen Chuckie T before, you would be surprised by his display of outstanding athleticism. From the start, Romero is not happy with Chuckie T being a surprise member of their team in this match. They weave this dissention throughout the match. As we work towards the end of the match, The Young Bucks get a two count on Chuckie T but Chuckie T is saved by Romero. I thought for sure that was the finish but was wrong. I mentioned superkicks above. There were definitely a few of them but it was not overdone in my opinion. We’re a good 15 minutes into the match before The Young Bucks bring out the superkicks. I will say this about the superkicks, it did seem to work the way they weaved it into the match. The match ends when The Young Bucks go for a Meltzer Driver but one of the Bucks is taken out before he can hit his half of the driver. Chuckie T hits one of the Bucks with his finisher and Chuckie T & Roppongi Vice get a win versus The Bullet Club. This was an excellent match. It ate up the first 20 minutes of the episode but it felt like it went by super quick. I thought this was a great match to kick off this week’s ROH TV.

Jay White Video Package: Jay White’s backstory video package and promo on Punishment Martinez was put together well. White talks about his humble upbringing in wrestling. When you watch this video package, you can’t help but to back White in his attempt to get even with Punishment Martinez.

The Rebellion (Titus & Taylor with Caprice Coleman on the outside) vs. Search & Destroy (Jay White & Jonathan Gresham):Good match sandwiched in the middle of the show. The teams go back and forth throughout as the match flows well. However, Kenny King runs out and gets involved and he is followed by Alex Shelley and then Chris Sabin’s involvement. The referee throws the match out due to all of the interference. At that point, Shelley grabs the microphone and has an announcement to make. Shelley challenges The Rebellion. He states that at Best in the World it’s the Rebellion vs. Search & Destroy and the losing team must disband. Good match and good set up going into Best in the World. I won’t sit there and say this was great by any means but it was a good match in the middle of a very good hour of ROH TV.

Frankie Kazarian Promo: Good and short effective promo by Kazarian. Kazarian is looking towards getting a hold of Adam Page in an upcoming match.

Jay Briscoe Promo: They show a recap from last week when Jay Briscoe was sprayed with mist and then pinned which cost his team the match in their 8-man tag match. Jay Briscoe is one heck of a promo and pro wrestler. Everything he does here is believable and he comes across as severely ticked off. I love it because he is cursing, although of course it’s being bleeped out, but you still know what he’s saying. All I know is after watching this, I would hate to be one of The Boys or Dalton Castle because Jay Briscoe is not a happy camper and he is going to take it out on someone. Another EXCELLENT promo from Jay Briscoe.

Kushida vs. Marty Scurll for the ROH TV Title: This match is everything that you’d expect with an unexpected outcome if you hadn’t already seen the results elsewhere. At one point, Kushida is able to get out of Scurll’s chicken wing and put his own submission hold in but Scurll is able to get out of Kushida’s if that makes sense (trust me and watch the match). Scurll does his patented breaking of the fingers. They then trade a couple of shots as the crowd belts out a “this is awesome” chant. Scurll is about to attempt a second chicken wing when the lights go out in the arena. When the lights come on, it’s Adam Cole dressed as Marty Scurll. With Scurll distracted, Kushida hits Scurll with his finisher and gets the 1-2-3. Kushida is our new ROH World Television champion. Great match, great finish, and a very good way to cap off this week’s episode of ROH TV.


The Kingdom Promo: I like the fact that ROH weaves these short promos into their weekly TV’s to build up matches in the coming week or weeks of TV. Next week, The Kingdom will face The Boys. I thought Vinny Marseglia and Matt Taven were excellent during this promo. Marseglia and Taven are believable and cut great promos. Let me be clear, this entire promo is not a miss. I just can’t buy TK O’Ryan’s part of it. Whereas Taven and Marseglia’s parts were good, O’Ryan’s part in the promo just came across that something was missing. I often use the term believable or believability. He just didn’t come across as believable.

Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed this week’s episode of ROH. The episode kicked off with a very good six-man tag match and ended with Kushida winning the ROH World Television title. Just about everything in between was also solid. Additionally, Ian Riccaboni continues to excel on commentary. I’d recommend checking out this week’s show which was full of Hits in my opinion.

Mike Mills is the ROH TV Hits and Misses Specialist, providing his point of view on ROH TV weekly. You can follow Mike at @BTT_Podcast and @Mike504Saints on Twitter.

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Young Bucks, Page, Roppongi Vice, Kushida, Scurll, World TV Title Match, The Rebellion, Search & Destroy

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