New Drew McIntyre (Galloway) documentary released by former TNA creative member Lagana (w/Radican’s Analysis)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist

Drew McIntyre pulled from Smackdown
Drew Galloway (art credit Matt Charlton & Sam Gardiner © PWTorch)


Former WWE and TNA creative member Dave Lagana has released a new documentary on Drew McIntyre (Galloway) called Galloway-End of Independents. Lagana was filming Galloway behind the scenes during WrestleMania weekend this year as he wrestled for EVOLVE and other independent promotions. Galloway got a call just hours before the NXT Takeover special and was pulled from a scheduled main event match for the WWN Supershow where he was scheduled to compete in a multi-man match to crown the first WWN Champion.

The documentary shows Galloway behind the scenes at EVOLVE with Matt Riddle and Gabe Sapolsky among others going over his match with Riddle during WrestleMania weekend. The footage Lagana shot also captured Galloway breaking the news to EVOLVE booker Gabe Sapolsky that he was going to appear at NXT Takeover. The footage concludes with Galloway leaving the WWN Supershow to go to NXT.

You can watch the documentary below:

Radican’s Analysis: I had a chance to watch the documentary, which clocks in at nearly 24 minutes long. Lagana did a masterful job putting together a quality film capturing Galloway interacting behind the scenes with other EVOLVE wrestlers and management. This is the type of mini-documentary I would like to see other filmakers attempt, as it is a premium quality product that is free of cost and “Galloway-End of Independents” will likely catch the eyes of a lot of people this weekend with Galloway (McIntyre) challenging Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship this weekend. 

I highly recommend taking some time out of your day to check out Lagana’s film on Galloway. The behind the scenes footage is fascinating and includes scenes that feature Galloway and Matthew Riddle going over their EVOLVE match and then discussing what went right and wrong after the match. You don’t see many filmmakers get access like Lagana had to Galloway WrestleMania weekend. Lagana was also with Galloway when he got the call that NXT wanted him to make an appearance in the crowd for the WrestleMania weekend Takeover special, which is a great scene in this film. 

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