Cena keynote speech today talks about keys to his success, thoughts on Vince McMahon, how wrestlers perceive themselves incorrectly

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

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John Cena spoke today at the Inbound Marketing event. PWTorch reader Elliot R.’s wife attended the event and sent along the following notes…

-John Cena was a featured keynote speaker along with Michelle Obama. (Speaker List HERE)

-He talked about how other talents backstage see themselves as wrestlers, but he said that they are in fact entertainers.

-He said Vince McMahon is the most inspiring person he has worked with, talked about knowing your business, and said he got to where he was by looking stupid a whole lot because he wasn’t afraid to ask questions.

-He also mentioned some of his acting roles and that he loves what he does, and his advice to the room was to love what you do.

-Nothing particularly noteworthy as far as WWE goes, but he was extremely well received and my wife said he was an excellent public speaker.

-You might be able to find more firsthand reports on twitter with the hashtag #inbound17

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