Neville walks out on WWE on Monday night, plans changed, Neville’s future in WWE in doubt (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Pac (artist Grant Gould © PWTorch)


Neville walked out on WWE on Monday, and his status is up in the air. He was originally scheduled to face Enzo in the main event in a lumberjack match, but the main event was changed. Neville, multiple sources tell PWTorch, has been unhappy for a while, even predating Enzo’s push. He could end up getting a release and wrestling in Japan.

Neville did not return last night and wasn’t on 205 Live.

Keller’s Analysis: Cruiserweights don’t make great money relative to others on the roster. They work fewer house shows and don’t have prominent PPV spots, so their pay – which is largely based on frequency of matches and position on cards – is below their colleagues. That could be the primary factor. Having to stand around and have Enzo scripted to say he has made Cruiserweights relevant, to someone with Neville’s pride, could have been a final straw. Seeing that Kalisto was scheduled to get the Cruiserweight Title shot against Enzo at TLC could have also sent a signal to Neville that he wasn’t the primary opponent in the booking scheme for Enzo, but rather a stepping stone as Enzo stayed on top and others moved into the top babyface position. That would further solidify his pay wasn’t going to get better and might get worse.

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