MCMAHON’S IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 10/12: Johnny Mundo vs. Garza Jr. to determine No. 1 contender at Bound for Glory


Oct. 12, 2017
Taped from Orlando, Fla. (Universal Studios)
Aired on Pop TV

Announcers: Josh Mathews & Jeremy Borash

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— The GWF global signature aired, but the GFW logo was changed to Impact Wrestling.

— A recap video setting up tonight’s Impact vs. Garza Jr. match aired.

— The Impact open aired.

— A video aired on Eddie Edwards and other Impact stars in Japan.

— LAX came to the ring for a promo. Konnan said they were the blue pill of wrestling, which means they’re hard. Santana grabbed the mic and called out oVe. … oVe came to the ring with chairs. Jake Crist told LAX to name the match. Konnan said a 5150 Street Fight. Jake said that they’ve been around the world and they aren’t afraid of anything, so they accepted. Konnan asked if they knew what a 5150 Street Fight was? Jake said it didn’t matter. Konnan said that LAX would send them back to Ohio at Bound for Glory.

Diamante took the mic and said that a 5150 Street Fight means that it’s all of LAX against oVe. LAX attacked and a brawl erupted.

(McMahon: Am I imagining this, or did they announce this match last week? Then this week there is a promo to set it up? I swore they announced this match last week. If that’s the case, it’s a lazy error to make. That aside, this should be a ridiculous match at Bound for Glory. I still think they are booking too many rematches, but I’m coming around on this match in particular with the new stipulation).


— Clips of the Impact wrestlers in Japan for Pro Wrestling NOAH were shown. Edwards was shown at a press conference. Scott D’Amore talked about the partnership with Pro Wrestling NOAH. Eli Drake was shown cutting a promo at a press conference. You could also see Moose and Garza Jr. standing at the press conference.

— A video was shown highlighting the history between American Top Team and Impact Wrestling, as well as Moose vs. Lashley.



Harper looked nervous across from Rosemary. Harper charged Rosemary but she blocked a right hand and immediately went on the offense while Mathews talked about Marvel characters. Rosemary hit Red Wedding for the win.

WINNER: Rosemary in less than 1:00.

Rosemary cut a promo after the match. She called out Taya Valkyrie. She came down and went face-to-face with Rosemary and then spit red mist in Rosemary’s face. Valkyrie hit Rosemary with the Road to Valhalla.

(McMahon: I like Rosemary’s new look. This has been on the show for a few weeks, but her change in makeup and style has helped her babyface turn. It was nice to see Rosemary get a quick and decisive win. The match was there to setup the post-match angle, but getting Rosemary over, especially after some time of her not being on top of the Knockouts division, was smart. … I also liked the post-match angle. It gave Taya some steam and sets up what should be a really good match, I would think at Bound for Glory).


— A promo aired for the Global Wrestling Network.

— Another video aired on Moose invading — and getting beat up — by American Top Team. It’s been 44 minutes of air time and this is the second time we’re seeing some of this footage. As for new content — Moose was on the phone and said he was going back to American Top Team and he wanted whoever was on the phone to meet him there.

— Taryn Terrell made her entrance. She yelled at the crowd to cheer for her and not boo. Terrell said that she has a title shot at Bound for Glory, so it’s time for her to set her sights on something personal. Terrell said she has turned her attention to Gail Kim, and she can’t figure out why the crowd likes her. Taryn said she has no idea why her husband is even married to her. Taryn said once everyone sees how pathetic Gail is at Bound for Glory, Gail and “Bobby” will find themselves starring in Divorce Court.

Gail Kim came to the ring. Gail told Taryn that she was not there to hurt her, only to talk to her. Gail said that Taryn forgets how well she knows her. She said that Taryn’s mind games don’t work on her. Gail said that she is a true believer in karma, so she truly believes that karma will slap her in the face before she does. Gail then slapped Taryn and said, “on second thought.”

Gail stomped Taryn in the corner before Taryn rolled to the outside. Gail looked down at Taryn from the ropes.

— A video aired on Alberto El Patron. There was an interview clip where he said as champion he needed to live up to expectations. The graphic said that El Patron will be back at Bound for Glory, and asked what he would do?

(McMahon: Well there it is, it’s official. The rumor was that El Patron would be wrestling Jeff Jarrett at the pay-per-view. That won’t happen now and it’s probably a good thing. I would imagine that they would take the real-life incident and work it into some silly storyline, where El Patron was supposed to be the babyface. If they have to bring back El Patron, use him as a heel. Let him come back and blame the fans for turning on him. Whatever. Just don’t try to frame him as someone the audience needs to cheer for).

— McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Sienna, KM, El Texano and Caleb Konley. Mtichell said there would be a mixed tag match later tonight. Sienna said she would throw around Allie later tonight. El Texano said that Triple A is the most important company in the entire world. El Texano said he’s the only cowboy in this country. Konley said that Trevor Lee isn’t in this match tonight, so he is instead. Konley said that he would show everyone how they do it in North Carolina.


— Grado was shown walking the streets and he was very tired. Joseph Park pulled up in a convertible with a bunch of women. Grado asked who the women were and Park said they were interns. One of the girls asked if Grado was the meal ticket? Grado looked very unhappy with being called a meal ticket.

— A promo aired for Bound for Glory.

(McMahon: Impact does a nice job with these video packages. They really do. But there have been so many of them the last few weeks, including the . Moose footage essentially airing twice tonight, if feels like they maybe didn’t film enough at the TV tapings and have to stretch out the content they have. It’s possible that’s not the case, and it was scripted this way, but it’s definitely what it feels like. We’ve one hour into the show, and we’ve had one match that lasted less than one minute).


Konley slapped Storm but Storm came back with a clothesline. El Texno tagged in and dropped an elbow on Storm’s back. Mathews plugged the GWN. Texano clotheslined Storm multiple times, pulling him off the mat after each shot. Konley and Xavier tag in. Xavier hit a dropkick. The match broke down a bit into multiple guys running in but the smoke cleared with Konley and Xavier 1-on-1 for a few minutes before Storm hit the ring. Xavier hit a ringpost 619 on Konley and then went to the top rope but Lee knocked him down to the apron. Storm superkicked Konley for the win.

WINNER: James Storm, Allie and Dezmond Xavier in 7:00.

After the match, Allie hugged both of her teammates. El Texano stared as Storm from the apron after the match.

(McMahon: There was some smart booking in this match. First, telling the story that Lee took himself out of the match and replaced himself with Konley was smart, if you’re trying to build up Xavier. It prevents Xavier and Lee from touching, and at the same time, tells you that Lee is somewhat afraid of Xavier, who he perceives as being dangerous).


— A video was shown on Eli Drake in Japan defending the Global Championship. The Global Force logo could clearly be seen on Drake’s title belt. Drake talked about Japan and Ottawa. Eddie Edwards was shown winning the GHC Title. He talked about how Pro Wrestling NOAH means so much to him and how emotional it was for him to win that title. Edwards was getting ready to defend his title against Marufuji. Clips of that title defense were shown. Garza Jr. was shown in Japan and he was talking about how this was his first trip to Japan and how much it meant to him.

(McMahon: Here’s the problem … that Edwards/Marufuji match looked more exciting than anything Impact has produced in more than a year. They need to learn from their Japanese partner and present their show more in that way. Be the company in the U.S. who presents their product the way Pro Wrestling NOAH and New Japan does. Focus on the wrestling as an athletic event, and leave the bad drama and storytelling out of it).

— The next edition of Global Forged aired.

(McMahon: So far, nothing about these segments have been memorable, to the point where I don’t remember the names of the three guys who were picked to be the finalists. The idea is good, but in 2-3 minutes per week, these segments have become very forgettable. I do think this was the best one yet, though. Jon Bolen is an interesting dude. He should be on Impact TV).

— LAX was in their clubhouse talking about oVe. Konnan said that they would be lost, accepting the 5150 Street Fight without even knowing what it is. Konnan said that Homicide would be back for Bound for Glory.


— A video aired of Moose returning to American Top Team because he was “still alive.” Moose pulled up to the gym and had Stephan Bonnar, a UFC Hall of Famer, with him. Bonnar gave him a lead pipe and they entered American Top Team together.

(McMahon: Well, I did not expect to see Stephan Bonnar. This is why I avoid spoilers. Bonnar made his wrestling debut this past August against Matt Riddle. I’m assuming it will lead to some sort of tag match between Bonnar and Moose against Lashley and someone from American Top Team … maybe King Mo?)

(3) JOHNNY IMPACT vs. GARZA JR. — No. 1 contender match for Bound for Glory

Eli Drake was shown watching this match on his iPad from Japan. Garza Jr. hit a dive to the outside. On the outside, Impact hit a twisting back elbow.


Garza Jr. was in control after the break, landing a kick to Impact’s head. Garza Jr. went for a cover but Impact kicked out. Impact hit a leg sweep and a leg drop for a two count. Impact tried for Starship Pain but it was blocked. A second Starship Pain attempt was blocked and Garza Jr. hit a standing moonsault for a two count. Impact kicked Garza Jr. in the head. Garza Jr. hit a dropkick off the top rope for a two count. Impact eventually caught Garza Jr. and rolled him up for a three count after Garza Jr. tried for a Boston Crab and a few pinfall attempts.

WINNER: Johnny Impact in 15:00.

After the match, Impact and Garza Jr. shook hands and hugged. Garza Jr. raised Impact’s hand.

(McMahon: The match quality was really good, especially given the relative time restraints to being on regular TV. There was really good emotion and this definitely elevated Garza Jr. even in the loss. The match was just really solid and it made Garza Jr. feel like a much bigger star than before).

After the match, Jim Cornette went to the ring and interviewed Johnny Impact, who said that Eli Drake is sneaky meathead. Chris Adonis hit the ring with a piece of plywood and smashed it over the back of Impact’s head. Drake was shown watching on his iPad and smiling.

— Bonnar and Moose entered American Top Team’s gym. Moose asked for Bobby and Mo, and the woman at the desk told them that they were gone for the night. Moose said he would leave a message and asked for a paper and pen. Moose took his pipe and smashed a glass case that had multiple MMA titles in it. Moose grabbed the belts and handed some to Bonnar, who smashed the rest of the case and the trophies inside. Bonnar and Moose took the belts and then trashed the American Top Team merch store. Moose then signed his name to the paper and told the girl to have a good night.

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  1. Two things. A) Could it be that they are using the video packages because they are trying to cut out scenes with Jarrett and his crew? Seems like they have been doing it for long enough to know how many matches they need to fill the TV. And 2) Did anyone notice that the commentators said that if Sienna got in that Allie has to get in, but the referee stopped her from getting in as there was no tag?

    All that said, still glad that there is wrestling on Thursday as I remember when all we got in our area was Sunday WWF Superstars.

  2. I did not enjoy this show as much as the previous shows. It seems there just was not enough wrestling going on. I understand maybe some things had to be edited due to the Jeff and Karen no longer being there, but it just seemed disjointed.

    The matches they did show were pretty entertaining. I liked that Rose Mary is getting built back up and hopefully will have some good matches vs. Taya in the future.

    I am looking forward to what happens post PPV with the new booking team.

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