15 YRS AGO – WWE Smackdown Report: Undertaker-Brock Lesnar hype with Heyman and Stephanie, Lesnar vs. Palumbo, Cena vs. Kidman, Angle & Benoit vs. Guerreros

Brock Lesnar (art credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)

OCTOBER 17, 2002

We’re blessed with a recap of the Undertaker affair from last week.

1st Quarter Hour

(1) Edge & Rey Mysterio defeated Ron Simmons & D-Von when Edge hit D-Von with an Implant DDT for the pinfall. Edge used his speed to take control early on, but Simmons managed to catch him with a jaw breaker and made the tag. D-Von didn’t fair much better, allowing Edge to tag in Rey who landed a modified Thesz Press on D-Von and a head scissors take over on D-Von. D-Von ducked the 619 and Simmons caught Rey with a standing spine buster. D-Von went to work on Rey with some power moves, highlighted by a press slam. He went up to the second rope for an elbow, but Mysterio missed. D-Von tried pulling Rey away from the faces corner, but Rey caught him with a spinning heel kick and made the tag. Edge went for a pin on D-Von with a face plant but only got a two when Simmons broke it up. Simmons then got knocked out of the ring by a Rey Jr. springboard drop kick. Rey springboarded off of Edge for a top rope ‘rana and nailed it, but Rey started favoring his knee. He went for the cradle ‘rana on Simmons, but Simmons blocked it with a powerbomb. Edge caught Simmons with a spear and hit the Implant DDT on D-Von for the three count. Edge advanced to take on the winners of Angle/Benoit vs. The Guerreros. Eddie and Chavo attacked Edge and Rey after the match. Chavo set Edge up for a frog splash with a suplex.

Funaki interviewed the special ref for the Nidia/Noble match; Tajiri. Nidia promised to “come out on top” on Noble and have him begging for mercy, just like in the bedroom. Noble said things were going to be “rough,” just like their sex life. Nidia said “the rougher the better” and gave him slap to the face.

2nd Quarter Hour

(2) Jamie Noble defeated Nidia by countering a sunset flip for the three count. The two loved birds started off with a somewhat heated discussion until Noble pushed Nidia to the mat. Nidia countered by booting him in the crotch. Nidia was all over Noble, with Noble trying to keep her off and flying giving her a snap mare by the hair. Noble tried to get her to stop, but Nidia rolled him up in a small package for two. Noble got her down got her down to punch her, but he ended up asking her to stop. Nidia countered by trying to get a two count. Noble then blocked some Nidia drop kicks. Noble finally pinned her when he countered her sunset flip. Tazz was proud of him, calling him the “boss of the trailer.” Nidia then slapped Tajiri, which didn’t please him one bit. Noble countered by laying the boots to him, and of course, Nidia joined in. The happy couple then made up by going PG-13 in the ring.

Undertaker is shown backstage. He’s not happy.

By the way, Tough Enough 3 starts tonight.

3rd Quarter Hour

Michael Cole interviewed the Undertaker. He said the word “hell” three times, admitted to fooling around in his early days, and said he hasn’t seen this Tracey in seven years.

The Guerrero’s went back to the locker room, only to find the lights out and Benoit standing there and waiting for them. Benoit stared at him while Guerrero started to try and defend himself. Eddie finally broke out crying and put his arm on Benoit’s shoulder, asking him about the tough times when he was going through problems with his demons. Benoit still hasn’t said a word. Eddie finally started yelling at him, egging him on to hit him.

In case you’re missing it, Chyna is on MTV Cribs right now.

Tracey, Lesnar and Heyman are on their way to Steph’s office. Cole called her “the crazy woman.” No, Tracey not Stephanie.

John Cena went heel on Billy Kidman in a very short interview clip.

(3) John Cena defeated Billy Kidman with a backslide for the three count. Kidman took advantage first by countering a hip toss with an arm drag. Cena went to a hammer lock, which Billy got out of with a snap mare. Cena finally managed to slow Kidman down by giving him a slingshot to the floor. Cena dragged Kidman back into the ring and got a two count. Tazz mentioned he should work on the lower back. Cena must have agreed, because he sent him into the corner hard. Cena caught Kidman with an elbow off the ropes for a two count and then began stomping him on the mat. Cena then nailed him with a back suplex for a two count. Kidman started to fight out, but Cena caught him with an eye gouge and hit him with a stalling vertical suplex for a two count. Cena then locked Kidman in a half surfboard, continuing to work on the back. Cena tried to come off the ropes, but Kidman nailed him with a couple dropkcicks and a flying back elbow off the second rope. Cena then turned an arm bar into a DDT for a two count. Cena tried a powerbomb, but Kidman reversed it into a sunset flip for a two count. Kidman regained control and went up top for a SSP, but Cena tried to press slam him off the top. Kidman countered that with a face buster for a two count. Kidman tried to hit him off the ropes with a clothesline, but Cena reversed it into a backslide and put his feet on the ropes to get the three count.

Tracey and her two best friends, along with Lesnar and Heyman, barged into Stephanie’s office and called the Undertaker a liar. Stephanie told her she was unwelcome on the show and told her to get out. Heyman tried to get diplomatic by reminding her that Lesnar and Matt Hardy were the futures of the show while the Undertaker runs around and uses a cast as a foreign object and cheats on his wife. Heyman tried to get Stephanie to get ‘Taker to take his cast off for the PPV, Stephanie said she would consider it.

4th Quarter Hour

Undertaker is in Stephanie’s office. He’s upset over Tracey and the Heyman request. Undertaker didn’t leave happy, slamming his cast into Stephanie’s lamp.

(4) Brock Lesnar defeated Chuck Palumbo with an F5 for the pinfall. Chuck went after Lesnar right off the bat, but Lesnar tackled him into the corner. Chuck kept on him, Lesnar caught him with a clothesline. Lesnar then used his arm and leg to drag him into the ring post so he could injure the ribs. Lesnar then stomped him in the corner. Lesnar kept giving him blows around the ring until Lesnar hit him with a suplex for a two count. Lesnar then hit Palumbo with an over-head belly-to-belly out of the corner and then locked on a reverse bear hug, which Tazz called the Brock-lock. The fans aren’t digging this at all, a very slow and prodding match. Palumbo must have popped a blood capsule in his mouth. Palumbo finally made it to the ropes. Palumbo fought back, but Lesnar caught him off the ropes, slammed him into the corner and worked on his mid-section while he was in the tree of woe. Chuck managed to get a foot down to block a charge. Lesnar tried charging again and missed and hit the ring post. Palumbo then gave him a belly-to-belly of his own and hit him with two superkicks for a near three, except Lesnar grabbed the bottom rope. Lesnar then reversed a double underhook belly to belly with one of his own for a two count. He then went to work on Chuck’s back, hitting him with a back breaker. Next came the F 5, and the three count. Right after the pinfall, the Undertaker ran down to the ring and started stomping Lesnar and hitting him and the refs with his cast. Lesnar bladed and Heyman grabbed his arm and led him back down the ramp as Heyman freaked out. Undertaker was alone in the ring.

5th Quarter Hour

We got a replay of the Lesnar-Palumbo finish, followed by the ‘Taker run in.

Torrie is working out backstage. Torrie’s dad showed up. Torrie is concerned that since her dad is newly divorced, that he might be getting involved with that “predator” Dawn Marie. His response was to hand her some flowers, which she sat on a table before heading towards the ring.

Mattitude.com is up and running.

(5) Matt Hardy & Dawn Marie defeated Rikishi & Torrie Wilson when Dawn pinned Torrie with a small package. Matt tried to tag in to wrestle Torrie, but she tagged to Rikishi, so he tagged in Dawn Marie. She then slapped Rikishi, who tried to punch her. He put her in a military press and dropped her on Matt. He tagged Torrie, who got a two count with a neck breaker. Dawn Marie blocked a charge in the corner with a boot and got a two count with her legs on the ropes. Torrie blocked a back drop and body slammed her. She then tagged in Rikishi. Rikishi missed the big butt drop on Dawn Marie, but she moved and tagged in Matt. Matt hit a modified face plant for two and went up top for the leg drop. Rikishi came back, however, and hit his super kick, but Dawn Marie jumped on his back. He then slammed her onto Matt in the corner and tagged in Torrie. The heels ended up falling into the corner, and Rikishi came back in for a stinkface. Matt grabbed Dawn’s face and used it to block his own. Torrie then got Dawn Marie in a small package, but Matt rolled him over and blocked Rikishi while the ref made the three count. Matt tried to attack Torrie, but Torrie gave him a boot to the crotch and Rikishi came to the rescue.

6th Quarter Hour

Heyman is tearing Stephanie a new one over Undertaker’s run in on Lesnar. Stephanie said she will make a decision later in the show about ‘Taker’s cast, Heyman is going nuts, screaming that wants the cast off his hand. Stephanie calmly told him to leave.

Backstage, Benoit is now staring at Angle without talking. Angle thought he was looking at his medals because he was jealous. Angle then figured it wasn’t because of his medals, but because of the Guerrero attack last week. Angle denied it, saying if he wanted to go after him it would be to his face. Angle then denied the rumor about needing a year to train for the Olympics. “Just look at me,” he said.

Commercial: “Don’t Try This At Home.” Very good commercial.

7th Quarter Hour

Torrie discovered that those flowers were for Dawn Marie. She then caught him in the shower with Dawn Marie. He’s wearing all his clothes, Dawn didn’t appear to be wearing any. Torrie looked like she was about to hurl while Al stood there shaking his head. Dawn looked happy.

Edge and Mysterio attacked the Guerrero’s before the bell rang. Mysterio gave Chavo a head scissors from the apron. Angle dragged Edge into the ring and started pounding him while Benoit went after Mysterio. Mysterio ended up giving Benoit the 619.

8th Quarter Hour

(6) Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit defeated Eddie & Chavo Guerrero when Angle pinned Eddie following an Angle Slam. Back from the break, and Eddie is stomping Angle in the corner. Angle gets the advantage, however, and hit Eddie with a clothesline out of the corner and punched Chavo off the apron. Angle then hit Eddie with a suplex for a two count. He then tagged in Benoit, who beat Eddie into a corner and then hit him with a chop. Benoit hit Eddie with a back elbow off the ropes for two, and then hit a back breaker for another two count. Benoit sent Eddie head first into the corner and tagged in Angle. Eddie reversed a whip into the ropes and hit Angle with an elbow and tagged in Chavo, who nearly took off Angle’s head with a short-arm clothesline. That got a two count. Angle managed to get away and make the tag. Benoit came in and gave Chavo a knee to the gut. He nailed him with his own short-arm clothesline. Benoit went for another, but Chavo ducked it and countered with a back suplex. Chavo locked on a head lock and made the tag to Eddie. Eddie went for a suplex, but Benoit countered into the Crossface. Chavo broke it up. Eddie tagged Chavo in and he worked Benoit over with some European upper cuts. Is that a…”We Want Angle” chant? Benoit tried battling out of a Chavo head lock, but Eddie gave Benoit a knee to the back when he went to the ropes. Chavo tagged Eddie in, who hit Benoit with a slingshot senton. He then started working Benoit’s mid-section with kicks as Chavo knocked Angle off the apron. Chavo set Benoit up for the Tornado DDT, but Benoit countered with a Superplex and made the tag to Angle. Angle is all over both heels and hit Eddie with an over-head belly-to-belly for a two count, which Chavo broke up. Benoit then hit Chavo with a German suplex. Eddie came over and tried to break it up, but Benoit reversed a waist lock and gave him a German suplex. Benoit hit Eddie with the head butt for two. Chavo hit Angle with a brainbuster and clotheslined Benoit out of the ring. Eddie got a two count on Angle following Chavo’s brainbuster. Eddie went up top and hit him with the Frog Splash, but Benoit pulled him off the cover and locked on the Crossface, which Chavo broke up. Cole pointed out this was the third time Chavo saved Eddie from a pinfall tonight. The ref and Benoit were bumped to the outside and Eddie took out Angle’s leg and locked on the El Paso Lasso. Angle reversed it to the Ankle lock. Chavo went in to give Angle a chair shot, but Benoit took the chair from him. He gave Chavo a handshake and teased giving Angle a chair shot, but switched and hit Chavo instead and then nailed Eddie in the back, setting him up for the Angle Slam for the three count. Angle is smiling and shaking his head. He’s smelling Gold. Angle/Benoit vs. Edge/Mysterio is now the finals for the tag tourney at the PPV. Awesome match.

Stephanie gathered Lesnar and Heyman in the ring. She’s going to announce whether or not Undertaker can wear his cast in the ring on Sunday. She announced he could wear it, which Lesnar wasn’t too happy about. Lesnar then blocked her from getting out of the ring and backed her into the corner. He then took a whiff of her and played with her hair. Undertaker ran in and Lesnar caught him with a spinebuster. He then stomped on ‘Taker’s hand. ‘Taker managed to grab Heyman and give him a shot with the cast and he gave Lesnar one as well. He then pounded Heyman in the corner. Paul bladed. Undertaker then kept knocking Lesnar off the apron while he took shots at Heyman. Lesnar grabbed his belt and took off to the back.

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  1. Now THAT was a Smackdown!! Six matches, no filler segments, angles being built up throughout the show. Get this creative team back asap!!

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