VIP AUDIO 10/20 – Best of PWTorch Livecast (AD-FREE): Jim Ross interview (5-2-14) on what he misses about WWE, the feeling he had driving away from WWE HQs, a review of ROH, criticism of “This is Awesome” chants (90 min)

SHOW SUMMARY: This Best of PWTorch Livecast goes back to May 2, 2014, featuring Wade Keller and Bruce Mitchell interviewing Jim Ross. In this second of three installments, Ross talks about adjusting to life being away from WWE, the relief he felt leaving the WWE HQs for the first time, what he misses most, major health changes he made this year and why, why he believes he understands the business, the danger of wrestling promotions getting way from fundamentals, what bugs him about the “This is awesome!” chants by fans, what WWE alternative groups are getting wrong, what about ROH impresses him but what he really wishes was different, the art of wrestling announcing, his view on the push of Daniel Bryan, and much more.

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