KELLER’S WWE TLC PPV REPORT 10/22: Live coverage of Angle’s return to ring subbing for Reigns, Styles vs. Balor

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

TLC Crowd in Minneapolis (photo credit Troy Hedtke ˙ © PWTorch)


OCTOBER 22, 2017


Panelists: Renee Young, David Otunga, Peter Rosenberg

-Renee Young discussed the changes in the line-up, noting that a viral infection knocked Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt off the show.

-The Miz accused Kurt Angle of trying to steal the spotlight from him yet again because he had big news to break. He said he and Maryse are having a baby girl. Miz then said the five-on-three advantage will lead to a win for him and his partners tonight. Miz said he wants Angle to agree to shake his hand on Raw after what he does to him tonight. He said he’ll give him another broken freakin’ neck.

-Renee confirmed “The Demon” persona will be facing Styles later.

-Charly Caruso in the Social Media Lounge said she’ll ask Mickie James questions later.

-The panel talked about Alicia Fox vs. Sasha Banks and made their predictions.

-A video aired on Asuka’s arrival tonight.

-Kayla Braxton interviewed Emma who whined about Asuka getting more attention than her. She said she is the center of the Women’s Revolution. No forced split-predictions here; both Otunga and Rosenberg picked Asuka to win.

-Backstage Jason Jordan hugged his dad, Kurt Angle, and asked Angle if he is ready. Angle said he had to do something to fill the void. Elias said he wanted to deliver  musical performance to help make tonight special. Jordan was unhappy that Elias interrupted the father-son moment. Angle said okay, though, and sarcastically thanked him for saving the PPV. Elias looked at Jordan and said, “At least I’m on the pay-per-view.”

-The panel discussed Enzo challenging Kalisto for the Cruiserweight Title. Drew Gulak interrupted with a siren and megaphone. He said he had a slideshow for everyone and he will not be silenced. He said he wants to get ban top rope moves, costumes, and flying moves. Renee talked over him as she cut to a break.

-A video package aired hyping Mickie James challenging Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Title later.

-Caruso interviewed Mickie, asking her questions sent by fans. Mickie said cage isn’t catching up to her and she’s not even the oldest female on the roster. She said half of the male roster is older than she is. She added that Fabulous Moolah was 76 when she won her last title. When asked what she’d do after she won the title, she said he’d call her son on FaceTime in the morning because it’s past his bed time. Caruso went “awwwww.”

-Renee talked about “viral infections” that took Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns out of their matches at TLC. She then updated the TLC line-up with Kurt Angle and A.J. Styles being added. Rosenberg said he’s thrilled to see Styles and Balor get after each other, as they’ve been two of the best for 15, 20 years.

-Renee interviewed Styles from backstage about getting the news he was added to the show. He said he just flew 18 hours and he’s excited for this match. Otunga asked how important that match is to him. Styles said this is a global thing and people all over the world want to see this match. He said not many fans thought they’d see it, especially not this soon. Renee asked if he feels prepared to wrestle The Demon. Styles said he’s ready for any wrestler any time because he’s a profession. Rosenberg asked what his strategy is. Styles said what it always is – never underestimate an opponent. He said Demon Balor has never lost on WWE television and he’s happy to be the first to do it.

-During ring introductions, Cole said it was 17 years ago tonight Kurt Angle beat The Rock for his first WWE Championship. He showed a Tweet from The Rock congratulating Angle for his return and saying he’s a great athlete and a great guy.


Booker joked that he usually take vacations this time of year, but he didn’t so he could be at TLC. Graves said he works one day a week, so why does he need vacations. Cole asked them not to fight tonight. Cole pushed the revised line-up. They cut to an early break. [c]

Banks kicked Fox to the floor and she landed with a thud. The ref pushed Banks back and then began counting Fox out. Banks won with a Bank Statement out of nowhere.

WINNER: Sasha in 8:00.

-Renee said the Minneapolis crowd is full or energy. The panel plugged Survivor Series weekend. A graphic hyping the main event tonight featured Braun Strowman practically hidden in the upper right corner behind Sheamus and Cesaro, while Kane was front and center.

-A video feature aired on Angle’s career.

-Rosenberg said he’s getting goosebumps because he’s so excited about Angle being back. Renee said all of the Angle talk is overshadowing the fact that Kane is back, too. Seth said Reigns going down was unfortunately, but he never thought in a million years he’d have a chance to team with Angle. Dean was acting zany and unpredictable, chomping on gun, and revealing they haven’t discussed match strategy with Angle. When pressed, Ambrose said their “plan” is simple four words: “Tables! Ladders! Chairs! War!” Ambrose said he doesn’t care if Angle has anything left in the tank, because if he’s crazy enough to get involved in this match, that’s good enough for him.

(Keller’s Analysis: They did about the bare minimum in terms of addressing the the changes on the card. They didn’t talk about this delaying the reunion of The Shield and talk about what it means. It was very much focused on celebrating Angle’s return to the ring and how great Styles vs. Balor will be. They really did avoid any focus on what’s not on the show that was supposed to be and instead talking about what is. That’s smart and understandable. They also probably don’t know what to say at this point, not sure when Roman or Bray will be available. The good news is there are no more late subtractions from the show, indicating the viral infection hasn’t spread to anyone else scheduled for the show tonight.)


Announcers: Michael Cole, Booker T, Corey Graves

-Cole introduced the show. “After a hectic week in WWE, TLC has been revamped and is ready to go.” They went to the announcers on camera where Cole said a “viral infection” is keeping Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns off of the PPV tonight.

(1) ASUKA vs. EMMA

Emma came out first. Cole said Asuka’s streak was the longest in 25 years in WWE. Booker said, “You don’t get an undefeated streak by accident.” After an early exchange, Emma slapped Asuka and trash-talked her. Asuka rebounded off the ropes and knocked Emma over with a flying butt. Emma came back and slidekicked Asuka out of the ring. She kicked Asuka hard into the barricade. Emma settled into a half nelson type of hold center-ring. When Asuka stood up and broke free, Emma yanked her down hard by her hair. A few shoves to the head riled up Asuka. Asuka caught Emma with a running knee to the nose. Both were slow to get up. Asuka hit a missile dropkick off the second rope and then kicked away at Emma’s head. Emma came back with some sustained offense including yanking Asuka off the ring apron by her hair to the floor, but Asuka then finished her eventually with a  high round kick and her Asuka Lock. Cole said Emma put on an incredible performance.

WINNER: Asuka in 9:00. (**1/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match. Maybe too good. Going even-steven for as long as she did with Emma, who hasn’t been built up as a serious threat, defined Asuka down a little bit from the hype.)

-A video aired on WWE’s breast cancer awareness campaign with Susan G. Komen and #UnleashYourWarrior.





-Backstage Miz told Sheamus and Cesaro to concentrate on what’s head of them. Sheamus said the previous G.M. Mick Foley would have never done this. Sheamus said he always wanted to Brogue Kick an Olympic Gold Medalist. Cesaro said this is just nostalgia. Miz said Angle stepped in because he’s stealing their spotlight, but he claims it’s because he cares about the WWE Universe. Miz said Angle cares only about himself and he waited for the perfect time to leverage his power as Raw G.M. to put himself in the ring against him. He said Angle could have cancelled the match or postponed it, but Angle had to play super hero. In walked Braun Strowman. Braun told Miz to save the pep talk. He said he’s snuffing out Angle’s return, along with Seth and Dean, “so long as all of you stay out of my way.” In walked Kane who said he does whatever he wants because if anyone is going to wrap a steel chair around their necks and reduce them to pile of rubble, it’s him. Miz said there is enough carnage to go around. He said they have the chance to change the face of WWE forever and sit in a chair of an uprising and build a bridge to a better tomorrow. “We will run Monday Night Raw!” he said. Braun said there is no tomorrow for Seth, Dean, and Angle. Kane said he’s turning tables, ladders, and chairs into Hell on Earth. Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro extended their fists like The Shield. Miz said, “Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true!”

-Elias strummed his guitar on the stage with a spotlight on him. Lots of boos. He asked the crowd to shut their mouths because he had to sing. Before Elias could get to the lyrics of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” green vegetables were thrown at him. The announcers played dumb on what was happening until the camera pulled back, revealing Jason Jordan throwing broccoli or heads of romaine lettuce out of a shopping cart at him. Elias seemed to crack a smile as he snacked on some raw veggies. Jordan rolled the cart to the back. That’s just weird.

(Keller’s Analysis: I felt cheated out of Elias’s altered acoustic rendition of “Let’s Go Crazy.” Thanks, Jason Jordan!)


Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness took over announcing, which is fine, but they don’t do that with Cruiserweights when they wrestle on Raw every week. They aired a video recap of Gallagher’s heel turn. Nigel said, “Sports Entertainment is a game of chess.” Ugh. Gordon Solie just did a spit take in heaven. The heels isolated Swann for a couple minutes. He eventually ran under Gallagher’s legs and hot-tagged in Cedric who hit Gallagher with a spinning elbow and then a spinning round kick off the ropes. Then a springboard clothesline, but when he went for the cover, Kendrick broke it up. He then overhead tossed Cedric at ringside. Kendrick threw Cedric into the ring, Cedric small packaged Kendrick for an near fall. Kendrick came back and applied the Captain’s Hook. Cedric rolled Kendrick’s shoulder’s down fora  two count, but Kendrick rolled back and held on. Swann then frog splashed Kendrick illegally to break up the hold. Swann head butted Gallagher when he got involved, and then Cedric finished Kendrick with a Lumbar Check.

WINNERS: Alexander & Swann in 8:00. (**1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: Good action. Pretty standard fare, filling time well with nice athleticism and a babyface team that the crowd was behind start to finish.)

-A brief frozen pizza commercial aired.

-A video package aired on Mickie James and Alexa Bliss.

-In a backstage interview, Bliss said Mickie dedicated this match to her son. She said that means she’s a mom and she probably wears Mom Jeans. Bliss said when she was young, she idolized Mickie James “back in the good ol’ days.” She said after tonight, Mickie’s days won’t be good, they’ll just be old.

(3) ALEXA BLISS vs. MICKIE JAMES – WWE Raw Women’s Title match

Graves said Bliss’s braggadocious attitude has served her well in WWE. Booker said if Mickie wins tonight, she’s a first ballot Hall of Famer. Cole said she already is. Bliss took control early and grounded Mickie. She scored a few leverage near falls, then stomped on her and stood on her wrist. “Oh poor Mickie!” Bliss shouted as she rubbed her eyes as if crying. Booker said, “There’s not a lot of speed, but the timing of Mickie James is perfect.” Graves quickly cleaned up after Booker, saying Mickie hasn’t lost a step and he didn’t know what Booker was watching. Cole said, “Just because you’ve lost a step doesn’t mean Mickie James has.” Bliss knocked Mickie off balance a few minutes later, but Mickie then avoided a Twisted Bliss splash. Mickie then went for a top rope dropkick, but grazed Bliss. Bliss begged off. When Mickie moved in, she grabbed Bliss’s hair. The ref scolded her. Bliss then yanked Mickie into the turnbuckle and then hit her DDT for the win.

WINNER: Bliss in 11:00 to retain the Raw Women’s Title. (**1/2)

-Caruso interviewed Mickie in he ring afterward. She was crying, but said she was proud of her performance and she said it won’t be her last title match. She thanked the WWE Universe and she’s grateful for them. Cole said maybe Bliss could take some notes from Mickie, who is an incredible woman. “You win some, you lose some,” she said as she walked to the stage.

-Backstage Angle told Seth and Dean he sure what he has left after 11 years out of a WWE ring, but he couldn’t let them wrestle two-on-five. He said whatever he has left, he will give 100 percent of it. Seth presented Angle with a Shield vest. He smiled and said he’s all in.

(Keller’s Analysis: It’s amazing how consistently WWE manages to avoid acknowledging TNA’s existence.)

-Cole narrated pics of mainstream media headlines regarding Kurt Angle’s comeback.

-Elias sat on the stage to try to sing again. The crowd popped and booed. He said earlier he was interrupted, and now they’re trying to interrupt again. “Nothing is going to stop me from giving you the performance that you need because what it needs is what I am,” he said. It took him a while, but he sang about Minneapolis eager for TLC. After more booing, he said he’d have to start over. He tried again, but then said he’s having trouble even hearing himself. “The stench of your city, it covers me.” Loud boos. “So shut your mouths, walk behind me, but leave me the hell alone.” Jordan came out again and threw more produce at Elias. Cole said Minneapolis is a city known for its music, including the great Prince.

-A video recap aired of the Enzo heel turn including Angle’s “huge announcement” and reveal that he had signed Kalisto to the Cruiserweight Division along with Kalisto’s title win.

-Enzo came out and revealed that he lost his voice. He said his hoarse voice is the only thing he’s losing, though. He said there are only three kinds of people – those who make things happen like him, people who watch people like him who are loses, and the third type who sit around and wonder what the hell just happened. “Well, Kalisto, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen – I’m going to become a two-time champion.” He said there’s only word to describe him – SAWFT.

(4) KALISTO vs. ENZO AMORE – WWE Cruiserweight Title match

Enzo early on ducked a spin hook kick. Kalisto mocked Enzo’s body gyrations early as he outmaneuvered him. He dove through the ropes and speared him at ringside. Nigel said Kalisto clearly has Enzo’s number. Enzo yanked Kalisto by his foot off the top rope and took over. Enzo bent over and trash-talked Kalisto. Then when Kalisto stood, he gave him a double axe handle type of blow for a two count. Then he settled into a chinlock. Kalisto eventually came back and kicked Enzo in the head and then springboarded onto Enzo. He hit a flurry of offense including a head scissors takeover leading to a two count. Enzo put his leg on the bottom rope. Enzo came back with a flying “DDG” for a near fall. He complained to the ref and pounded the mat in frustration. When Enzo grabbed the ring apron and dragged it into the ring, the ref tended to it. Enzo then poked Kalisto in the eyes and then gave him his finisher for the win.

WINNER: Enzo in 9:00 to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Title. (**1/2)

-Caruso interviewed Enzo afterward in the ring. She congratulated him on being a two-time champion. Boos from the crowd. He said he owes all the thanks to himself and he doesn’t owe any of the crowd anything.

-A commercial aired for Raw hyping Brock Lesnar’s response to Jinder Mahal’s challenge.

-They showed two veterans in the crowd wearing “Support Veterans” t-shirts at ringside.

-Cole talked about the viral infection and said his understanding is Angle called Daniel Bryan to negotiate Styles flying across the world to be here tonight to fill in for Bray Wyatt.

(Keller’s Analysis: They continue to be very vague about what the viral infection is. No get well wishes or anything. They’re being very low key and just trying to make as much of a non-story as possible.)


There was a big match feel. They collided mid-ring and squared off again. Balor took Styles down with a head lock, then they both popped up. Crowd split but leaning toward Styles. Styles eventually got control and landed a knee drop for a two count. An “A.J. Styles / Let’s Go Balor” battle chant broke out. Balor eventually made a comeback. Styles fired back with chops to the chest. Styles eventually applied a calf crusher for the first real high drama moment of the match. Balor escaped and rammed Styles head into the mat over and over. Both were slow to get up. The announcers wondered if Balor’s speed would be hampered by that much time in the Calf Crusher. “This is awesome!” chanted the crowd. Balor blocked a Phenomenal Forearm attempt and knocked Styles to the floor. Balor then ran the apron and front kicked Styles. Then at ringside Balor hit Styles with a running dropkick. Balor rolled into the ring to stop the countout. The announcers said Balor doesn’t want to win by countout. Balor returned to ringside, at which point Styles surprised him with a tackle right into one of the announce tables. They both tumbled to the floor. Cole said Balor may end up regretting not taking the countout win when he could.

Back in the ring they flew into each other and collided. Balor caught Styles with an overhead kick to counter a Styles Pelé kick. Balor scored a near fall after after slamming Styles to the mat. He then stayed on offense and dropkicked Styles in the corner. He climbed to the top rope, but Styles popped up and kicked him off balance. Balor slumped over while still on the top rope. Styles then hit a springboard huracanrana fora near fall. Balor avoided a springboard 450 and then hit a shotgun dropkick. Then he landed the Coup de Grace for the win. “I think the dream match delivered,” said Cole. Balor helped Styles up afterward with a handshake. Then they did a “Too Sweet” hand gesture which got a rise out of the crowd.

WINNER: Balor in 18:00. (****1/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Really really good match. Just smooth when called for and high-impact when called for, and they had the crowd into it despite there being no backstory or heel/face dynamic. Two pros who you could tell knew this a special showcase for them. And they have more in them, too, as that felt like a “starting point” for what could be a classic series of matches with different vibes to them.)


Elias sang center-ring this time. He was interrupted quickly by Jason Jordan’s music. The early pace was meant to just bring the show down a bit with consistent but basic action before picking the pace a few minutes in. Jordan carried Elias around the ring and threw him into turnbuckles and then suplexed him. Jordan then speared Elias in the corner and suplexed him and scored a two count. Elias caught a charging Jordan with a knee to the temple. He suplexed him into the ring, but Jordan twisted and turned it into a small package for the three count. Elias appeared to kick out right at three. Booker didn’t like it and said it was a quick out. Graves said he probably thinks Angle put him up to it. They replayed the finish and Cole said Elias might have a case that his right shoulder was up at three.

WINNER: Jordan.

-A Survivor Series commercial aired. Then the announcers on camera hyped it as the one time a year Raw and Smackdown Superstars go head to head (I suppose not counting Balor vs. Styles 15 minutes ago).

-A video aired on Kurt Angle’s WWE career.

-Miz told his teammates backstage that after this match he has a surprise for them and he’s going to treat their opponents like the garbage they are and take them to the dump.


Miz came out first. Then Cesaro and Sheamus. Then Kane. Cole said when Kane was added to the match, it changed the complexion of the match. He said Kane has wrestled more PPV matches than anyone. Then Braun came out. After a dramatic pause, The Shield music played. It’s so strange not hearing an outburst of boos when that music plays. Seth, Dean, and Angle came out in Shield gear. The crowd managed to start a “You suck!” chant despite the Shield music not having the beat to match the chant. Booker called Angle “arrogant” for putting himself in a match like this.

A brawl broke out at the start. The Shield (as we’ll refer to Angle’s team tonight) used chairs to get the early advantage. They bashed Seth and Sheamus and Miz out of the ring, ten beat up Kane and Braun with chairshots. Kane was isolated mid-ring. A loud “Yes!” chant broke out. Dean and Seth then dove through the ropes and took out Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro at ringside. The Shield used a small ladder and rammed into the three as soon as they stood up. Angle jabbed Kane in the mid-section with a ladder at ringside. Seth and Dean cleared the Spanish announce table. Sheamus and Cesaro went after them, but Seth and Dean fought them off. Kane stood up and popped Dean and Seth with uppercuts. He punched Angle to slow him down, too. Seth hit Kane with a chair, then rolled him onto a table. Braun then reappeared and went after the three babyfaces. Seth hit Braun with a chair from behind, then across the chest. Cole said the TLC stips are why three men have a chance against five.  They put Kane on one table and Braun on another. Then they set up tall ladders. “Yes! Yes!” chanted the crowd in anticipation. Seth and Dean climbed the ladders. They leaped onto Kane and Braun. Seth grabbed at his left knee in pain. Cole drew attention to it, saying he has a history of knee injuries. “We hope that’s not a concern,” he said. Graves said that’s why they call them high risk moves.

Angle bashed Miz with a chair a few times, then threw him into the ring. Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro triple-teamed Angle. The fans booed. They set him up for a Shield Bomb, but Seth and Dean made the save. The heels attacked them at ringside as Angle regrouped in the ring. Angle then gave Miz three unreleased German suplexes. Then he gave one to Sheamus and one to Cesaro as they charged into the ring. Angle extended his arms and the crowd roared with cheers. “You still got it!” chanted fans. Kane sat up at ringside and looked sinister. Angle countered a chokeslam attempt with an Anklelock mid-ring. Braun entered and clipped Angle’s ankles and threw him into the barricade at ringside. Braun then gave Angle a running powerslam through a table at ringside. Two medics and two refs checked on him. Graves said that effectively puts Angle out of the match.

Rollins and Ambrose fought back, but they were overwhelmed by the five-on-two odds. “This has turned into a five-on-one massacre,” Cole said. Medics helped Angle to his feet and toward the back. Angle’s legs gave out and he dropped down. Booker said Angle should have never put himself in this match. Graves said some people would call this guts. The heels tossed Seth into the corner where a chair was wedged. It became “garbage time” for the heel five-some, just methodically and confidently beating down Seth and Dean with chairs. Kane swung and accidentally hit Braun with a chair. Seth and Dean powerbombed Dean on the table, but the table didn’t break, just one leg bent. They leaned it into the corner and then Braun threw Dean through it.

Next the heels threw Seth and Dean into a garbage truck that was backed up onto the stage. Seth and Dean fought back. They climbed onto it and then leaped off of it onto all five heels on the stage. Seth and Dean chased Miz to the ring. Dean stopped Miz from running over the barricade into the crowd. Seth bashed Miz across the back with a chair. Dean took his turn. They dragged him to the stage and then set up tables. Kane got up and saved Miz. Seth and Dean double-teamed Kane. Braun then came in and broke up their attempt to double powerbomb Kane. Kane then hit Braun from behind and chokeslammed him off the stage. Braun crashed through the surface set up next to the stage set up for that spot.

Up next, Kane looked at a chain of chairs hanging from the ceiling. He yanked on the chairs and they call came tumbling down onto Braun. They were conveniently located right above where Braun was chokeslammed! Braun rustled around as you could see chairs moving above the ledge of the place where he fell. The camera showed Braun underneath a dozen chairs. Booker said the match is not over. Graves said it is for Braun. Seth and Dean then attacked Kane. Miz made the save. Kane double-chokeslammed Dean and Seth. Poor Dean didn’t benefit from the table breaking yet again. The side of his head hit the edge of the table instead. The ref immediately checked on Dean. Cesaro and Sheamus showed up again after a long absence. Sheamus dragged Seth off the stage to the floor. Cesaro picked up Dean and carried him toward the garbage truck. Meanwhile, Braun began to get up. Kane tilted his head in amazement.

Miz begged off a little, but Braun shoved him into the video wall. Braun then punched Sheamus and Cesaro. Braun walked down to Kane and attacked him on the floor. Braun picked up Kane headed toward the garbage truck. Sheamus and Cesaro made the save. Miz joined in. Kane then kicked Braun in the face. They stomped away at Braun four-on-one. Then they threw him into the garbage truck. The garbage truck closed. “Oh my God, no!” said Cole. “What are they thinking!” Fans chanted “This is murder.” The truck drove away. Miz looked on as if maybe they went too far.

Kane, Sheamus, Cesaro, and Miz threw Seth into the ring. Cole said they should just pin Seth “and end this thing.” Booker said Miz wants to savor this moment. “This is beyond sports entertainment,” he said. Ambrose made the save when Sheamus and Cesaro had him covered.  As Kane signaled for the chokeslam, Angle’s music played. Angle walked out onto the stage. He gave Sheamus an Olympic slam in the aisle. He gave Cesaro an Olympic slam through a table. Kane then set up Angle for a tombstone. Seth hit Kane with a chair from behind to stop him. Seth and Dean then speared Kane through the barricade into the time keeper’s area. Miz then gave Angle a Skull Crushing Finale for a convincing near fall. Miz completely freaked out at the ref. “USA!” chanted the fans, oddly. Is Cleveland not part of the USA anymore? Miz set up a Skull Crushing Finale on Angle, but Angle escaped and applied the Anklelock. Miz twisted out of it and kicked Angle. Angle flipped out the ring and landed on his head on the ring apron as he tumbled to the floor. Geesh! Careful out there. He was fine. Angle crawled back into the ring as Seth and Dean also rose. Miz realized what he was in for, with no one to help. They gave a high knee, Dirty Deeds, an Angle Slam, and then they gave him the Shield triple powerbomb for the crowd-pleasing win.

WINNERS: Seth & Dean & Angle in 35:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was a lot of, well, fun. Is that a good thing? They managed to execute a TLC match without overdoing the big spots, especially crazy ladder spots, although Angle managed to keep us on edge, and the non-cooperation of tables with Dean added some unexpected drama. The garbage truck spot and the chokeslam off the stage added bonus drama without big risks involved. They had a crowd-pleasing ending. They cleverly managed to write Angle out of the bulk of the match, but have him center-ring for the finish. For a lot of fans, they’ll be talking about this for years as one of their favorite spectacle matches. For others, I’m sure they’ll see this as a clustermess and too gimmicky.)

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  1. I don’t get it. Just like Shinsuke they brought Asuka over and made her incredibly vulnerable versus a perennial loser. What sort of booking is this?

  2. I thought the WWE missed an opportunity with Finn and AJ to promote a rematch for survivor series. The short notice could have been a simple excuse.

  3. The crowd seemed kind of bored for much of the PPV. I thought it was middle of the road. Not a good show by any means, but not horrible considering they had to shift a few things around. A little better than a Raw episode.

  4. So Dah Mumpz wiped out the card…. 3 ladies matches. 2 of them I actually watched [I boycott Asuka because I am invested after nearly 3 years in the women’s division which is more than Sasha and Bliss in cute mini shorts. And now they’re basically going to throw it away. I don’t understand the constant need for WWE to tear the women apart. So, Asuka will get the belt at Wrestle-mania and most likely Dana, Mickie and probably Bayley are all future endeavored in the next 6 months, I suspect Paige too but she futured herself a year ago. Enzo and the cruisers… umm, did I mention THREE ladies matches. That was well done in spite of Dah Mumpz probably forcing the issue. Main event was fun Wade, you don’t need to be embarrassed.

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