MONDAY NIGHT REIGNS-O-METER #40: Tracking Roman Reigns’s ability to beat the odds and come out on top

By Tom Colohue, PWTorch Specialist

Roman Reigns (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


Roman Reigns is one of the most divisive and talked about WWE performers in history. The company makes desperate play after desperate play to make him their number one star – thus far to no avail. How do they do it? What do they do?

I’m Tom Colohue and this is the Monday Night Reigns-o-Meter.

Monday Night Reigns-o-Meter – TLC Omnibus Edition

So this is probably going to be the shortest omnibus Reigns-o-Meter of all time. Why? Well, Reigns wasn’t there.

Reigns wasn’t there at TLC, even though his music was. Instead, an older, balder, and much happier person joined The Shield, grinning like the Cheshire Cat if said cat woke up from a nap and realised it was in the world’s biggest mouse farm.

The sad thing is how much effort the WWE booking team went to to make sure that the odds were way over. It was a five-on-three handicap match. There was a trash compactor and a Curtis Axel somewhere. Braun Strowman is basically eight men all by himself. The odds were stacked so high that surely only Roman Reigns could surpass them.

But nope, turns out as long as the word “Shield” is mentioned, there ain’t no mountain high enough. Ain’t no valley low enough. Ain’t no odds stacked high enough. Roman Reigns is the past now. He’s done. He’s over. I mean, he’s over. You know what I mean? Over. Not that kind of over. Over. I need to find a better word.

Fast-forward to Raw is Rematch and Roman Reigns has been replaced by A.J. Styles in the opening contest. Not only that, but Kurt Angle clearly wants to keep Styles, so I’m guessing Roman is about to be sacrificed to the McMahon Gods. Maybe he already has been? Who knows?

Has anyone actually seen Roman? I mean, Angle got a lot of benefits from the disappearance of Roman Reigns.

Uh oh. I better shut up now or I might be next.

Had Roman been there, of course you would expect to see no siege. Instead, The Shield would have led the charge, fighting valiantly at the gates to push back their depressing oppressors and to hold Shane McMahon before his sister as she revels in her great uninvolved victory.

But then Roman’s been sacrificed to the McMahon Gods now. We live in post-Roman times.

Now I’d better shut up before…


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