NEWS ITEMS: Brie Bella talks about Daniel Bryan’s in-ring future and Bellas in-ring future, Mauro joins mental heath awareness organization

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Bella Twins (art credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)


-Brie Bella told Dave Legreca of Busted Open yesterday that her husband Daniel Bryan is working hard every day to find a way back into the ring. She said if he’s cleared by doctors, she wouldn’t be against him wrestling again. She also commented about Kurt Angle’s return and Bryan’s tweets about that. Check out the full interview snippet HERE.

-Regarding a potential return of the Bella Twins to WWE rings, Brie told Busted Open:

I miss it so much, and I miss it so much because I am filming Total Divas and I am around all these girls who are doing all these history making things. For me, I watch now as a fan at home and sometimes it’s actually hard on me. I’ll tell Bryan ‘now I know how you feel.’ I do have the itch, and obviously Birdie’s (daughter) my number 1 priority, but the Bella Twins are going to come back at some point in 2018. And granted, we can’t come for a long time because of my baby, but we are coming back. I told Nikki, “You and I have not been in the ring together for over two years.” The only way I’m making a comeback, and she said the same thing the only way she’s making a comeback, is together. I told Bryan, I told pretty much everyone, I am making a comeback before baby 2.

(Busted Open with Dave Lagreca & co-hosts Bully Ray & Larry Dallas can be heard weekdays from 2p-4p Eastern Time only on SiriusXM Rush Channel 93 and is available any time on demand on the SiriusXM App.)

-NXT play-by-play announcer Mauro Ranallo has joined the “We Are All A Little Crazy” alliance to raise awareness for mental health issues including anxiety and depression. Their Facebook page notes the following:

The next member of the #weareallalittlcrazy Alliance was diagnosed with bipolar depression back when he was only19 years old! Mauro Ranallo had dreamed about being a professional announcer since he was a young kid in Vancouver, BC, listening to Canucks and pro wrestling broadcasts. Despite his battle with bipolar, he’s made it to the top of the industry, having been an announcer for MMA, WWE, and some of the biggest boxing matches on the planet, including the recent Mayweather/McGregor fight. in 2015 he became the only sports broadcaster on the planet to have called every major combat sport on US national TV. His success has been far from easy. Because of his bipolar depression, he’s had many times in his life where he has fluctuated between episodes of euphoria and those of hopelessness and loss of interest, to the point where he’s locked himself in his room for days without eating or showering. He says that people must look at him and his position in the sports and entertainment world and think, “I’m living the life.” However, he’s brave enough not to hide behind all the success. He’s one of those generous souls who is open to talking about his many trips in and out of the hospital, his thoughts of suicide and his struggles just to get up some days.

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