11/22 NXT TV Report: Pete Dunne vs. Johnny Gargano in main event, Ruby Riot vs. Sonya Deville in likely their final NXT match

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 22,  2017

[Q1] Pre-credits video package recapping Takeover: War Games. In NXT-related news, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose made their main roster debut this week on Raw as Raige’s henchwomen. While this means I won’t get to see Paige in NXT again like I had hoped, it does mean that maybe Asuka vs. Paige will be coming up soon. That would put my butt in a seat on Monday night. Ruby Riot also showed up on Smackdown las night, along with Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan. Tonight we should be seeing Sonya Deville face Ruby Riot, and Johnny Gargano facing UK Champion Pete Dunne for the title.


Lock up sees Deville pushing Riot to the corner, Riot pops out and re-engages until Riot shoves Deville to the mat. Waistlock takedown takes Riot to the mat, then trade control quickly on the mat. Rollup from Deville for one, Ankle Lock attempt, Riot slips out, Deville goes for Riot’s feet but Riot escapes. Riot punishes Deville in the corner. Arm drag pair then strikes from Riot. Deville hits a sliding knee to Riot’s knee for two. [c]

Deville has Riot in the corner out of the break. Not sure how she can succeed on the main roster without mastering the post-break rest hold. Schoolgirl from Riot for two, Deville with a spinebuster for two. Roundhouse kick earns Deville another two count. Knee bar has Riot looking like she is in trouble. They tangle in the corner. Riot with a DDT, but her knee is too hurt to follow up. Deville gets to her feet first, but Riot has chops for her. Riot is struggling to keep her feet after each strike. STO near the ropes drops Deville, springboard senton into a cover plants Deville for two. Riot continues to sell the knee. Riot catches a kick, Deville uses it to step up and hit a knee. Shining Wizard, triangle on the mat, then a drop toe hold into the ankle lock. Riot refuses to tap, Deville grapevines. Riot is crawling to the ropes, and barely gets it. Deville breaks at four. Pele Kick from nowhere, cover, and Riot has the win.

WINNER: Ruby Riot in 8:33. Deville had probably 90% of the offense, so WWE logic says Riot gets the win. Both Deville and Riot looked very main roster ready in this match.

[Q2] Highlights from the Aleister Black – Velveteen Dream which Wade Keller, Kelly Wells, and myself heaped with praise on the post-Takeover roundtable on Saturday. Really good match that helped up well when I re-watched it.

The Lars Sullivan – Kassius Ohno match gets a recap as well. Sullivan is put over hard. Pre-interview graphic says it is from Sunday.

Post-Takeover interview with Sullivan. He makes it clear that Ohno kicked him in the face hard, repeatedly, and he took it like a man. He had been saying for a long time he was going to be the mountain for people to climb, and he proved it. He puts the rest of the locker room on notice.

Highlights from the Fatal Fourway for the NXT Women’s Championship. Interview with Ember Moon. Moon calls it a dream come true, her hard work through the independents and NXT has paid off. She will work hard to keep the title.

Clips from the Drew McIntyre – Andrade “Cien” Almas match, where Almas captured the NXT Championship. Post-match interview with McIntyre. His left arm is iced. He doesn’t know what the prognosis on the arm is, but he felt something bad happen in his biceps. Based on the news reports, the injury may not be a work. He sounds really dejected about the injury.

[Q3] Street Profits let an impromptu dance party last week, but it turns out they are standing on the car that Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss share. They get mad about it. A bunch of people from the crowd help shoo the heel duo away. They will have another match next week. Also advertised for next week is Kairi Sane facing Peyton Royce. Who is left in the Women’s Division that matters? Sane, Moon, Royce, Kay, is that really it?

Lengthy highlight reel from the War Games match. This looks super exciting on replay, I would like to see this become a yearly event. If Takeover: Brooklyn is the WrestleMania, Takeover: War Games can be the Royal Rumble. Post-match, Sanity stumbles out of the arena. Undisputed Era is barely walking, but Adam Cole says that they proved NXT belongs to them.

Pete Dunne is shown getting ready.

I think Pete Dunne got a pop almost as big as Johnny Gargano’s. Dunne is in that unfortunately difficult spot that Samoa Joe was in, that he plays a heel (and does it well) but is so good as looking brutal in the ring, part of you likes him for being a winner.


Dueling “Johnny Wrestling/Bruiserweight” chant as they trade control on the mat. Dunne looks so experienced despite his young age. They both threaten strikes and pull back. Dunny charges and hits a big forearm to knock Gargano to the mat. Gargano hits a running head scissors, then sends Dunne outside, and a kick then a cannonball from the apron put Gargano in control of the match.

[Q4] The crowd is still 50/500, Dunne blocks a Tornado DDT on the outside and flips Gargano upside down and dumps him on the apron. [c]

Dunne has one of his patented finger-holds out of the break, working the hand. Gargano suplexes Dunne into the turnbuckle to break free. Gargano is able to hit chops, then his roll through kick ont he mat, but Dunne leaps over in the corner, only to eat a slingshot spear for two. Gargano is still holding his hands, suicide dive into a DDT on the outside and Dunne looks completely stunned. Gargano rolls Dunne into the ring, wants a slingshot DDT but Dunne catches him and flips him upside down into an X-plex for a nearfall. Dunne kicks Gargano in the face at point-blank range, Bitter End attempt, Gargano transitions into a mid-air DDT, then a running head scissors into a crossface. Dunne pries his mouthguard out to bit Gargano’s fingers and prompt Gargano to break. Gargano counters the Bitter End with a DDT again for a nearfall. A rapid sequence puts Dunne down again but Gargano can’t follow up. Gargano crawls o Dunne, then looks a the mouthguard on the mat and picks it up. Gargano looks at the mouthguard, superkicks Dunne on the mat, and gets a very close nearfall, “2.99” as Ranallo calls it. Dunne with a forearm, Gargano unleashes over and over again. Dunne counters a slingshot spear with a vicious elbow to the head, hits the Bitter End for the win.

WINNER: Pete Dunne in 10:32. Really good match as you would expect from these two. Dunne looked like a rabid dog, including biting his opponent.

FINAL REAX: Only two matches, but they were both good showcase matches. For a pre-Takeover taping, I enjoyed this a lot. I feel like NXT finally figured out the formula for these to not fall flat.

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