NEWS ITEMS: Matt Hardy turns up Broken Matt character on Twitter, Glenn Jacobs talks about being politician and monster, Singh Brothers anniversary

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Kane (artist Grant Gould © PWTorch)


-Matt Hardy has taken to Twitter to promote how he is having a “breakdown,” using Michael Cole’s term. He said “The Great War is merely beginning on this plane identified as WWE. I must recruit LOYAl Soldiers from around the planet of Earth to join me as I battle in a DOMAIN overflowing with DARKNESS & DEMONS.” He later added, “YEEAAAASSSSSSSS! My dormant CONDISHTION has been #WOKEN.”

-The Singh Brothers noted on Twitter that their made their WWE debut 365 days ago. They were wearing pink trunks at the time.

-Glenn Jacobs talked about balancing his political aspirations and being an active “pro wrestling monster” in an article on Upproxx. Article excerpt: This is a typical night in the life of Glenn Jacobs, the veteran WWE Superstar better known as Kane. Kane has been chokeslamming opponents and controlling fire for 20 years in WWE, but Glenn Jacobs has lived in Knoxville County for more than a decade. He and his wife run a local insurance company, and he does a lot of charity work in the area. So in that sense, Jacobs is a normal mayoral candidate. It’s Kane that makes it seem strange. “In a way it is weird, of course, because it’s unique,” says Jacobs. “But my job is pretty unique, and my career is pretty unique in that respect. But we [WWE performers] sort of do stuff like this all the time. I was just thinking about that today, how we’ll have a show and then have to get dressed to meet people and do stuff. If you’re not in my industry, and you’re looking from the outside in, you might think wow, that’s really weird. But when you do it, after a while it’s no big deal.” FULL ARTICLE LINK

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