10 YRS AGO: WWE in Nashville, Tenn (12-26-07): Orton defends against Jericho, Hardy vs. Kennedy, Triple H vs. Usage, plus Cody, Snitsky, Drew, Santino, Mickie

Randy Orton (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


WWE house show results
December 26, 2007
Nashville, Tenn.
Report by Bill Bates, PWTorch.com reader

William Regal was introduced as the General Manager of Raw. He said for the main event, that the audience could decide if it would be a steel cage match, a no disqualification match, or a street brawl by texting A, B, or C to a number. I thought it was a gimmick and the steel cage match was not really an option but, A – the steel cage match – ended up winning. Thus, for the main event, they erected a steel cage around the ring for Umaga versus Triple H.

On with the matches:

(1) D.H. Smith defeats Santino Marella.

(2) Snitsky defeats Drew McIntyre.

(3) A Russian named Vladimir defeats Super Crazy.

(4) Triple threat match – Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes defeated Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade and a 3rd team made of two acrobat-style wrestlers. I did not get their names. Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes retained their belts. Cody Rhodes got the pin.

(5) Chris Jericho beat Randy Orton via DQ; Orton retained the WWE Title. For the WWE Championship match, William Regal came out and said he is in charge of Raw, so this will be a title match. Y2J immediately snuck up behind Orton and tried to get a quick pinfall. After a while, Randy Orton lost by disqualification to Chris Jericho but retained his belt. He racked Y2J with a cheap shot to the groin causing the DQ. After the match, he tried to kick Y2J, missed, and Y2J put his finishing move on Orton. He then spoke to the crowd.

(6) Women’s tag team match: Beth Phoenix & Melina defeated Mickie James & someone (Ballerina?). Beth Phoenix got the pin.

(7) Jeff Hardy defeated Mr. Kennedy to retain the Intercontinental Title with the Twist of Fate and pinfall. I’d have to say that Jeff Hardy got one of the loudest pops from the audience the entire evening.

(8) In the steel cage main event, Triple H pinned Umaga. Umaga brought a chair into the ring and Triple H ended up suplexing him on top of it. They both tried to climb over the fence, but Umaga threw Triple H off the top rope. Triple H then shook the ropes causing Umaga to rack himself on the ropes. Triple H then gave Umaga the pedigree and got the pinfall.

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