NXT HITS & MISSES 1/10: Baszler vs. Kai, Lio Rush vs. Lars Sullivan, Undisputed Era vs. Strong & Alelister, Street Profits

By Ryan Harrison, PWTorch Specialist

Aleister Black (artist Joel Tesch © PWTorch)


Shayna Baszler vs. Dakota Kai: This match was a showcase of Shayna Baszler and her viciousness.  The match began with a clip from her visit at the NXT Performance Center and how she dismantled another wrestler in cruel fashion.  When this match began, she toyed with Dakota Kai while applying various wrist locks.  This match did not last long as she stomped on Kai’s elbow which concluded the match because she could not continue.  All the while, Baszler had a smile on her face that just reinforced her vicious style.  She then continued to punish Kai as she put her in a demeaning choke hold.  This brought out Ember Moon to the rescue (why didn’t she do this last week when Kairi Sane was in the same predicament).  It is only a matter of time for these two to meet in the ring.

Lio Rush vs. Lars Sullivan: Even though this match was an overall squash, it served a purpose for both participants.  Even though Lio Rush lost, he looked good as he put his quickness on display with Lars Sullivan.  There were moments when he outsmarted his enormously bigger foe, but it was to no avail as Sullivan eventually had his way with him.  There was no doubt that Sullivan was going to win, but it was good to see that Rush could somewhat hold his own against someone more than twice his size.  After the match, Sullivan called out Killian Dain as his next opponent that he would like to face.  This would make an interesting match as both of these monsters are forces to be reckoned with.

Undisputed Era vs. Roderick Strong & Aleister Black (NXT Tag Team Championship Match): This match was actually supposed to be the Undisputed Era vs. Sanity, but during this week’s broadcast, the Undisputed Era attacked all three members of Sanity leaving them unable to compete.  This brought the Era out to discuss their dastardly ways and how they dismantled Sanity.  It was entertaining to see Nikki Cross come out to try and defend her team’s honor and how the Era laughed her off (at certain moments, not when she looked like she was going to make it down to the ring).  This brought out William Regal and the announcement that they still would fight tonight.  This in turn brought out both Roderick Strong and Allister Black who volunteered to face the UE.  For the most part, Strong and Black controlled most of the match, until Adam Cole became involved, taking Black’s attention elsewhere.  While Black chased Cole up the steps in the audience, the UE were victorious, retaining the NXT Championship belts. Black then returned to the ring to aide his partner, but was viciously attacked by the Era and left motionless.  What made the UE so entertaining this week was not their leader Adam Cole, but his cohorts as they were on full display.  Bobby Fish did well with his promos and trash talk as it was refreshing to see someone other than Cole carrying the weight.


Street Profit’s Segment: Don’t get me wrong, I like the Street Profits, but this week, they were too over the top.  We get it, they’re urban, but not every word out of their mouth must be some sort of slang.  Last week or so when they cut their promo for being recognized as serious contenders for the NXT Championship, they were on fire as they seemed inspired and serious to catch the gold.  This week made all of that seem like a mockery as they appeared to be unfocused.  For an undefeated team, they need to be more focused on winning as they are as entertaining.  They are a very capable team, and with William Regal scheduling a number one contender’s match with the Authors of Pain, you wouldn’t think that a viable team would be so nonchalant about it.  For them to be taken seriously as a strong contender, the antics must go.  They need to have more fire and desire for winning as they do for entertaining.

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