5 YRS AGO – KELLER’S WWE RAW REPORT (1/28/13): Cena celebrates Rumble win, Stellar Heyman promo with Lesnar, Cena squashes Cody, Rock, Punk, Del Rio

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

The Rock (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


The following is Wade Keller report on Monday Night Raw from five years ago this week…

JANUARY 28, 2013


-A video package recapped the top stories out of the Royal Rumble.

-Vickie Guerrero introduced the Raw Roulette wheel backstage.

-C.M. Punk’s music played and he stormed to the ring in his hoodie with Paul Heyman looking nervous about Punk’s state of mind. Punk said he retained his championship last night and he became the People’s Champion. He was melting down and in an all out rage, pacing and yelling as he said this. He said he never needed a match to be restarted to retain his title. He said last night will forever be known as the Phoenix Screwjob. He said he is there to crash everyone’s party tonight.

Vince McMahon walked onto the stage his music played. Punk insulted him. McMahon said there will be a videotape tonight that apparently proves he was complicit in a scheme with Paul Heyman involving The Shield. Punk said he’s a liar. Heyman spoke up and said, “Sir, if I may…” McMahon said, “You may not. I’ve heard enough of your crap.” McMahon said he will have a chat with Heyman later in front of everyone, a Personal Performance Review that could result in his termination.

-They went to Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry Lawler on commentary. JBL complained about Cole stooging out the Shield last night and said that made him a biased journalist. Cole plugged that Rock would address the crowd tonight on Raw.

(WK Reax: JBL said Cole was “a biased journalist” because he reported something happening in front of his very eyes. To not report it would be biased. If Cole withheld information to protect Punk, that’s the very definition of “journalistic bias.” I know he’s a heel, so it’s fine to say, but I just felt the need to stress how backwards his logic was.)

-Randy Orton and Antonio Cesaro ring intros took place. Then Miz was revealed to be the special referee. [c]


(1) Randy Orton pinned Antonio Cesaro in 12:00.

(Quotebook – JBL: “I would like a people transplant at this announce table.” Cole in response: “I don’t even know why you’re here. Nobody invited you.”)

At 3:00 Orton backdropped Cesaro over the top rope to the floor. Cole said Orton is in a mood tonight. As Orton stalked Cesaro at ringside, they cut to an early break. [c]

After the break Cesaro took over and executed a gut-wrench suplex and then settled into a front face lock.

(Quotebook – JBL: “At one point Miz was the equivalent of a Kardashian, but he’s done a lot since then. I give Miz a lot of credit for that.”)

Orton made a comeback with a snap powerslam.

(Quotebook – JBL: “I’m not sure where Randy Orton goes, but he’s going to that place!”)

When Cesaro landed his flying uppercut, he scored a two count. Cesaro got in Miz’s face and said it was three. Miz insisted it was two. Orton recovered and gave Cesaro his backbreaker. He set up the second rope DDT, but Cesaro gave Orton a thumb to the eye. When Cesaro beat up Orton in the corner, Miz physically pulled him away. Cesaro got in Miz’s face again. Orton recovered and surprised Cesaro with an RKO for the win.

(WK Reax: Kudos to Cole for disagreeing with JBL’s ridiculous claims that Miz wasn’t acting properly as a ref. The lead announcer has to argue on behalf of law & order and an even playing field that. He noted Miz did the right thing and it was Cesaro who chose to argue about it.)

-Afterward Miz helped Cesaro up, then gave him the Skull Crushing Finale. Cole said since the match was over, Miz wasn’t a referee anymore. JBL said he would defend anything.

-Backstage Vickie Guerrero told Ryback to make her laugh. He snorted and walked away. The wheel had landed on the “Make Me Laugh” option.


-Ryback made his way to the ring. Cole wondered what “Make Me Laugh” meant. Lawler said he can’t remember the last time Ryback smiled, much less laughed. They cut to a break before Ryback got the ring. [c]

-Matt Striker stood in the ring with the Prime Time Players. Titus said he had a joke about Striker. “What did the woman say to Matt Striker last night when he asked her on a date?” Darren Young, “Anybody got time for that!” Young and Titus laughed at their joke. Titus was unhappy with being booed. He blew his whistle. “Y’all wouldn’t know entertainment if it slapped you in the face.”

Striker then asked Ryback, who looked very serious, to take his turn. Ryback said, “What has four eyes, 20 fingers, and is about to be unconscious?” He then glared at the PTP. He hit Young, but then Titus kicked him and beat on him. Ryback came right back with a spinebuster, then the Meat Hook Clothesline after the “Feed Me More!” chant. Striker did that fake laughter and said Ryback’s attack on PTP made him laugh. Ryback then gave Striker the Shell Shock.

-The video package aired on Bob Backlund’s Hall of Fame induction.

-The announcers hyped that they’d be adding the third inductee later in this week’s class. Lawler plugged Rock would speak later, too. [c]


-Vickie spun the wheel and it came up Player’s Choice, so Wade Barrett got to pick his opponent. He picked Bo Dallas because he threw him out of the Rumble match. He said Bo’s career will end at the hands of the great Barrett Barrage. Dallas made his ring entrance. Cole said he’s part of their NXT developmental territory and that he won a tournament at Rumble Fan Fest to earn a spot in the Rumble.

As Bo came out, a replay aired of Bo Dallas eliminating Barrett. Cole called it one of the most shocking moments in the 26 year history of the Royal Rumble. Cole noted only five Superstars lasted longer in the Rumble last night than Dallas did.

(2) Bo Dallas pinned Wade Barrett in 2:00. Dallas hit some deep arm drags and a dropkick early, which Cole complimented. Barrett took over offense. Barrett wound up for his Bull Hammer, JBL said he did it like Stan Hansen. When Barrett went for it, Dallas countered with a powerslam and scored a surprise upset win.

(WK Reax: The rookie upsetting the cocky heel veteran is a nice angle to do now and again. Not sure it was at the level of 1-2-3 Kid vs. Razor Ramon here, but Barrett sold it well. The key is how Bo connects with fans after this. He hasn’t conveyed much of a personality so far.)

-They went to Vickie and the wheel. Cody Rhodes watched as his opponent turned into John Cena. He looked psyched up. [c]

-The announcers recapped the McMahon comments earlier in the night as Cody’s entrance music played. Then they did a Tale of the Tape comparing John Cena to Fred Flintsone, such as Favorite Food and Boss (Mr. McMahon vs. Mr. Slate).

(3) John Cena beat Cody Rhodes in 2:00. Cody had enough after Cena dominated him early. He grabbed the mic and said this was a waste of his time. He then tried to leave, but Cena grabbed him and threw him back in the ring. He gave him the You Can’t See Me routine and finished him with an Attitude Adjustment.

(WK Reax: That made Cody out to be pretty weak. He barely put up any fight against Cena. I believe losing clean in two minutes like that, even to a star the level of Cena, does some long term damage to his upward mobility later. My hunch is they wanted Cena to be talking at the start of the second hour so they cut the match short.)


-Cena said based on the crowd reaction some of them didn’t want him to win the Rumble. He made no apologies. He said 29 other men could explain how they planned to win the Rumble, but only one man can stand in the ring and say “I won the Royal Rumble.” He said throwing Ryback over the top rope was an enormous step, but he said it’s only the first one. He said the next step is to issue a challenge to the champion of their choosing for the main event of WrestleMania. He looked up at the banner in the rafters. He said to him it’s his most difficult step. A “Cena sucks!” chant broke out.

Cena discussed the prospects of facing Punk. He said a true champion finds a way to win. He said Punk, the last six times he faced him, managed to leave with the belt. He said Punk either won or at least found a way to “get the job done.”

(WK Reax: I’m tired of babyfaces not speaking out against blatant cheating and interference by heels. How can heels get heat if those fans are supposed to admire constantly justify their underhanded method of victory?)

Then he shifted to discussing Rock, saying he spoke about Rock even before Rock returned to WWE. He said he did that so it was sure he would be the person Rock faced when he returned. He said that moment facing Rock was huge to him. He said for a year he jousted with him physically, mentally, and verbally. He said he proved he’s in Rock’s league and there were moments he couldn’t even “carry his jock strap.” He said everything seemed perfect until April 1. He said at WrestleMania 28 his “once in a lifetime moment was stolen.” He said that entire year meant nothing. He said everyone remembers who won and who lost, and he lost. He said The Rock won.

(WK Reax: This is great because there’s no corny jokes and it’s all about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. It’s the central core to what makes pro wrestling work. Without that, the other stuff just falls apart into meaningless fleeting momentary entertainment, but not money-drawing storylines and feuds.)

Cena asked if he should choose to face the World Champion because he has a better chance to win or should he face one of the two potential WWE Champions, Punk or Rock, “against whom I have virtually no chance of winning.” He said he wouldn’t wait; he would choose “right here, right now.” He looked up at the WM29 banner again, then challenged the WWE Champion. He said this goes as a message to both Rock and Punk that they are both marked men. He said they are all on the Road to WrestleMania. The Shield music interrupted.

The announcers urged Cena to leave, but Cena stood his ground. JBL called it stupid. The Shield swarmed Cena in the ring. JBL said they see injustice, but he doesn’t know what that injustice is. Sheamus ran out, but he was overwhelmed by the Shield also. Ryback ran out and cleared the ring of The Shield. However, they recovered and ganged up on him and threw him into the ringside steps. They then threw Sheamus into the ringpost. They went back to Cena. He recovered enough to put up a fight for a few seconds. Cole called it a courageous effort by Cena. The Shield gave him a triple powerbomb mid-ring. [c]

(WK Reax: One of the most noteworthy lines from that promo was Cena bragging that he proved at times Rock couldn’t carry his jock. That was an acknowledgment of Cena’s pride in stepping up and out-dueling Rock on the mic at times during the WM28 hype.)

-They replayed The Shield brawl with Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback.


-Vickie backstage spun the wheel and it turned into a Lingerie Pillow Fight. Tensai just shook his head in embarrassment. Brodus Clay was with him. Tensai, “No, I’m a monster!” Vickie said there’s no way she will have them dress up in Lingerie. She made them spin the Vickie Vegas Challenge Wheel instead. It landed on Dance Off. Clay was quite pleased with that. Tensai had already left the scene. Clay said he’d update Tensai on the change in plans. [c]

-A video package aired on the Rumble Fanfest.

-Brodus Clay danced his way to the ring with his two dancers. Cole said they were preparing for the best segment in the history of Monday Night Raw. They cut to a break. [c]

-Tensai stood in the ring in a white robe. He said, “Let’s get this over with.” He then struggled but finally took off his robe revealing he was wearing lingerie. Clay faked a heart attack. Lawler informed Tensai it’s not a Lingerie Pillow Fight anymore, it’s a Dance-Off. Clay said, “Ooops, my bad.” Tensai covered his private area and kept pulling out a wedgy from his butt. Lawler explained each wrestler would dance for 15 seconds and the fans would decide the winner. Clay danced first. Tensai then refused. The crowd urged Tensai to participate. Lawler said, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Tensai said, “You promise?” Clay told him not to take himself so seriously. Tensai then danced and really got into it. He did the “start the lawnmower” and “shovel the snow” moves. Cole said, “This is gawd-awful!” JBL said it was the worst thing be’s ever seen in his life. They cut backstage to Ron Simmons who said, “Damn!”

-Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo stood backstage with Vickie. The wheel landed on Bodyslam Challenge. His opponent is Big Show. Del Rio smiled and said in Vegas anything can happen. [c]


-Show attacked Del Rio as they argued. He gave Del Rio an immediate KO punch and took Del Rio down and out. Show then duct taped Del Rio’s wrist to the bottom rope. JBL said turnabout is fair play. Hard to argue with that, actually. When Ricardo tried to get between Show and Del Rio, Show tore his shirt off and beat him up. Del Rio came to and couldn’t take it and freaked out. Show just added more duct tape to his wrist. Show asked if it’s funny now. He then chopped Ricardo on the chest and slammed him to the mat. Show left both men lying nearly KO’d in the ring. JBL said if you have fun at Show’s expense, you get burned. [c]

-WWE Fact: Twice as many people watched Smackdown last Friday as watched NBA on ESPN.

-The announcers commented on a replay of Show’s attack on Del Rio and Ricardo.

(WK Reax: They’re extending the Del Rio-Show feud, obviously. I wonder if this means they might extend it all the way to WrestleMania for a blow-off to the feud?)

(4) Kaitlyn fought Tamina Snuka to a no contest in 4:00. Other Divas were at ringside dressed as Las Vegas Showgirls. They charged into the ring at the end and got in a big brawl, leading to the no contest. [c]

-They replayed the The Shield angle earlier in the night. JBL said they have an amazing knack for keeping the numbers on their side.

(Quotebook – Jerry Lawler: “Do you know the difference between The Shield and the flu? You can get rid of the flu.”)

-The Rock made his ring entrance, holding the WWE Championship belt by his side. Rock absorbed cheers from the fans while standing on the second rope. “Rocky! Rocky!” chanted the fans. Rock milked the moment like he was Triple H or Hulk Hogan. He finally spoke. He said there is only one word to describe “the spirit of tonight and our entire journey.” He said that word is “finally.” He held the mic up and said, “Finally, The Rock has come back to Las Vegas!”

He talked about winning seven WWE Championships from the years 1998 to 2003. “After ten long years, I can honestly tell you, this moment here tonight is the proudest moment of my career,” he said. He explained he had already thanked his friends and family, but he wanted to take a moment to thank the fans.


Rock said for 434 days Punk ran his mouth and said the fans are nothing. He said he’s there to tell them those crap days are over. He said no longer is Punk going to come out there looking like a homeless tattooed freak with his big fat bald manager Paul Heyman. He said Heyman is always wondering if he has a bra big enough to hold his deep fried Twinkie tits in place. A “Twinkie tits” chant broke out. He said it’s the start of a new era, “The People’s Era.” He said they’re all getting pie. Punk’s music interrupted. Punk walked onto the stage. JBL yelled, “Buzz kill.”

(WK Reax: What is JBL’s core point of view? He’s all over the place arbitrarily siding with heels and faces, for cheating and against cheating, etc. He needs to settle on a core constitution and let his announcing point of views come from that.)

Punk said, “You didn’t win that, it was handed to you just like everything else in your crappy spoon-fed life.” The crowd chanted “You suck!” He said in 20 years they’ll all be calling him a genius, but they’re too stupid to realize it now. He said that title Rock holds is prestigious because he made it prestigious. He said if he was a man in that third-generation blood that courses through his veins, he would walk down that aisle and present him his title back. He said he should admit he stole it and congratulate him for being the Best in the World, “then apologize to me for tarnishing what I made so great.”

Rock said if he had an ounce of manhood and nuts between his legs, he’d walk down that ramp and come and take it. He called him a Punk Ass Bitch. Punk began to walk toward the ring. He stopped short, though, and chewed his gum. He smiled and said it’s cool to swear so he’s going to stand on the stage “like a punk ass bitch.” He said he does things when he wants to, not when Rock says. He said he might grant Rock a rematch possibly in Chattanooga, Tenn. on Friday or Montgomery, Ala, on Saturday, and Birmingham, Ala. on Sunday. He said he’d be back on Raw in Atlanta, Ga. He said if those don’t fit his schedule, he challenges him in three weeks to a rematch – “your rematch, not mine, and I’m granting it to you, show up if you dare.” Cole said in three weeks is the Elimination Chamber PPV.

Rock accepted his challenge. He said he won’t take the championship from him. The only thing he’ll be taking is a beating of a lifetime, “if you smellllll what The Rock is cooking!” Cole called Punk delusional for “granting Rock a rematch.”

(WK Reax: Good stuff from both. Rock is keeping it simple, which is good, I think. Rather than take a tons of chances trying to be overly cute, he’s approaching his promo like a new champion in a real sport would be. He’s a straight-up babyface, being cool while also being gracious toward the fans. And as usual Punk was great. The dig at Rock not working house shows worked, without being so overt as to undercut Rock’s credibility. It was one of those dog whistle insults that Punk fans love but the average Rock fan won’t be bothered by.) [c]

-They showed Damien Sandow spinning a “Tables” stip for his match against Sheamus. Sandow dryly said, “How observant of you.”

(WK Reax: That was a funny line, money because of the delivery.)


(5) Sheamus beat Damien Sandow in a tables match in 7:00.

(WK Reax: Solid effort by both guys. It does seem to diminish the specialness of special stip matches like this when they’re arbitrarily included in a match between two non-rivals because of a random spin, but such is Raw Roulette.)

-A commercial aired for WWE Main Event hyping the beginning of the Intercontinental Cup tournament to determine the top challenger for Wade Barrett’s IC Title. [c]

-Lawler stood mid-ring with Zack Ryder, Great Khali, Natalya, and Hornswoggle. He said Khali and Ryder will “have the opportunity to sing a WWE Superstars’s theme song.” Then fans… I mean, the WWE Universe can decide the winner. Khali sang Shawn Michaels’s theme song. JBL accused Bret Hart of being behind this. He just sang “Sexy Boy” over and over and didn’t follow the words on the TitanTron. The 3MB interrupted.

(WK Reax: I would say interrupting Khali singing “Sexy Boy” would qualify as a babyface turn for 3MB. More than Miz or Del Rio’s “turns.”)

They complained about Khali’s singing and said it’s a disgrace. They said they are music. Ryder said he knows all about rock ‘n’ roll and pop music and even wrote his own song. Heath Slater said they’re the rock stars of WWE. He told Drew McIntyre to show them. McIntyre then played air guitar. Khali chopped him. Hornswoggle left the ring. Ryder tackled Jinder Mahal. Hornswoggle gave a top rope tadpole splashed Slater.

(Quotebook – Michael Cole: “I just want to apologize to the WWE Universe.”)

-They showed Chris Jericho backstage sauntering his way toward the entrance tunnel.


-Chris Jericho made his ring entrance. He said, “Welcome to Raw is Jericho.” He said it’s great to be back in WWE “right here, right now.” He said he was only gone for six months, but it felt like six years. He said last night when he was the surprise in the Royal Rumble, it was one of the greatest night’s of his career. He added, “I fooled ya’. I fooled ya’! I fooled ya’!” He said the fans made him feel so good and it’s something he will never, ever forget. The crowd joined in. Dolph Ziggler, Big E. Langston, and A.J. Lee interrupted.

Ziggler asked what Jericho was doing there since he doesn’t work there. A.J. reminded Jericho that she made him put his contract on the line against Ziggler’s briefcase. A very loud “Y2J!” chant broke out. A.J. said she got Jericho terminated from WWE. Ziggler said, “Good one, babe.” Jericho asked Ziggler to put a leash on his doggie before she pee-pees all over the ring. Ziggler told him to watch his mouth. Langston said Jericho should leave the ring before he ruins his return.

Jericho asked what the “E” stands for, his bra size. He said his pecs are so big he could put a drink on those things. Ziggler asked him to leave because he doesn’t even work there. Vickie then interrupted on the TitanTron and said she signed Jericho to a WWE contract. She said she did what’s right for business and didn’t let her personal feelings get in the way. She spun the wheel. It landed on Strange Bedfellows. She said instead of them facing each other, they’ll team together against Team Hell No.

(WK Reax: If that spin was supposed to be random, she sure came up with it quickly. Even more suspicious is Daniel Bryan & Kane walked out right away when their music played. If it hadn’t landed on Strange Bedfellows, why were Kane & Bryan standing ready to come out for a tag match?)

(6) Team Hell No beat Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler (w/Big E., A.J.) in 6:00.

They cut to a very early break. [c]


It didn’t take long for Kane and Bryan to argue thanks to Jericho shoving Bryan into Kane. A minute later Jericho slapped Kane on his back, then slipped out of the ring. Kane blamed Ziggler. Kane then chokeslammed Ziggler and scored the pin. Very little of that match actually aired. Bryan tried to make peace with Kane afterward.

-A video announcement revealed Trish Stratus was the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. [c]

-Cole said Friday on Smackdown, Booker T will make a major announcement about the future of the World Hvt. Championship.

-Mr. McMahon stood mid-ring. He said everyone knows he loves to have fun. He said the best place to have fun is in Las Vegas, Nev. He called out Mr. Heyman. He said if he’s scrambling looking for Punk, he won’t find him because he was escorted out of the arena about ten minutes ago. He told him not to take too long.

Heyman walked out. No music, which always feel strange because everyone has music when they walk out. McMahon asked the crowd to give him a warm Las Vegas welcome. Heyman offered his hand to McMahon. McMahon looked suspiciously, then shook his hand. He asked Heyman to hold the mic for a second. He then pulled out some hand sanitizer.

McMahon then asked Heyman if he has ever had the Shield or Brad Maddox under contract. Heyman didn’t answer that question, instead beginning: “I want to thank you for this opportunity to come out here and look you in the eye and settle this once and for all because the answer to your question – and you have every reason in the world to ask me that question – the answer to that question is no, I have never had anything to do with Brad Maddox nor The Shield.”

McMahon asked Heyman if he has ever in his life lied. McMahon said it’s not a difficult question. Heyman said a long time ago in the MSG locker room, he heard his father say, “Adversity defines a man’s character in his darkest hour.” He said faced with the adversity that he thinks he knows where this is going, he said he lies because he’s a promoter.

(Quotebook – Paul Heyman: “I have lied every day of my stinking life because I am a promoter and that’s what promoters do. We lie to survive tonight simply to get ’til tomorrow. Whatever answer I had to give to survive on that particular evening just so I could wake up the next day alive and with a business or with a career or with a job, I have lied through my teeth. I have lied swearing to God. I have lied on the souls of my parents. And I have lied, lied, lied. And I don’t regret it because that’s what it took for me to survive. But I will tell you, looking you in the eye right now and knowing my career is on the line, I swear to you on everything that is holy, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, I’ve lied every day of my life, but I swear to you I am not lying now.”)

(WK Reax: Wow. That came from the heart. I’ll take that as an apology.)

McMahon said, “So you’re an honorable man.” Heyman said he’s trying to become an honorable man, but he’s trying. He said maybe he can learn from him how to become an honorable man.

(WK Reax: That’s hilarious. Best ass kiss ever.)

Heyman said he wants to be there and if it takes being honorable to be there, that’s what he’ll be. McMahon asked for a close-up of Heyman’s honorable face. He asked the crowd if that’s an honorable face and an honest man. The crowd shouted “No!” McMahon then threw to footage. He said it was shot in Northern California a couple of weeks ago.


-Heyman was walking backstage with his arm around Brad Maddox, then he ordered the Brad Maddox Experience camera to be set down, but kept rolling. Heyman said the Maddox show is cancelled. Maddox asked what the problem was. Heyman said when he and Punk plucked him from obscurity and paid him to keep Ryback from becoming champion, he kept coming back for more and more. He said when they pay The Shield to do a job, they don’t keep coming back for more and more. He said they wait for them to come to them. He said they pay the Shield more than him, but the Shield is more effective at their job than he is. The Shield showed up and surrounded Maddox. Maddox begged to let him leave. Heyman told him to take a beating like a man. He was then beat down by The Shield.

Back in the ring Heyman looked like his house of cards completely collapsed. McMahon shadowed Heyman as he walked around the ring. The crowd chanted, “You got busted! You got busted!” McMahon asked, “Well?” McMahon said this is a personal performance review. The crowd chanted the “Na na na na, good bye” song. Heyman then said, “That wasn’t me!” Heyman asked the crowd to cut him some slack and yelled, “Because my career is on the line!” He said McMahon knows what it’s like to be falsely accused. Heyman said he has a thick New York Jewish accent and it is very easy to imitate. He said he is in a town filled with impersonators, and he suggested to McMahon that it was an impersonator. He said it was a poor impersonation of him. He said he is being set up because of envy and jealousy with his success with ECW and with C.M. Punk.

McMahon asked if that was Brad Maddox. Heyman said it was. McMahon asked if it was The Shield. He said yes. But he again insisted it was not him. McMahon asked the crowd if that was Heyman and if he deserved to be fired. The crowd chanted yes. Heyman said, “Don’t do this! Don’t do this! Please don’t do this.” McMahon said he must wish him well in his future endeavors. Heyman said, “Don’t do this to me. Aww, come on!” McMahon then said, “Mr. Heyman, yourrrrrr!” At that point Brock Lesnar’s music played. He walked onto the stage. Cole said, “Oh my God! It’s the Beast, Brock Lesnar!” Heyman looked surprised. Cole said, “What is he doing here? He quit last summer!”

Lesnar stepped onto the ring apron, then into the ring. Heyman told him he had this under control. Lesnar gingerly moved Heyman to the side, then stepped into McMahon’s space. He pushed his nose against McMahon’s. He smiled, then turned sinister and his nostrils flared. McMahon told him not to do something he would regret later on. Heyman again shouted to Lesnar, “I had this under control. Please leave the ring, Vince. Just please leave the ring.” McMahon stood in place. Lesnar lifted McMahon for an F5 and delivered it. Heyman begged him to stop. “Oh my God, what did you do?” Lesnar walked out of the ring with McMahon writing on the mat.

(WK Reax: There’s Triple H’s incentive to want revenge against him at WrestleMania. What a performance from Heyman. I’ve said it over and over, but he is far and away doing the best work of his career and lapping every manager in wrestling history right now other than Bobby Heenan. McMahon was also very good here and Lesnar played his role perfectly. I like the touch of the Brad Maddox camera being used to expose Heyman. Was it planned from the start? Was the Maddox cam created for that very moment? That’s planning ahead. And how will Punk feel about this? That’s an intriguing hook.)

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