Smackdown Rating: Drop in viewership, key metrics, year-ago perspective (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, editor

Last night’s WWE Smackdown drew a 1.70 rating, the lowest of the year and the lowest rating since Halloween last year. Viewership was 2.449 million, down from 2.505 million last week. The average so far this year is 1.75, down from the 1.80 average last year. The rating one year ago this week was 1.80.

Keller’s Analysis: Raw went down only 0.01 and was in line with the monthly average and 0.11 below the 2018 average, whereas Smackdown went down 0.05 and was below the monthly average by 0.03 and below the 2018 average so far by 0.05. So Smackdown, up against the Olympics, is taking a bigger hit than Raw this week. Two years ago, prior to the roster split and when Smackdown was pre-taped featuring the second appearance of the week of most top stars it drew a 1.76, so Smackdown has lost whatever was gained from the roster split, and it’s not hard to see why considering the storyline direction of the show this year.

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1 Comment on Smackdown Rating: Drop in viewership, key metrics, year-ago perspective (w/Keller’s Analysis)

  1. The Olympics are probably one factor but, as you mention, the less than stellar storylines could well be another.

    Bryan vs. McMahon seems lacklustre and contrived, more of a gimmick to give both men something to do than a believable long-term feud. The over use of multi-wrestler matches seems to muddle clear cut rivalries. They also lost me when they had Ziggler hand back a title belt he just won.

    It’s too bad, because there is a lot of talent on the show, and the wrestlers themselves are delivering some great in ring performances. It is a little frustrating watching some of the redundant and slow moving storylines they are currently trying to work their way through.

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