WWE Raw Rating: Key metrics including in-show trends hour to hour, comparisons to past years, 2018 averages

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Raw TV event (photo credit Ross McAdam © PWTorch)


Last night’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw on USA Network drew a 2.23 rating, up from the 2.21 last week and above the ten-week rolling average headed into the week of 2.16. It’s right in line with the 2018 average so far of 2.24.

The hourly viewership numbers followed a typical pattern with a decline from hour one to hour two, and then a steep dropoff in hour three. The first hour drew 3.407 million viewers, the second hour drew 3.249 million, and the third hour drew 2.884 million. Despite the hook of Ronda Rousey, Braun Strowman in action, and the conclusion of a Roman Reigns promo tearing into Brock Lesnar, there was a typical dropoff from the first to the third hour of 523,000. The average dropoff this year headed into this week was 521,000.

This week’s rating was above the year-ago number of 2.16 and well below the two-years-ago number of 2.62.

The February average closed at 2.18, down fro the January average of 2.29, but above the December, November, October, and September averages. Remarkably, the average in February matched the average of last August, the previous full month without pro or college football competition on Monday nights.

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