Hogan says he is forever sorry to the “few fans who feel (hurt)” by what he calls “misspoken” racist words ten years ago, wants back in WWE

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Hulk Hogan (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)

Hulk Hogan attempted to rebuild his image during an interview with the Buffalo News this week.

WWE disassociated with Hogan and deleted references online to him being a Hall of Famer when, in 2015, stories surfaced of racist comments by Hogan when he was in his mid-50s. He is now 64.

The New York Daily News characterized his comments as “abhorrent racial slurs.” They were uttered when his guard was down in 2007 during what he thought was a private situation. He said to friends during a sexual situation in a bedroom, “I am a racist, to a point, f— n——.” When discussing his daughter’s boyfriend, he said: “I don’t give a f–k if she (INAUDIBLE) an eight-foot tall basketball player. If we’re gonna f–k with n—–s, let’s get a rich one!”

Another instance of racially charged comments came out when a transcript was released, also in 2015, of Hogan telling his son Nick in a 2008 conversation when his son was in jail that if he and his son were reincarnated, “I just hope we don’t come back as a couple, I don’t want to say it, blizz-ack gizz-uys, you know what I’m saying?” A more detailed transcript was reported by BayNews9 in 2015.

Hogan characterized those two incidents in a Buffalo News article this week as “misspoken words” and claimed only a “few fans… feel hurt” by what he said. “I’m human being like anybody else, and sometimes, people make mistakes,” he said. “When they do, you watch that person a little bit more closely than you did before to see what kind of person they really are. I just want people to judge me by my actions, not a few misspoken words. To those few fans who feel (hurt), I’m forever sorry, and I’ll do whatever I can to make them feel comfortable with me.”

Hogan has made it clear he is seeking a full embrace by WWE which has kept him at more than arm’s length since the racist comments surfaced. He said it’s not done until it’s done. “Until you hit a home run, it’s not a home run,” he said. “All these things say it’s imminent or rumors, that’s like saying ‘maybe, possibly, could be.’ Until I’m back home with the WWE, I’m not home. Hopefully some day I can go back home and be with my family, the wrestlers and all the people I love. I just really, really hope it happens.”

14 Comments on Hogan says he is forever sorry to the “few fans who feel (hurt)” by what he calls “misspoken” racist words ten years ago, wants back in WWE

  1. I support Hogan 100% and hope he gets back in WWE and gets his hall of fame status back. I could absolutely care less about any of his so called

    • I’m not okay with it. A person can hold whatever views they want but don’t expect to be embraced by the world when you express them. Be is not sorry for what he said. He is sorry that be got caught.

      • This is AMERICA – EVERYONE deserves a second or third or fourth chance. God forbid you ever do something wrong in your life and have to ask for forgiveness. May you receive exactly what you give out.

        He’s contrite, it happened, I say let him back.

  2. Hogan is full of it. He’s not sorry for what he said. He’s not taking responsibility. Misspoken words? Bs. He said what he said during those two instances because he was comfortable in those places and thought no one else would hear his true thoughts. And FYI to him more than just a few people were hurt and upset by his words. F him for trying to minimize things. If Wwe brings him back I will cancel my subscription to the network and never spend any money with them again.

  3. He can barely bring himself to apologize and minimizes what he said. I know he’ll be back but NO he doesn’t deserve it.

  4. What an arrogant, half-ass apology. And what a smug, arrogant prick Hogan/Bollea is. WWE should never bring him back. Though after what we’ve seen with The Greatest Royal Rumble and the Saudi Arabia deal, I’m sure they will. The day Hogan’s return is announced is the day I cancel WWE Network. I’ve been sick of the company for a while for a number of reasons but I’ve hung on. It’s not easy to give up on 35+ years of brand loyalty even when things are so bad. I’m quite happy with an hour of New Japan Pro Wrestling per week on AXS TV, and I could do with just that (and a possible subscription to New Japan World). But WWE’s still got me…until the day they announce they’re bringing Hogan back. When that happens they’ll have lost me for good.

  5. Black people only make up 13% of America, he’s done the math and knows he doesn’t have to do anything but wait till it’s out of the news.

  6. Terry has ONE choice: A direct appeal to the President.

    SBA Secretary Linda’s loyalty pledge kicks-in, and it’s a done-deal.

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