5/18 MLW Fusion TV Report: Fenix vs. Pentagon, Team TBD vs. The Dirty Blondes, Brazil vs. Miguel, Selina home visit

By Kris Karcher, PWTorch contributor

Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion


MAY 18, 2018

Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Rich Bocchini

A replay aired of the altercations between Shane Strickland and Pentagon from the last two weeks. 

(1) Kotto Brazil vs. Trey Miguel. Brazil takes control during some chain wrestling early on. A series of quick pinfalls lead to a standoff. These two have great speed but the chemistry and timing were a bit off. Made some of the exchanges look sloppy. Miguel hit a scary looking front flip to the outside off the middle rope. Brazil hit a nice Slingshot Double Stomp into the ring for a two count. Brazil hits Miguel with a nice looking Bridging German Suplex for a two. The two exchange punches then Brazil hit a Running Sliced Bread for another two count. Miguel hit what looked like a Cheeky Nandos mixed with a 619 and then hit a double knee from the top for the win. 

WINNER: Trey Miguel 

(Comments: decent match from these two newcomers. They have some potential but it looked as though the match was too preplanned and some of the spots weren’t timed correctly and came off as a tad sloppy.) 

A video package highlighting the first Pentagon Rey Fenix match from 5 weeks ago. They will fight again later tonight to determine who faces Strickland for the World Heavyweight Championship next week. 

Rich Bocchini was on location at Selina de La Renta’s home in Puerto Rico. Bocchini complimented Selina’s home and she asked if he was expected something more his style. A trashy condo perhaps. She told him to follow him like a puppy. He asked her to tell us more about her company Promociones Dorado. She said she has connections in music, TV, and sports. She said she is well connected all over Mexico and if MLW wants the best they should come to her. When Bocchini called her a successful business women Selina asked if he was intimidated and then pushed him into a swimming pool. 

Andrea Campo was backstage with Selina. She said she is an Emprisaro and she signed the top two Luchadores in the world, Pentagon, and Rey Fenix. 

Replay aired of Jimmy Havoc’s win over Janela and then the subsequent beatdown from Team Filthy. 

Someone interviewed Tom Lawler and Simon Gotch who were sitting in a hot tub. Lawler said he has no beef with Havoc and he simply got the beatdown he deserved. He said last week was an easy win and hell take another one no problem. The unknown interviewer asked if Lawler was scared of retribution and Lawler said not while the sun is still out. 

Colonel Parker was in the ring and said that this upcoming tag team match will be an elimination match. 

A promo aired during the Dirty Blonde’s entrance where Colonel Parker said if you don’t know the Dirty Blondes, you will soon. 

A promo aired for Team TBD during their entrance where Jason Cade said they are the best duo in MLW. 

(2) The Dirty Blondes (Mike Patrick & Leo Brien) vs. Team TBD (Jimmy Yuta & Jason Cade). TBD starts off hot getting in a lot of tag team offense. Yuta hits a suicide dive between the legs of Cade as he hits both Dirty Blondes. Then Cade hits a Corkscrew backflip over the top rope on both Blondes. Yuma goes to the top and hits a Cross Body but Mike Patrick rolled through and held the tights to eliminate Jimmy Yuta. The Dirty Blondes double team Jason Cade and utilize frequent tags to wear down Cade. Cade hits a spinning DDT but eventually succumbs to the numbers game. Jason Cade hits Mike Patrick with the Black Magic (Backslide Driver) and eliminates Mike Patrick. Colonel Parker tripped up Jason Cade and distracted the ref as Mike Patrick re-entered the ring and The Dirty Blondes double teamed Cade. When the ref turned around Brien eliminated Cade.

WINNERS: The Dirty Blondes (Mike Patrick & Leo Brien)

(Comments: Pretty standard tag match. Nothing too special here. Some nice flashy offense from Team TBD [terrible name] and some typical interference from Colonel Parker. I’m surprised Parrow did not factor into the match somehow considering the interaction between Parker and Parrow two weeks ago.) 

Backstage Andrea Campa interviewed Team TBD. She said they seemed out of sync tonight. Team TBD said it’s okay because sometimes parents disagree, but they will be back in sync in time to win the tag team tournament.

Andrea Campo interviewed Strickland and asked him how he is feeling after being attacked last week. Strickland says the pain that he is feeling is nothing compared to the pride he feels being the World Heavyweight Champion. He said that Pentagon is intimidated by Swerve. He said Pentagon is scared to death of him. He said Pentagon can take whatever he wants from him, his arms, or his legs, and he can even decapitate him, but he can never take his heart and never take his championship. 

(3) Rey Fenix vs. Pentagon Jr. (w/Selina de La Renta). The two exchange slaps to start things off. Fenix hits a pop-up Hurricanrana then a top rope splash off the top rope to the outside. Fenix hit a nice double stomp to the back for a two. Pentagon countered a springboard with knees to the back. Then out Fenix’s leg. The two brawl to the outside and Pentagon steals a fans hat. Back inside the ring Pentagon quite the crowd then hits a huge slap to the chest. Then hits a sling blade for a two count. Fenix hits a nice roll through cutter then a spinning heel kick in the corner but Pentagon counters with a powerbomb backbreaker. (C) A promo for the the July 19th Fusion TV tapings in New York aired. Fenix hits a big pinwheel kick to the side of the head and both men go down. The two exchange kicks out on the apron. Fenix hits a nice springboard double stomp off the apron to the floor. Fenix hist  high angle senton for a two count. Back on the apron, Fenix tried to German Suplex Pentagon onto the apron but Pentagon reversed and gives Fenix the Pentagon Driver onto the apron. Pentagon rolls Fenix into the ring and gets a two count. Pentagon cranks back on Fenix’s arm then hits a fear factor for a two count. Then hits another Pentagon Driver for the three. 

WINNER: Pentagon Jr. 

(Comments: Good match. Almost as good as their first match and this one meant more with the championship opportunity on the line. I assumed Pentagon was going to win because of his storyline with Strickland and they didn’t give Fenix many believable near falls. I like the idea of someone hitting their big move for a two, then picking his opponent up and immediately hitting another finishing move for the three. Makes the finishing sequences less predictable and reminds me of some of the finishes you see in NJPW. MLW should definitely invest heavily in these two as they seem to be putting on the best matches so far. The crowd was very into this match mostly cheering for Pentagon throughout.) 

FINAL THOUGHTS: Finally we saw some improvement in the match quality. This might have been MLW’s best show yet as all three matches were good enough to enjoy all the way through. No quick squash matches and no sloppy hardcore matches this week. Next week we get our first ever MLW Heavyweight Championship defense on Fusion so finger crossed that match will live up to expectations.

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