Interview Highlights: Jim Ross talks about Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary, the announcing of Josh & Callis, Knockouts Division, Sami vs. Gallihan, Aries vs. Moose

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Jim Ross
Jim Ross (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


The following are highlights of the Jim Ross Report podcast during which he spoke about Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary PPV event. Thanks to Himanshu for sending the following highlights.

•On giving the event a thumb ups: “So I’m watching the FITE app, I’m watching Slammiversary, Impact Wrestling’s effort from Toronto, their pay-per-view on Sunday was excellent. I really enjoyed the show. And look, it’s gonna have a different texture, it’s gonna have a different tone, a little different taste than a WWE pay-per-view or a Ring Of Honor pay-per-view. Everything’s gonna be a little different to their own taste, their own budgets, and what they can do or can’t do. I really enjoyed the show. My hats off to all the team there at Impact Wrestling.”

•On the Austin Aries vs. Moose main event: “I was really impressed with the efforts of Austin Aries. Not that he’s a secret, he’s been doing great things for a decade, but I had never watched a match at that level with an opponent like big Moose. That’s a tough challenge for a smaller guy, the smaller heel. When the fan favourite is the biggest dog in the fight, sometimes it poses a unique set of problems. Aries came through with flying colours, enhanced the image of big Moose, great main event.”

•On Sami Callihan vs Pentagon Jr.: “I was not familiar with Pentagon Jr. I had seen highlights of stuff he’s done. Same for Sami Callihan. And man, they tore it down. And that was a real hardcore match. It probably wasn’t for the women and children as we tease about but damn, it was good. It was really good. Graphic, believable, emotional, compelling, good stuff.”

•On the Impact Wrestling announce team: “I thought that Josh Matthews and Don Callis had a lot of energy. They’re really trying hard to bring that energy, their passion and how dedicated they are to their brand, to the audience. I hope people recognize that. I hope people recognize the fact that you saw a card full of talents that gave everything they had on that night to make the show successful. Including the broadcasters, so good job fellas, good job.”

•On what Impact Wrestling needs to do to grow the company: “I think the key for this company is to keep building their core, make sure that they nurture and evolve their small nucleus of top guys. You can’t have 20 top guys. You don’t need 20 top guys in IMPACT Wrestling, it’s not gonna happen. Get four, six, maybe eight if you’re lucky, top guys and you keep that nucleus together, it provides opportunities that are endless. You’re only limited by your own creativity. And remember, Bill Watts told me one time, ‘There are no bad ideas. Just some ideas, mainly mine, are better.’ That’s Cowboy for you.”

•On the Impact Wrestling Knockouts: “Kinda impressed with the in-ring persona of Su Yung. Got my attention! Pretty unique I thought. Pretty moving stuff. And I think Tessa Blanchard’s got a great future. She’s 23 years old. She’s still finding herself, she’s still developing her game, that’s good. So they’ve got a good young core, by and large, and they just gotta keep those guys and gals together, have a few additions, and maybe you get lucky with some of your young people and they move their game up a notch or two and go to the next level. That’s what you’re always looking for.”

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