8/2 IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: McMahon’s report on OVE vs. Pentagon/Fenix, Austin Aries vs. Dustin Cameron


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July 26, 2018
Taped from Toronto, Ontario (Rebel Complex)
Aired on Pop TV

Announcers: Josh Mathews & Don Callis

— Highlights of last week’s show aired.

— The Impact opened graphic aired.


Allie and Hogan took out the Undead Bridesmaids before the bell on their ring entrance, but they still remained at ringside for the match. The finish came when Allie hit a codebreaker and pinned Su Yung.

WINNERS: Allie & Kiera Hogan in 10:00.

Tessa Blanchard attacked Allie after the match and hit a hammerlock DDT, which left Allie knocked out in the ring.

— Tessa Blanchard cut a promo on Allie backstage. She said that she knows who she is, and unlike Allie, Tessa said she doesn’t hide from the truth. Tessa said that Allie only cares about Allie.

(McMahon: Blanchard is knocking it out of the park on a weekly basis. Impact is smart to invest in her and make her the centerpiece of the division. Of all the women on the roster, she has the most potential to break out as a serious athletic star. She kicks butt. She’s very good in the ring, she has a great look, and she’s young. She’s the exact person Impact should be building that division around).

(2) THE OGz (Homicide & Hernandez) vs. RICK STEELE & NATHAN WALKER

The OGz dominated the match, winning a squash in under one minute.


After the match, King took the mic and cut a promo on Konnan and LAX. In the middle of the promo, LAX hit the ring and attacked while Konnan looked on from the entrance ramp. During the brawl, Ortiz pulled out an ax and he was about to split open the head of Homicide? Maybe just flat out commit a murder in the middle of the ring, but security ran in just in time to stop the impending homicide of Homicide. Konnan backed LAX back up the ramp.

(McMahon: I really like the strategy of giving the OGz a squash match win before the King promo. That’s a million times better than just an in-ring promo that leads to the LAX run-in. Instead, you get to see OGz do their big moves and it gets them over as a badass tag team. The post-match angle was good — minus the attempted murder, that was a little much — but I think they were trying to get across that this is more a street feud than a wrestling feud).

— LAX was screaming at Konnan backstage for backing them off in the fight. Konnan said that the OGz wanted them to get angry, because it was a trap. Konnan said that he raised the OGz, and he knows what they will do next. Konnan said that they are scared. Konnan said timing is everything.

— The GWN Match of the Week aired. Petey Williams vs. Liger from 2006.

— OVE cut a backstage promo with Sami Callihan. Callihan said they would get revenge on Pentagon and Fenix.

— Gama Singh was in the ring, and he introduced the Desi Hit Squad.


Bahh had control of the match for his team in the opening few minutes. Gama Singh ran interference and Bahh was chop blocked. Desi Hit Squad gets the win when they pinned KM, as Bahh tried to distract the referee but was unsuccessful.

WINNERS: Desi Hit Squad

(4) AUSTIN ARIES vs. DUSTIN CAMERON — Impact World Title Match

Anthony Carelli threw in the towel to prevent Cameron from taking a second brain buster from Aries.

WINNER: Austin Aries

After the match, Carelli hit the ring and went face-to-face with Aries. Aries dared Carelli to hit him, and Carelli kicked him in the groin. Aries bailed out of the ring and looked back at Carelli in the ring. As Aries was backing up the ramp, Eddie Edwards emerged from the curtain and attacked Aries with a kendo stick.

(McMahon: I’m not sure what the end game is here, if Carelli is injured and can’t wrestle. The match was what you would expect, with Aries dominating and then Carelli throwing in the towel, but the post-match angle where he kicked Aries might just be a moment that can’t go anywhere, especially if Carelli can’t get in the ring).

— Alisha Edwards was interviewed by Alicia Tout backstage. Eddie Edwards walked in on the interview and apologized to his wife, after saying he’s done a lot of soul searching recently. Edwards said things would be different because he’ll be world champion again after next week. Alisha said Eddie was out of his mind.

— Bob Kapoor introduced Scarlet Boudreaux and interviewed her on the ramp.

— Grado challenged Eli Drake backstage. Grado and Hendry challenged Drake to a tag team match, so Drake pulled in Caleb Konley and said he had a partner.


Lee and Konley attacked Grado and Hendry prior to the bell. Hendry was then being tended to on the outside by Katarina while Drake went after Grado in the ring. On the apron, Lee and Konley argued over who would be Drake’s official partner, switching places a few times. Drake hit Grado with a Gravy Train for the win.

WINNERS: Eli Drake, Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley

— Matt Sydal cut a backstage promo.


The match was a wild brawl for the first 10 minutes, with action spilling to the outside. OVE was obsessed with unmasking Fenix and Pentagon, and tried to rip the masks off their faces multiple times throughout the match. Don Callis said it was because Callihan wanted revenge for getting his head shaved at Slammiversary. OVE tried to rip open the mask of Fenix at the eye hole. OVE tied the masks of Pentagon and Fenix together from the straps at the back. OVE hit double superkicks. The referee tried to untie the masks as OVE continued to attack. Fenix kicked out of a spike piledriver. Pentagon and Fenix began a comeback. Pentagon and Fenix hit a spiked package piledriver on Dave Crist but it was broken up at two. Pentagon and Fenix hit a spiked package piledriver again for the win.

WINNERS: Pentagon & Fenix

The Lucha Brothers, as Josh Mathews called them, celebrated after the match.

(McMahon: Wow, another awesome match with these guys. I could watch them wrestle every single week and be totally fine with it. There were big spots in this match, but they also used a lot of logic in the match, rather than just a spotfest for the sake of doing cool spots. Pentagon and Fenix had to fight off, essentially a 3-on-2 with Callihan on the outside. OVE tried ripping the masks off the Lucha Brothers. Just an all-around awesome match).

— After Josh Mathews signed off, Killer Kross was shown backstage, dropping a card on a fallen Anthony Carelli.

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