HEYDORN’S WWE RAW REPORT 8/27: Alt Perspective coverage of the live show including The Shield reunion fallout, Braun Strowman’s challenge to Roman Reigns, and more



AUGUST 27, 2018

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, The Coach


-The show began with Roman Reigns’s music blaring in the arena to a very mixed reaction from the Toronto audience. Reigns soaked the reaction in and stared at his Universal Championship before holding it in the air. As he did, the announce team hyped Reigns and said he’s had the best two weeks of any superstar in the WWE. The announce team then cued up highlights from last week’s Strowman cash-in attempt and Shield reunion. They then reminded the audience that Braun Strowman requested to face Reigns face to face in the ring after the events of last week.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Reigns still draped the belt over his back as he walked to the ring. Ugh. Totally tone deaf on his part. 

-Once Reigns got to the ring, he grabbed a microphone and addressed the crowd. Before he spoke, he paused to soak in his reaction once again. From there, Reigns said that he told Strowman he’d meet him in the ring at 8pm. He said he didn’t win his Universal Championship to not defend it and demanded Strowman appear. He said if he didn’t, he’d create a Shield workhorse open challenge and whoever wanted some could come get some.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Shield workhorse open challenge? Seems like Reigns forgot a line or two there because that line was completley out of left field. What the heck is a Shield workhorse open challenge?

At that point, Strowman’s music hit and Braun walked to the ring with his MITB contract in his hands. Strowman called for a microphone as the audience chanted “Get These Hands.” Braun then spoke to Roman and said that he had his boys save him when he came out to cash-in his contract. Reigns called the Shield a brotherhood and that they acted on their own because they know what it takes to be on the top of the mountain. Reigns said that Strowman didn’t know and that all he did was run around telling people to get these hands. Reigns said that Strowman lifts objects, but Reigns has lifted every championship the WWE has to offer. Finally, Roman told Strowman to step up and cash-in right then and there. Strowman said that he wouldn’t cash-in tonight because The Shield would interfere. He said instead he’d cash-in at Hell In A Cell. Reigns then told Strowman he finally sounded like a monster before shaking Strowman’s hand.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Going into this, I was of the mindset that neither The Shield nor Braun Strowman turned heel last week. That moment happened because Vince wanted a moment to distract from Reigns as Universal Champion. That said, this explanation didn’t connect enough dots for me and didn’t keep up the heat that was generated last week inside this angle. Strowman acted out of character and yielded to the Shield and Reigns seemed clueless and unlikable as usual – especially in the way he talked down to Strowman. Overall, this segment poured some very cold water on what was a hot angle heading out of the show last week. 

After the hand shake, Dolph Ziggler walked out with Drew McIntyre. Ziggler complained that Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose stole his Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam. Ziggler teased that he would invoke his rematch clause soon and that it would be on his terms. McIntyre then grabbed the microphone and said that they needed a new challenge. From there, Ziggler said that their new challenge would be Strowman and Reigns. McIntyre said that Reigns and Strowman were at the top of the Monday Night Raw mountain and the only direction to go was down. Reigns then chimed in and said if they wanted to go, he and Strowman were standing there right now.

Heydorn’s Analysis: This would have been more effective had Ziggler and McIntyre just challenged Strowman and Reigns to a match. Why all this top of the mountain stuff? They sound silly to begin with and this time around both Ziggler and McIntyre seemed to have trouble getting the words out properly. 

This prompted General Manager, Baron Corbin, to walk out. He told everyone to slow down and said that he was the acting General Manager of Monday Night Raw. Corbin then approved Strowman’s cash-in for Hell In A Cell. Corbin then made a main event that pitted McIntyre and Ziggler vs. Strowman and Reigns. After he made that match, Strowman told Reigns that he was getting the Universal Championship at Hell In A Cell. He then said that tonight though, Ziggler and McIntyre would “get these hands.”

Heydorn’s Analysis: The saving grace of that segment was Strowman addressing Reigns at the very end. Other than that, this fell incredibly flat coming off of what they setup last week. Very disappointing.

-After Strowman left the ring, Corbin walked into it and said he was clearly and improvement over Kurt Angle. He then made another match that featured himself against Finn Balor, the man, not the demon. He then said that that match would start immediatley. This brought Finn Balor out to the ring for the match.


Balor hit the ring to a nice pop from the audience before the show went to a commercial break. (c)

After the commercial break, the bell rang and the match began. Out of the gate, Corbin tossed Balor into the ring post and the clotheslined him to the mat before attempting a pin. Balor kicked out at two and after he did, he held up the “two sweet” hand gesture which caused the audience to chant “Corbin Sucks.” From there, Corbin put Balor in a chin lock as the crowd chanted “you can’t wrestle.” Corbin then whipped Balor into the ropes, but Balor countered with a dropkick to Corbin’s face. Balor worked to capitalize, but Corbin countered and shoulder tackled Balor into the corner. Out of that, Balor attempted a step-up enziguri, but Corbin countered by punching Balor in the chest. The punch sent Balor to the outside of the ring and Corbin followed to keep up his attack. On the outside, he smashed Balor into the guardrail before rolling him back in the ring for another two count pin attempt.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Loads of offense from Corbin here and Balor is selling it well. Its building anticipation in the audience and should lead to a good reaction later in the match regardless of what or who that reaction is focused on.

Out of the pin, Corbin beat on Balor again and put him in another chin lock as the announce team debated how well Corbin was doing as GM thus far. Balor attempted to battle out, but each time, Corbin connected with punches to keep him grounded. Eventually, the action spilled to the outside again and Balor connected with a Sling Blade before the show went to break. (c)

After the commercial break, Corbin was back on offense and had full control of the match. After a few punches, Balor created separation by nailing Corbin with a forearm to the face. Out of that, Balor connected with a double foot stomp and followed that with chops. He then whipped Corbin into the ropes and connected with another Sling Blade. Out of that, Balor attempted a running dropkick, but Corbin countered with Deep Six. Corbin then went for a cover, but Balor kicked out at two. Out of the pin, Balor rolled Corbin up for a pin, but only got a two count. After, Corbin rolled out of the ring and Balor proceeded to hit him with his over the top rope flipping senton bomb.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Big bump by Balor. He landed directly on his lower back. Ouch. 

After the move, Baron Corbin grabbed a steal chair. Balor saw this and kicked Corbin in the face which forced him to drop it. Balor then went for the Coup De Gras, but missed. Corbin then grabbed the chair and nailed Balor with it which caused a DQ. After the referee rang the bell, Corbin got on the microphone and told the audience that he forgot to announce that the match was a no DQ match. Right after, Corbin nailed Balor with the chair again before connecting with the End Of Days for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Corbin via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: The match was what it was, but Corbin got some nice heat when he restarted the match. The commentary surrounding what happened worked very well too. Both Cole and Coach questioned Corbin needing to use a chair and argued with Graves who was advocating for Corbin as the heel announcer. That announcing gave the angle some legs and made it make sense. Good stuff. 

-After the match, Michael Cole and the announce team pumped up other matches on the show before sending the show to commercial. (c)

-Out of the break, Michael Cole cued up a highlight video of Triple H talking about his match at Super Showdown against The Undertaker. After the highlights, the announce team played a video hyping Super Showdown with superstars discussing who would win between Triple H and Undertaker. The video included Christian, Kevin Nash, Mick Foley, Ric Flair, and Jeff Jarrett.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Interesting choice of superstars interviewed there. Jeff Jarrett in particular. 

-After the video, WWE announced that Shawn Michaels would return next week on Raw to address Triple H and The Undertaker going at it one last time.

-Backstage, Dana Brooke was discussing strategy with Apollo Crews once again. O’Neil walked in and told Brooke that she had a match against Sasha Banks. Brooke looked a little worried, but then said that she’d be ok. After Brooke left the shot, Crews questioned O’Neil’s strategy in booking Brooke vs. Banks given the fact that Brooke hadn’t had a singles match in over a year.


Banks walked out first and got a nice reaction from the audience. She walked down the ramp with Bayley as the show went to commercial break once again. (c)

After the break, Dana Brooke made her entrance to a very small reaction from the crowd. After she got to the ring, the bell rang. Out of the gate, both women exchanged holds and pins. Eventually, Banks went for the Banks Statement, but Brooke rolled out of the ring. Right after, Brooke rolled back into the ring and took control of the match after she connected with an enziguri. From there, Brooke mounted Banks and crushed her with punches before pulling her up and whipping her into the corner. With Banks in the corner, Brooke connected with a flipping spring board elbow. After, Brooke went for it again, Banks countered and connected with a Meteora. Banks then went for the pin, but Brooke kicked out at two. Out of the pin, Banks locked in the Banks Statement which prompted Brooke to tap out immediatley.

WINNER: Banks via submission

-After the match, Crews and O’Neil argued at ringside as Banks and Bayley celebrated in the ring. After, Crews crawled into the ring to console Brooke as Titus watched on.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Banks needed a win like this and it was smart to place it inside this Titus Worldwide dissension story. The match was nothing to write home about but checked off multiple boxes in terms of progressing talent and storylines. 

-Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were shown talking backstage. They did the fist bump to each other as Rollins walked off to head to the ring as the show went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, Dean Ambrose was shown backstage and was confronted by Jinder Mahal. Mahal said he was unbalanced and that he could lead him down a path of spirituality. Mahal then told Ambrose to breathe, close his eyes, and tell him what he saw. Ambrose responded by saying he saw himself kicking Mahal in the teeth and breaking his ribs. He then said turned to Mahal and told him to get out of his face.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Old Ambrose would have took that to a comedic place. Dean’s response here was concise and serious. Very refreshing and a good direction for his character. 

-After the backstage segment with Ambrose, Seth Rollins walked out to the ring to a huge cheer and ovation from the Toronto crowd. The announce team sold him as a fighting champion as he did the entrance and once Rollins got into the ring he grabbed a microphone.


On it, he told Toronto that he liked where their head was at as they chanted “Burn It Down.” He said last week was about taking care of some family business. Then, he said this week it was about Intercontinental Championship business. He said that Dolph and Drew had plans, but his dance card was open for a an IC Championship Open Challenge. The audience then cheered loudly as Rollins made the official challenge to the locker room. As he did, Graves discussed the merits of once again offering a challenge given the fact that he lost the title in one just a mere months ago. From there, the music of Kevin Owens hit and Owens walked out to a massive reaction from the audience.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Big pop for Owens. It’ll be interesting to see how he frames his definitive (and quick) loss to Strowman at Summerslam. This is a big moment for him. If he can talk around it well, Owens is over enough to squash any long term damage done.

Owens said that ever since he got back to Raw, his life would be a nightmare. Owens then told Rollins that the reason he had such a successful Summerslam was because he had his best friend in his corner. Owens said that if he had Sami Zayn in his corner, he’d have beaten Braun Strowman and would be the Universal Champion. Owens then proclaimed that he would not leave the arena tonight without a championship. This caused a big positive reaction for Owens to which he promptly shut down by speaking French and saying it would be better if they were in Montreal. From there, Owens walked to the ring for official ring introductions.

Heydorn’s Analysis: That worked for me. Owens laid out why he lost and said that had he had Zayn, he’d have won. A classic heel move and one that Owens got over because of the way he delivered the promo. Many acts would be definitively defined after what happened at Summerslam. Owens is skilled enough to get back on track quick and he proved it here. Well done. 

(3) SETH ROLLINS vs. KEVIN OWENS – WWE Intercontinental Championship

After introductions, the bell rang and the match began. Owens took over early before Rollins tackled him to the mat and connected with punches. Once Owens got up, Rollins waiting and hit him with chops. The chops caused Owens to roll out of the ring and Rollins followed. On the outside, Rollins continued his offense and dropped Owens on the ring apron. Rollins then connected with a jumping clothesline off the ring steps as the show went to break. (c)

Immediatley out of the break, Owens was fully in control of the match. He tossed Rollins into the guardrail and then rolled Seth back into the ring. From there, Owens worked over Rollins’s shoulder with kicks and elbows to it. He then went for a pin, but Rollins kicked out at two. Out of the pin, Owens put Rollins in a shoulder submission. Seth eventually battled out with a chin breaker, but once again kept momentum by tossing Rollins into the guardrail again. With Rollins leaning against it, Owens went for his cannon ball roll, but Rollins rolled out of the way.

Heydorn’s Analysis: It’s refreshing to see Rollins selling a body part that isn’t his knee. As usual, he’s doing it well and his selling is effective, but the knee narrative has been done to death with him. 

From there, the ref almost was at a ten count so both men rolled back into the ring. The two then exchanged punches and strikes until Rollins connected with the Sling Blade to gain momentum back. This caused Owens to roll out of the ring and Rollins responded by connecting with two suicide dives. As he went for the third, Owens countered and clocked him a forearm to the face. Owens then attempted to crawl back into the ring, but Rollins knocked him off the apron. He then finally hit his third suicide dive as the show went to break. (c)

After the break, Rollins connected with a Frog Splash and then called for The Stomp. As he did, Owens rolled out of the way and decimated Rollins’s shoulder again by jamming it into the ring post. Out of that, Owens locked in the crossface to keep pain and attention on the shoulder.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Consistent storytelling with the shoulder. Really good stuff. 

Eventually, Owens switched holds and actually used the injured shoulder of Rollins to apply the shoulder submission against him. Rollins finally got to the ropes and Owens was flabbergasted at that fact. He then lifted Rollins to his feet and decimated him with punches to his face as he yelled that it was “his title.” Rollins responded with strikes of his own before ultimately connecting with a superkick. Owens then hit a Stone Cold Stunner out of nowhere and went for a cover, but Rollins kicked out at two.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I have to admit, I love seeing the stunner. Rollins kicking out of it though is a question for another day. That was a cool spot and the audience loved it. 

After the pin, the audience chanted “holy shit” as Owens lifted Rollins to the top turnbuckle. Owens then attempted to suplex Rollins, but Rollins countered. From there, Rollins flipped over Owens and hit the buckle bomb on him. As he hit, Owens bounced off the buckle and kicked Rollins in the face. He then covered, but Rollins kicked out at two. Out of the pin, Owens climbed to the top rope for a move, but Rollins followed. They exchanged strikes, but Rollins eventually fell off of the top. Owens then attempted a moonsault, but Rollins rolled out of the way. This sent Owens crashing to the mat and Rollins capitalized by hitting The Stomp. He then covered for the 1,2,32 win.

WINNER: Rollins via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: Fantastic match. They told a great story with the shoulder and also with the fact that Kevin Owens was frustrated with his current position on Raw. That frustration caused Owens to lose the match and this will certainly be something they tell further in the coming weeks. Plus, the stunner? Great stuff. 

-After the match, Michael Cole said Corbin had done a nice job as GM thus far and then discussed how that came to be by showing an Instagram post from Kurt Angle.

-Backstage, Braun Strowman confronted Baron Corbin and gave him the money in the bank contract. He told Corbin to make sure he brings it to Hell In A Cell. (c)

-A commercial aired for the Mae Young Classic

-Out of the commercial break, Kevin Owens was still in the ring and seated in a chair as the audience chanted “Kevin Owens.” Owens looked upset and appeared to be holding back tears as the chants died down. From there, Owens said that he quit before he tossed the microphone down and walked out of the ring.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Well, that’s one way to further the story. Nothing much else to judge at this point. 

-Renee Young then welcomed Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler for an interview. Ziggler said to change the game you need to make moves at the right time. They said they saw a window open and that by beating Strowman and Reigns, they would stake their claim atop the mountain. McIntyre then outlined why they would win because of the action Reigns and Strowman have had in the last few weeks. He then called his opponents wounded animals and said they were ready for slaughter.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Decent backstage promo, but the story is silly. Ziggler and McIntyre just aren’t presented remotely close to Strowman and Reigns. Because of that, they come off as comedic instead of serious. They are just too far out on that limb with this.


The B-Team entered the ring first and got a nice reaction of “B Team’ chants. The Revival then walked out next and were talked up by the announce team as wanting to be Raw’s old school tag team. When the match began, the B Team got the upperhand. Axel owned the match and tagged Dallas in so they could connect with a double back body drop. They then cleared the ring and did their chant as the show went to break. (c)

When the show returned from the break, The Revival were back in control of the match. Dawson had Dallas down on the mat with a back submission and then tagged Dash in. Dash clocked Dallas with a clothesline and then climbed the top rope. Dallas countered the move with a top rope neck breaker and then made the tag to Curtis Axel. Axel hit the ring with fire, but the audience was slow to react.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Quiet reaction for the hot tag and its for two reasons, first, the Rollins/Owens match took a lot of the crowd and two, Bo Dallas just didn’t sell his beating well enough to make people care. That is an example of B Team possibly hitting their ceiling as an act. They can make people laugh and roll their eyes, but can they make them care? Remains to be seen. 

in the end, after a confusing back and forth pinning sequence, The Revival hit the Shatter Machine on Axel for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: The Revival via pinfall

-After the match, The Revival ran down the B Team and said they were sick and tired of them making a mockery of the sacred history of tag team wrestling. They told the B Team to hold on to those titles because they can take them away whenever they want.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I’m sorry, but that’s a babyface promo. What’s wrong with defending the sacred history of tag team wrestling? 

-Elias was shown backstage getting ready for his concert. (c)

-Out of the break, Elias was in the ring and strummed his guitar as the audience clapped along.


After he was done, the audience cheered for him. He then did his usual act with the audience including “Walk With Elias” and “Who Wants To Walk With Elias.” The audience cheered and interacted loudly with him during both chants and then chanted “Walk With Elias” on their own. After the cheers, Elias the switched gears and ran down his audience. He ran down Toronto and called the city a disappointment. This prompted Trish Stratus’s music to hit.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Whoa. This is a nice surprise. Huge pop for Stratus. 

The audience popped huge for Stratus who proceeded to do her point in each direction when she got in the ring. From there, she grabbed a microphone, but was interuppted by Elias. Elias called himself a big deal and made fun of Trish changing diapers. Trish then stopped him and said for him to shut his mouth when talking about Toronto. In response, Elias continued to insult Toronto by making fun their hockey team. Trish then came back at him by making fun of his lack of WWE Championships. From there, Trish said things had changed and that she’s proud of the fact that an all women’s PPV is just few months away. She said she’d be taking on Alexa Bliss and Elias interupped again by saying like thousands of other women, she wants to walk with Elias. Elias then said he didn’t date women in their sixties. From there, Trish slapped Elias in the face and Ronda Rousey’s music hit. Nattie followed and they both walked to the ring. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Fun segment. Trish looked comfortable in there and was able to hype the fact and sell the story of women being in a different place in the WWE since she left. Elias sold well for her as well and though Trish was clearly the dominant force in the ring, it would have been nice for her to get in a little more offense aside from a slap after the “in her sixties” comment. 

-Out of the break, Alexa Bliss and Alicia Fox walked out. Bliss cut a promo and called Trish irrelevant before saying she looked good. Bliss then told Trish to take her advice and that nothing would save her from the beat down she’d get at Evolution. Bliss then addressed Ronda Rousey and said that she won the title, but she failed in breaking her arm. Bliss said she was cleared to compete though and that she’d invoke her rematch clause at Hell In A Cell. Bliss then said at HIAC, she’d take her title back. Bliss then brought out Mickie James to be in their corner for Fox’s match.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Loved this promo from Bliss. She really spoke well and laid out her points in a very heelish way. In it, she laid the foundation for her rematch with Rousey AND her match at Evolution with Stratus. Mission accomplished. 


The match began and Fox was on the offensive right away. She crushed Nattie with a big boot and choked her in the ropes instead of going for a pin. She did this in her corner, which allowed for James and Bliss to get involved. Seeing their involvement, Bliss and Rousey ran to her aid and the heels scurried off into the crowd. From there, Nattie took over and put Fox in the Sharpshooter for the victory.

WINNER: Natalya via submission

-After the match, Nattie, Ronda, and Trish celebrated in the ring with the audience. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Simple match with a simple goal – build up Trish and Ronda. It worked on that level.

Out of the break, Nattie, Ronda, and Trish were confronted by The Bellas. The Bellas congratulated the three on their win and then revealed that they would be in action next week on Raw. From there, Nattie took a selfie with all of the women and said “now that’s an Evolution.”

Heydorn’s Analysis: These Bella interactions with Rousey are just a bit over the top to me –  and for a reason. I’m thinking that something is afoot and it may come to a head next week. Ronda/Nattie vs. The Bellas? That’s my prediction. 

-A superstar hype video aired in which Stone Cold Steve Austin, Booker T, and Big Show discussed Triple H vs. The Undertaker at Super Show Down.

-After the video, Baron Corbin was shown talking to Stephanie backstage. He said he would handle the Kevin Owens situation and then told a stagehand to get him a masseuse. Lashley then walked in and questioned Corbin’s antics in his match against Finn Balor. Corbin then made a match for Lashley that would happen “next.” (c)


Lashley hit the ring immediatley after the commercial break. He got a small response from the crowd, but tried hard to hype them up as he walked to the ring. After he got to the ring, Lashley looked toward the screen as Corbin announced his opponent. Corbin said he couldn’t remember his opponents name because he had two opponents. From there, the Ascension walked out.

Heydorn’s Analysis: The story here is Lashley being forgotten because he beat Corbin last week? That is weak, but I get that they are trying to show how Corbin is helping himself while being an unfair GM. If this is for Corbin, to further his story, so be it. That said, it does nothing for Lashley though and sacrificing Lashley in this way is questionable at best. 

As soon as the Ascension got to the ring, the match began. Lashley took the momentum early in the match, but then was beaten down. In the end though, Lashley cleared the ring and nailed Viktor with his finish for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Lashley via pinfall

-After the match, Dean Ambrose was shown warming up backstage as the show went to commercial break. (c)


As the show returned from the break, Mahal was already in the ring with Sunill Singh. From there, Ambrose hit the ring to a big pop. Then, the bell rang and the match began. Ambrose took over early and clotheslined Mahal to the outside. He followed and chopped Mahal as he was pushed against the guardrail.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Really like the energy, pace, and urgency that Ambrose has in his work right now. He looks like he wants to be out there.

At that point, Singh got involved in the match which caused Ambrose to push him over and get distracted. This allowed Mahal to take over and he did so with knees to the midsection and boots to the throat. From there, Mahal put Ambrose in a sleeper hold. As Mahal gloated, Ambrose nailed him with a clothesline before connecting with a an elbow to the face. In the end, Ambrose nailed Mahal with Dirty Deeds for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Ambrose via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: I continue to enjoy Ambrose’s look and demeanor since his return. It’s time for a mission statement though. What does he want to do now that he’s back? That an important direction for him to define so the audience can go on the ride with him.  

-After the match, Reigns and Strowman were shown backstage. Strowman said they didn’t like each other but that the only thing being destroyed tonight would be Ziggler and McIntyre. Strowman said that after tonight, Reigns would have 20 days to get ready for what would happen to him at Hell In A Cell. Reigns responded by saying that on day 21, Strowman would have to look in the mirror and ask himself why he didn’t get the job done. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: If nothing else, this was a smart segment. Positioned both Reigns and Strowman as babyface partners tonight while addressing the underlying story and upcoming match between them at Hell In A Cell. This story is already confusing and this at least kept it from being MORE confusing. 

-Out of the break, Roman Reigns hit the ring to a worse reaction than when he walked out earlier in the show. Reigns was still slow as molasses during this entrance and soaked up boos because of it.


Braun Strowman walked out next to a nice cheer and roar from the crowd. In the ring, Strowman took in a “get these hands” chant before the team of Ziggler and McIntyre made their entrance.


Once Dolph and Drew got in the ring, the bell rang, and the match began. Reigns started the match first and was given the ok by Strowman to do so. From there, Ziggler and Reigns tied up before Reigns popped him the mouth with a punch. Reigns then crushed Ziggler with a clothesline out of the ring before decking McIntyre with a punch to the face. With Ziggler on the outside, Reigns nailed him with a Drive By as the audience clamored for Strowman by chanting his name. Eventually, Drew kicked Reigns illegally on the outside which gave the momentum to Drew and Dolph. At that point, both Ziggler and McIntyre took turns tagging in and decimating Reigns with strikes. They then kept him isolated in their corner as Ziggler locked in a sleeper hold.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Well, it’s all about the Strowman hot tag. And as it should be, really. Reigns is selling nicely and getting the audience on his side for that tag. Good stuff. 

Reigns escaped the hold, but Ziggler was ready and nailed him with a dropkick. He then covered Roman, but only got a two count. Out of the pin, Ziggler locked in another sleeper hold and grounded Reigns. Roman broke the hold by slamming Ziggler into the corner and then dumped him over the top rope to free him up for the tag. Ziggler ran in to try and stop him, but Reigns dismissed him with a big boot to the face. From there, McIntyre got tagged in and prevented Reigns from doing so. He proceeded to crush Reigns with a belly to back suplex before tagging Ziggler into the match again. Ziggler told Roman to do something and Reigns responded by hitting him with a Superman Punch. At that point, he finally made the tag to Strowman.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Huge reaction for the hot tag. They built to this the entire match and it paid off nicely.  

After he got the tag, Strowman stared at McIntyre as the audience chanted “get these hands.” Instead of entering the match, Strowman looked on as Ziggler and McIntyre decimated Reigns. The bell then rang for a disqualification.

WINNER: No contest

-After the match, Braun Strowman slowly walked up to Drew and Dolph before headbutting Reigns in the face. The three men beat on Reigns until Dean Ambrose made the save. Strowman, McIntyre, and Ziggler decimated him too until Rollins came down for the save. Just like his other two Shield brothers, Rollins was destroyed. In the end, Strowman hit all three members of the Shield with his powerslam and posed with Ziggler and McIntyre as the show went off the air.

Heydorn’s Analysis: To turn Braun Strowman, or not to turn Braun Strowman. That is the question. Whether you agree or disagree, the turn was well executed. He turned on the fans at the peak of their excitement in the match and did so in an emphatic way while aligning with two over heels. 

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  1. I’m thinking about avoiding Raw until a week before a ppv, It says a lot when I was longing for the days where I could switch to Nitro because Raw sucked so bad. The Corbin – Balor match for the billionth time made me wish for those days.

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