9/20 IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: McMahon’s report on Austin Aries vs. El Texano for the World Title



Sept. 20, 2018
Taped from Ciudad de México, Mexico (Fronton Mexico)
Aired on Pop TV

Announcers: Josh Mathews & Don Callis

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— Impact began with highlights from last week’s episode.

— The Impact opening montage aired.

(1) OVE def. Aerostar, Hijo del Vikingo & Laredo Kid in a six-man tag team match

McMahon: Laredo Kid is back! We haven’t seen him in a while! This was a strong opener and the Mexican crowd seemed genuinely into the action. I’m not sure if this was the actual first match the crowd saw that night of the tapings, but it felt like it might have been. There was nothing earth-shattering here, but it did allow OVE to get a victory over some well-established talent. Impact fans are familiar with both Aerostar and Laredo Kid, which helps, and OVE looked good in the victory ahead of their showdown with Pentagon, Fenix and Brian Cage at Bound for Glory.

— Matt Sydal tried to recruit Rich Swann backstage. Sydal said they would be tag team partners tonight, but Swann didn’t look amused.

(2) Eli Drake def. Trevor Lee

McMahon: As expected with Trevor Lee, this was a very good match. The only downside is Lee continues to do jobs instead of going over. Lee is a talent, and as we’ve discussed, he could be a cornerstone talent for Impact Wrestling (just ask Bruce Mitchell), but Impact still has yet to give him a proper push.

— The OGz were backstage talking about how hard it was to conduct their business in Mexico. King said they wanted to get LAX to go against the ceasefire that the elders instituted. King said he would wrestle tonight.

(3) King def. Kronoz

The OGz attacked Kronoz before the opening bell, and then King made the referee ring the bell while Kronoz was still beaten up on the mat. King hit a spinning back fist that connected solidly to pick up the win.

McMahon: This show feels like it’s about building to Bound for Glory. Like with the opening match, this was a solid segment that established what King and the OGz can do in the ring as a group. King’s spinning back fist made a sickening thud on Kronoz’s face. 

— LAX was backstage. Konnan tried to tell Santana and Ortiz why they couldn’t go against the ceasefire, or the elders would kill them (literally). Konnan said they would take care of the OGz in New York at Bound for Glory. Konnan said they would fight in a concrete jungle death match.

(4) Faby Apache def. Alisha Edwards

McMahon: This match was … interesting.

I’m fine with Apache getting a push while the company is in Mexico, but something felt a little off with the booking here. The announcers did an OK job of explaining to the viewer who Apache was, but I think Impact needs to assume that no one has any idea who Apache is, or what AAA is. The match was good, and Apache is a different type of women’s wrestler for Impact. I’d be intrigued seeing her up against Taya Valkyrie or Tessa Blanchard, which we’ll see next week.

— El Texano was interviewed about his championship match tonight

— Scarlett Bordeaux said she has something big planned for next week.

(5) Pentagon Jr. & Fenix def. Rich Swann & Matt Sydal

After the match, OVE ran to the ring and surrounded the Lucha Brothers. But … Brian Cage made the save before OVE could attack.

McMahon: This was a very good match, and the crowd was thrilled to see Pentagon and Fenix. They’re obviously both over, but it was cool to see them over in their home country. Speaking of which, the arena setup is really good. It actually looks like the show is coming from an arena, and not a club, which makes it a unique setting for Impact Wrestling. I’m not sure how many people the venue holds, but it looks like, from the TV shots, there could be 1,000 or so people there. Maybe more. That’s a good sign.

The post-match angle was expected, with Cage making the save, but again, it builds to Bound for Glory. Impact is keeping it pretty simple with a lot of these storylines, and that’s fine. 

— Austin Aries was interviewed backstage about his match with Texano tonight.

— Joe Hendry and Grado premiered a new song/video.

— A video package aired on the Knockouts Division.

— Don Callis and Josh Mathews were at the announce booth, hyping what we would see on next week’s show. Booked for next week are:

  1. Faby Apache vs. Tessa Blanchard
  2. Brian Cage vs. Jake Crist
  3. LAX vs. Desi Hit Squad
  4. Allie & Kiera Hogan vs. Su Yung & an Undead Bridesmaid.

— Abyss was announced as the newest member of the Impact Hall of Fame with a video package.

McMahon: 100% deserving is Abyss, and my Livecast co-host, Andrew Soucek, called this last week after I somehow managed to totally blank on Abyss being a candidate for the Hall of Fame. There’s no question, in the realm of Impact Wrestling, this is an honor deserving of Abyss. He’s been an integral part of that company, nonstop, for the last 15 years.

(6) Austin Aries def. El Texano to retain the Impact World Title

McMahon: Again, a good match with an expected result. But, it builds to Bound for Glory. 

— Johnny Impact cut a promo, via satellite from Los Angeles. He said he might not be medically cleared by Bound for Glory. But, Impact said that his neck will heal sooner than later, and Aries will see him soon. In fact, sooner than he thinks.

Back in the ring, Aries said he knows Impact is in the crowd somewhere, and he’s playing games. Aries said Impact isn’t playing his trick on him. Impact came down the ramp, as Aries looked in the crowd, and then he attacked Aries while Killer Kross and Moose were looking through the crowd. Impact kicked Kross and Moose. Aries ducked a kick before leaving the ring.

Eddie Edwards ran out of the crowd with a kendo stick and attacked Kross and Aries. Edwards joined Impact in the ring and they celebrated to close out the show.

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      I’ve read a lot of your comments and know you’ve watched wrestling for a long time as have I but it doesn’t mean what you say means anything!
      I think the comment about AAA is a fair one and if they had introduced Faby Apache in a video or something beforehand it would of meant a lot more in her match(es) and maybe given fans a reason to believe she not only deserves a title shot but that she could actually win the title.

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