10/6 WWE SUPER SHOW-DOWN ON-SITE REPORT: Observations from in the stadium for the big Australia show headlined by Triple H vs. Undertaker

By Jason Australia, PWTorch correspondent


OCTOBER 6, 2018

-We got there two-and-a-half hours before the first match and the lines were massive. However, they moved pretty well so no complaints.

-I paid nearly $200 for my seat, but one of the four pillars was in the way as I was on a diagonal which was annoying. However, I was there for atmosphere and watched everything on the big screen.

-The entrance was flat, no ramp, so a large amount of the audience couldn’t see the wrestlers until they reached the ring. That wasn’t good.

-This event was four hours. No Kickoff show. I don’t know how people do six hours.

-The MCG ALWAYS hosts the AFL (Aussie Rules) grand final and last week they had 100,000. However, 70,000 in attendance is a great result for WWE. At least I think it is.

-A wide variety of people of all different nationalities and ages. Everyone was there for a good time. Wide variety of shirts as well.

-Plenty of fans wearing wrestling shirts in the city. Shield, plenty of Seth Rollins shirts, plus Bullet Club, Undertaker, Super Show-down shirts too. City approximately 25 minute walk from MCG.

-I wouldn’t say the crowd was rabid, but they weren’t quiet. Yes, there were some quiet spots, but I think in a respectful way taking in what was happening in the ring. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.

-Undertaker got biggest pop as I imagine a large percentage of people hadn’t seen him perform live before. All four main eventers got a great pop. The feeling before the match was electric.

-Shawn Michaels has been my favorite wrestler since ’92 and I have never seen him live so that was a personal buzz for me. Although I think he didn’t appreciate the long entrance. Probably thought, “First I spend 98 hrs on a plane to get here now I have to walk down this long ass aisle.” It’s okay, mate, relax.

-The match was what it was. They worked hard, no doubt. But this ain’t 1999-2002 or even 2011-’12. I personally don’t think this “feud” needed this chapter, but then again I ain’t the one being offered six-to-seven figure pay days.

-Kane spent far too much time selling what looked to be a rather soft table spot with Triple H. Perhaps the big man was mentally finalizing the low tax brackets he wants for Knox County?

-Cool twist at the end when Taker and Kane “turned” on Triple H and Shawn, perhaps setting up an epic tag match in Saudi Arabia? Looking forward to the crown jewel of WWE’s commentary team, Renee Young’s comments during that match.

-Buddy Murphy of course was super over and everyone nearly stood when he won. Great match. Great reaction. All that was missing was Men at Work’s “Down Under” theme instead of his current theme which sounds like some techno psychedelic remix that can’t decide which beat it wants.

-Roman Reigns got booed when he was in the ring, but the crowd loved it when he speared Braun Strowman and there was a massive pop when Dean Ambrose went over to him and the three did their Shield pose. I believe that’s us Aussies saying “we respect you for sacrificing yourself for your mate after you screwed up before.” Aussies like mates sticking by their mates.

-IIconics got a decent pop when they came out, but I believe the crowd was unwillingly to go all-in fully cheering them because they probably thought they were going to take the piss out of them (make fun of them). When it was apparent they were the babyfaces, so to speak, they got a big pop for the win!

-Okay, regarding The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan, throughout the night there were times you couldn’t hear the ref’s hand slap the mat so that three count count caught everyone off guard! No reaction. A lot of us thought it was a botch. Complete shock and, to be honest, it came off pretty poor. Of course, the “Yes!” chant was over.

-Becky was a clear babyface against Charlotte but the crowd didn’t like it when she kept attacking her afterwards.

-Not sure how it came across on TV, but Ronda was super over as a babyface, but the Bellas not so much, although they have their loyal fans. It’s safe to say it was all about Ronda and a MUCH better result for her in Melbourne compared to last time.

-The crowd liked both A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe and were very much into the match. Yes, some quiet spots, but not bored. More respectfully watching it taking it all in. They worked their asses off.

-The crowd loved Elias and Kevin Owens. Elias thought he was pretty good insulting Collingwood (who lost AFL grand final the week before in dramatic fashion after leading throughout). However, this is an important point: There are 18 AFL teams, and nine are located in the city of Melbourne. So the support for teams is well spread out. Furthermore, if you don’t barrack for one of the other 17 teams, you hate Collingwood so plenty of people cheered the comment! Points for trying, though, and that’s all that matters. AFL is a religion in Melbourne.

-I have no idea what that move was from John Cena. Neither did anyone else. Also, how did he know to set up for that move after hitting the AA? Normally after the AA, the opponent stays down. How did Cena know Elias would get up when no one else does? I know, I know… just enjoy the show.

-…which is what I ultimately did and everyone I believe did. They must have cleaned up on the merch money as there were big lines for that and hopefully it was worth it.

-Was it a glorified house show? Yes and no. The six-man tag told a great story with the Ambrose saga, Buddy blew the roof off, A.J. and Joe had a belter, and the people got to see the big stars in person.

-Four hours was fine. No more.

-Now… next time (next year?!) they need to come to Perth. Opposite end of Australia. The west coast. We have a new stadium with an amazing lighting set up which would look tremendous on TV and everyone sits above the action. The sound is incredible – it can’t escape. It has a coliseum type of atmosphere. The perfect stadium for a WWE show. 60,000 capacity. They would fill that no problem.

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  1. A large portion of the crowd sitting opposite the stage could see the big screen. The view of the screen was blocked by the canopy covering the lighting structure. This contributed to a flat crowd. The view of the ring and entrance was great considering the size of the stadium. Everyone around me expressed their disappointment that they couldn’t see the screen. We paid $310 for the seats.

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