10/24 NXT TV REPORT: EC3 vs. Adam Cole, Aliyah vs. Mia Yim, plus big angle with Johnny Gargano, Evolution hype with Bazler vs. Kairi

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor

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OCTOBER 24, 2018

[Q1] “Earlier today”, William Regal is talking to a group of black shirted security guards, telling them that Aleister Black will be hot to get inside the building, but they need to make sure that Black talks to him first before going in the building.

Vic Joseph is on for Mauro Ranallo. The announcers talk up Black’s anger and desire for revenge.

Undisputed Era comes out, and they get a babyface reception. They now have dog tags added to their merch collection. Cole is dressed to wrestle, O’Reilly, Strong, and Fish are in street clothes. The crowd chants fo Fish. Cole tells us that Fish is back,and Undisputed Era is at 100%. He refers to them beating up War Raiders last week. Cole vows that they will stomp anyone who gets in their way, and the world will fear NXT. Because “NXT isn’t NXT, Undisputed Era is NXT.” Cole puts Ricochet on notice. Cole says that Ricochet beat Pete Dunne because he can’t beat Dunne. EC3’s music cuts Cole off. He comes out in a sleeveless fake fur jacket. It’s like he borrowed Dunne’s warddrobe or watched “xXx” too many times.

EC3 says that Cole does not deserve a rematch. Cole asks EC3 if it is smart for him to come out facing all three of them. EC3 points out that Cole lost, and needles Cole. Cole gets fired up and demands a referree and a match right now.

[ J.J.’s Reax: I think that may have been EC3’s best mic work since returning. ]

(1) EC3 vs. ADAM COLE (w/Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish)

Cole immediately starts off strong on EC3, kicking him to the corner. EC3 gets momentum after a ref break and chops Cole around the ring. McGuinness reminds up that EC3 stood up to Lars Sullivan. Body slam then posing from EC3, and a running elbow drop. EC3 clears Cole out of the ring and takes himself out fot eh ring too. EC3 doesn’t let Undisputed Era distract him, landing a suplex on the apron, but Cole has a superkick for EC3 back in the ring. EC3 slips out of a suplex attempt but eats a pump kick, cover for one. Cole looks cocky as he continues the attack. EC3 fights out of the corner, but Cole puts him back in the corner. Cole dodges a Stinger Splash, shoulder breaker from the fireman’s carry for two. Cole grounds EC3 with a front facelock. EC3 finally suplexes his way out of a front facelock. Rights and lefts drive Cole to the ropes. Stinger Splash and a German Suplex put the hurt on Cole. EC3 wants the Top 1%-er, Cole slips out. EC3 hits a sitout powerbomb for a nearfall. Undisputed Era get on the apron to distract EC3, Cole sets up the Last Call, but EC3 has a clothesline then clears Undisputed Era off the apron. EC3 ducks another attempt at the Last Call, then schoolboys Cole for the win, much to Cole’s shock.

WINNER: EC3 at 6:52. Good match that elevated EC3, giving him a win over name brand talent. Cole can take a loss, he is teflon.

[Q2] Post-match, EC3 receives a four-on-one beatdown outside the ring and up the ramp.

Undisputed Era gets booed as the pose over EC3. Bobby Fish gets a chair and shoves a ref away. He smashes EC3 in the knee and gets a “thank you Bobby!” chant.

[ J.J.’s Reax: I kike the idea of Fish trying to break the knees of everyone in NXT after his knee injury. ]

Announcers tell us that Regal has an announcement for the NXT Championship Match at Takeover: War Games.

Mia Yim talks about how she is “coming for blood.” Her debut is next.

Outside, Nikki Cross giggles and acts excited and warns the security guards that “he’s coming.”

Aliyah is out with another new outfit, same cut as always, now it is grey and white. The announcers tell us that Aliyah is “boogie” and has an attitude of entilement.


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The crowd is solidly behind Yim. Lockup, break, then arm drags and a dropkick from Yim send Aliyah out of the ring. Aliyah hotshots Yim on the ropes then pounches on her. Trio of elbow drops from Aliyah get two. Aliyah grounds Yim. Yim regains her feet, but Aliyah has a Thesz Press and rights for two. Aliyah smirks then batters Yim in the corner. Northern Lights suplex, bridging cover get Aliyah two. Another hold from Aliyah. Yim starts to rally. Yakuza Kick in the corner, cannonball, Eat Defeat gets the win.

WINNER: Mia Yim at 3:36. Was that supposed to put over Yim, or Aliyah? It doesn’t do her any favors to take that much offense from perrenial loser Aliyah.

Backstage, Bianca Belair is berating Regal in the hallway, demanding her title shot because she is un-duh-feet-ed.

Cathy Kelley talks to Regal, he says he doesn’t know what name Cross gave Black but Black will be looking for blood.

Adam Cole and Undisputed Era come out to whine. Regal yells at Fish for uninterrupting the title match last week, and books Fish and Cole to face War Raiders next week.

[Q3] Package on Roman Reigns announcing his departure.

Video package on Lacey Evans.

Tommaso Ciampa is shown inside a shipping container, looking nervous waiting for Regal’s announcement.

Video package hyping Shayna Baszler facing NXT Women’s Champion Kairi Sane at WWE Evolution this Sunday.

Justin Xavier is out making his debut. No Twitter handle for him, so I guess he is a jobber. He is facing Kassius Ohno.


Ohno kind of hangs out in the corner after the bell as the announcers wonder if Ohno actually had something to do with the assault on Black. Ohno has a slight haircut. Ohno looks bored. Ohno telegraphs a back drop but shrugs off a kick, then paintbrushes Xavier. Leaping running elbow from Xavier. Big boot wrecks Xavier, then a running boot in the corner and a big right. Running leg drop to Xavier. Ohno yells at Regal (who isn’t there) that this isn’t what he asked for. Xavier fires up with blood in his mouth. Ohno bounces out of the corner with a big boot and a pair of running sentons. roling elbow to the back of the head give Ohno his first main event win in some time.

WINNER: Kassius Ohno at 3:10. Good match to put Ohno over.

Cross comes out laughing and pointing at Ohno. She says “he’s coming” and “I know” and “you’ve been bad.” Ohno acts like he doesn’t know what she is talking about. Ohno leaves the ring, fired up.

[Q4] Video package on Matt Riddle, he makes his in-ring debut next week.

Regal is in the ring. He is interrupted by Tommaso Ciampa’s music, and then the champ himself. “With all due respect sir, wipe that smug look off your face.” Not a good way to start a talk with Regal. Just as Regal is about to respond, Velveteen Dream interrupts. He says the people don’t want a bunch of complaining at War Games, they want an Experience, but it’s not about the people, it’s about the Dream, and Dream wants Regal to say his name. And now Lars Sullivan interrupts. He is tapping his microphone. He says that “you” (meaning Dream) is in Lars Sullivan territory, and Dream needs to step aside. Ciampa does not look happy to see Sullivan. Dream says that he knows that Sullivan is a nightmare, but he needs to wear some pants. Sullivan chokes Dream over the ropes. Cross runs in screaming “he’s coming” and Black is shown destroying the security team outside. He kicks a camera person in the hallway. Black Mass to Sullivan and he gets in Regal’s face screaming “where is he!?” Regal doesn’t know who he means.

Johnny Gargano ambushes Black with a kick of his own, takes a mic and says, “I’m right here.” To make it clear to everyone that he is a bad guy, Gargano is dressed all in black.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Tons of moving parts here tonight. The Gargano reveal was not completely unexpected. It will be good to see Riddle next week, that sets up Riddle-Ohno in time for War Games in four weeks. My only complaint tonight was that Aliyah got in way too much offense against Mia Yim.

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