10/29 WWE Raw Results: Keller’s report on Evolution fallout, final Crown Jewel hype, Dean Ambrose-Seth Rollins reaction, more

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

OCTOBER 29, 2018

Announcers: Michael Cole, Renee Young, Corey Graves

Tonight after WWE Raw, join me live with guest cohost Matt Koon to break down the show with live callers, mailbag, and a live on-site correspondent from Charlotte.

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-They opened with a recap of Roman Reigns’s announcement last week that he is taking an extended leave to battle leukemia with dramatic music and a “Thank you, Roman!” chant with some backstage hugs edited in.

-Jo Jo introduced Baron Corbin as the screen banner noted they were in Charlotte, N.C. Corbin stood mid-ring and talked about what an emotional night last week’s Raw was. He said, “That was last week and life goes on.” Boos. He said he wishes Reigns the best in his battle with leukemia on a personal level, but on a professional level he hopes he doesn’t return to Raw if he returns. He looked down at the Universal Title and said it looks good over his shoulder and it feels good too. “Roman Reigns made my job very difficult,” he said. Then he was interrupted by Brock Lesnar’s music. Out walked Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Cole chimed in and said Raw is live in Charlotte and they are looking at the Beast, Brock Lesnar.

Corbin said, “Let’s hear it for one half of the Universal Championship match!” Heyman interrupted Corbin as he hyped “The Beast vs. The Monster.” Heyman said, “You do your schtick, I’ll do my schtick.” He introduced himself as the advocate for The Beast and Conquerer, Brock Lesnar.” He said Lesnar will regain the Universal Title “this Friday at Crown Jewel” and take it home. He said it’s not a prediction, but rather a spoiler, that’s a guarantee. I couldn’t be more clairvoyant about the outcome of this match if it were predetermined.” He said he’s giving fans a heads up. He said when you watch the Super Bowl, you know history is going to happen. He said this Friday, an unparalleled career of milestones and achievements comes to a head when Lesnar F5’s Braun Strowman to become the champion again. Boos. He said Friday, history will unfold before everyone’s eyes. Braun’s music played.

As Braun walked out, Graves said the words “Crown Jewel.” Braun vowed to become the Universal Champion “this Friday.” When Braun shoved Corbin out of the way, Corbin attacked him from behind. Braun battered and slammed him. Braun then stared down Lesnar. “Get these hands!” chanted the crowd. Braun lifted Corbin and powerslammed him as he stared at Lesnar. He then yelled, “That’s your future! Are you ready for it?” Lesnar laughed. Fans chanted, “One more time!” Braun powerslammed Corbin again. Lesnar came up behind Braun and gave him an F5. Braun sold it, writhing on the mat as fans booed for a few seconds. Heyman handed Lesnar the Universal Title belt. Cole asked if that would be the scene Friday at Crown Jewel. Lesnar left. Strowman stood and yelled that Lesnar is a piece of trash.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m not a fan of Heyman’s “spoiler” bit. I don’t really get the point. Lesnar was the heel here and Strowman the unquestionable babyface, so that’s good. Give fans a reason to cheer for someone and boo someone else. Lesnar attacking Strowman from behind was heelish, but Strowman didn’t come across all that bright by turning his back on Lesnar like that.)

-Cole, Graves, and Young stood in front of the LED wall with the Raw logo. Cole talked about Reigns relinquishing the title and then commented on a replay of Seth and Dean celebrating their WWE Raw Tag Team Title victory. They showed fans reacting with dismay as Dean beat down Seth in a “heinous, selfish, parsimonious, and self-centered” attack, as Cole described it. (Parsimonious means “unwilling to spend money or use resources; stingy or frugal.”)

-The announcers hyped that Brothers of Destruction and DX are live at Raw tonight and there’d be a ten-woman tag match later.

-Finn Balor made his ring entrance. He smiled and waved at Corbin as two referees helped Corbin walk up the ramp toward the stage. [c]

-A slideshow aired of highlights from Evolution.

-They showed Balor pinning Bobby Lashley last week on Raw with a rollup. Cole said Lashley and his hype-man Lio Rush are not happy.

-Rush walked out and said his man is bothered by people like him with a huge false sense of self-confidence. He said the big man is going to make him humble and dominate him tonight and beat him. He said the people “of this ridiculous city of Charlotte know it.” Boos. He asked fans to stand and cheer for the man who is going to win tonight, his man “Lashley, Lashley, Lashley.” Then Lashley’s music played.


Lashley overpowered Balor early and slammed him. Rush started the “Lashley!” chants. Graves said he wishes life had a mute button. Viewers do, and Rush is so obnoxious there are probably people using more than the mute button to silence him. Balor came back with a dropkick sending Lashley to the floor and then flip dove onto him at ringside. Renee said Balor loves these “David vs. Goliath situations.” [c]

Lashley had Balor down and applied a nerve hold after the break. (He’s supposed to apply that during the break!) Rush chanted Lashley’s name. Balor made a comeback after Lashley showboated. He clotheslined Lashley and then stomped on his chest. He showed fire as Lashley stood and leaned in the corner. He ran and chopped him in the chest. “Woo!” Lashley surprised Balor as he charged by lifting him and slamming him for a believable near fall. Graves said had Lashley not taken a moment to adjust his headband, he might have gotten a three count. Rush told Lashley to “stick to the plan.” Lashley set up his delayed vertical suplex, but Balor leaned out of it and hit a sling blade. Rush stood on the ring apron. Balor chased him off the ring apron, then set up the top rope stomp. Rush shoved him, though. Balor still came back with a roundkick to take Lashley down again. When he climbed to the top again, Rush knocked him off and the ref called for the DQ.

WINNER: Balor via DQ in 9:00.

-After the match Lashley attacked Balor, ramming him spine-first into the ringside barricade and ring apron a few times. Lashley then put Balor in a full nelson and jerked him back and forth. Rush slapped Balor and mouthed off to him. Then he yelled “Lashley! Lashley!” a few more times. He told Lashley to pick him up and then Rush slapped him again. Graves called it “blatant disrespect” [c]

-Backstage Rush led Lashley to Corbin in the trainer’s room. He excitedly said Corbin wanted to talk to them. Corbin told Lashley it was great to see Balor get what he had coming because he’s been disrespectful and a pain his butt. Lashley said last week was a fluke and Balor is no where near his level. Corbin said he’s giving Lashley a chance to prove he’s the best in the world because he’s putting him in the World Cup tournament. Lashley said he thought the tournament was full. Corbin said he’s replacing someone who didn’t qualify – John Cena. Rush and Lashley shook Corbin’s hand.

(Keller’s Analysis: Alright, that was easy. With reports that Cena didn’t want to return to Saudi Arabia after he was called out by John Oliver on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” show, this grants him his apparent wish. I don’t know if Cena is against WWE running an event in Saudi Arabia on moral principles or if he is just worried about a p.r. hit, so before I lavish too much praise on him for “taking a stand,” if it’s purely self-preservation and he never comments on the reason for this, I’ll limit my praise for now.)

RELATED: HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” features extremely critical take on WWE’s decision to go forward with Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

-The announcers commented on clips of Ronda Rousey’s win over Nikki Bella. Then they announced that Rousey will face Becky Lynch at Survivor Series in a battle of champions. They threw to a clip from backstage at Evolution when Charly Caruso interviewed Rousey and then Becky showed up. Becky said, “Hey champ.” Rousey said, “What’s up champ.” Becky congratulated her. Rousey returned the compliment. Becky said, “I’ll be seeing you soon.”

(Keller’s Analysis: So they turned Becky, in part, so they could save Charlotte vs. Rousey for another time, but they didn’t want Rousey to face a fellow babyface in Becky at Survivor Series that could undercut the so-far-so-good babyface reactions Rousey has been getting against only heels so far? How is that working out? The crowd reaction for this match will be fascinating. Rousey is popular, but fans are really pushing back against Becky’s heel turn.)

-Lita and Trish came out and then were joined by Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Natalya. Jo Jo introduced them as Cole hyped they’d battle in a ten-woman tag match next. [c]

-WWE Fact: Did you know that #WWEEvolution was the no. 1 trend on Twitter for several hours, beating NFL Sunday Night Football and the MLB World Series? Cole thanked “the WWE Universe” for making them number one on social media.

(2) ALICIA FOX & MICKIE JAMES (w/Alexa Bliss) & THE RIOTT SQUAD (Ruby Riott & Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan) vs. LITA & TRISH STRATUS & SASHA BANKS & BAYLEY & NATALYA

Graves said he read an interview where Sasha said she was the greatest female Superstar in WWE history. Cole said she didn’t actually say that and that’s out of context. He said she said that she was humbled to be part of Evolution. Graves said humble people don’t talk about how humble they are. Lita tagged in early and worked over Liv. Fans chanted “Lita!” She headscissored Liv and then DDT’d her. Riott and Morgan pulled Liv to safety at ringside. Bayley and Sasha slidekicked the heels on the floor and then dove off the ring apron onto them. [c]

Young asked Graves if last night silenced his doubts about Sasha and Bayley. Graves said he still has doubts and “one day we’ll break down the footage.” Trish and Sasha had fun working together with a double team on Fox who kicked out with a strange contortion of her body. Mickey grabbed Sasha’s leg from ringside, giving Fox a chance to tag out to Mickie, who locked on a chinlock.


When Riott tagged in, Cole said he thinks she’s going to be a women’s champion sooner than later. Fans chanted for Sasha. She pushed toward her corner and almost tagged out. Ruby mocked Trish and then mocked Sasha. When she charged at Sasha, Sasha moved and she knocked into her partners. Fox tagged herself in. Natalya also tagged in and she got a nice pop. Trish took Mickie off the top rope with a head scissors. Chaos broke out with everyone in the ring. Bayley and Lita delivered stereo Twists of Fates. Then Bayley landed her flying elbow drop onto Riott. Lita then landed on Morgan with a moonsault off the top rope. Lita then set up Fox for a Hart Attack clothesline by Natalya for a near fall. Natalya got the tapout win with the Sharpshooter.

WINNERS: Natalya & Trish & Lita & Sasha & Bayley in 13:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Entertaining match. Fox is fun to watch, sometimes for the wrong reason as she’s so unorthodox out there it almost seems like a parody of pro wrestling. Trish and Lita got in shape to wrestle at Evolution and now they get a bonus payday on top of it here on Raw. It’s a nice rub for Bayley and Sasha to share the ring with those two.)

-The announcers recapped Nia Jax winning the battle royal at Evolution.

-Kayla Braxton interviewed Nia backstage and asked when she plans to cash in her future title shot. Jax said Rousey has Becky next, and when she makes Becky tap and “proves Raw is the dominant brand” (that wouldn’t prove that, I can’t take a month of this nonsense) she will be waiting for her. Kayla then introduced Ember Moon who eliminated four women in the battle royal. Moon said she gets chills thinking about making history last night. She said she caught lightning in a bottle. Jax said she was incredible, but she won. She asked Kayla if she wants to ask her more about winning, or does she want to keep asking “Miss Lighting in a Bottle” some questions. Moon said maybe Jax will respect her more if she challenges her to a match tonight. Jax said she respects her and she has her match. She told her that last night when she “caught lightning in a bottle,” she still beat her, and she will again tonight.

(Keller’s Analysis: They’re going to destroy Nia Jax if she’s the new Big Show who just changes her personal constitution of decency and kindness month to month. That said, it’s nice in a general sense that there’s a backstory developed for a match later on Raw.)

-They went to the announcers on camera. Cole said Tamina and Jax paid tribute to Reigns with a roar last night. Then they replayed Dean giving a DDT to Seth last week after winning the tag team titles. Graves said they’d hear from both Seth and Dean later tonight. Cole then shifted to promoting the DX-Brothers of Destruction feud. They replayed the Super Show-down angle. Then Cole said Elias was next.

-A Twizzlers commercial aired with Alexa Bliss and the B-Team. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel brightened Bliss’s mood with Twizzler zaniness. They asked her join the B-Team and she turned them down. [c]

-More highlights aired of Evolution.


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-They showed the exterior of the Spectrum Center in Charlotte.

-Elias played some guitar mid-ring. He said he is the living truth and the truth shall set them free. He said everything he says is meant to send fans to the promised land. He said it all hinges on the universal truth that WWE stands for “Walk With Elias.” He let out a “woo!” and fans woo’d back. He said he came to Charlotte early because Ric Flair has been wanting to hang out with him. He said Flair told him he is his favorite and he was so happy about what he did to Corbin last week. He said he has to relive that and feel it again, so Elias pointed at the big screen for the replay. Fans chanted “Yes!” He said it pained him to break one of his beloved Fenders, but it felt good to spend it on Corbin. He said he is a giver so he’ll give his song this week right to Corbin’s face. He began to leave the ring. Graves said it’s an act of cowardice if he’s ever seen one. Elias assured the fans he’ll give them a performance.

-They went to the announcers on camera. Cole wondered where Elias was going. Graves said it’s uncalled for. They cut backstage to Dana Brooke asking Elias to play a song for her. Elias said, “For you? No.” He knocked on Corbin’s locker room door and told him to listen and keep his mouth shut.

Baron Corbin had potential
He could have been the best
But he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothling
A coward above the rest
So I put you on your face
Left you lying in the dirt
I showed the world you’re just a taller stupider version of Kurt

Corbin entered the hallway.

I smashed you with my guitar
Now your career’s in the ditch
You used to be the lone wolf
But you’re just Stephanie’s little…

Corbin left and slammed the door. Jinder Mahal attacked Elias and threw him into a travel crate. Corbin walked out snickering. He said he has to get out to the ring for his encore because his match is next. Cole asked, “How is that fair?!” [c]

-A Smackdown promo hyped “incidental contact” between A.J. Styles and Daniel Bryan and said Styles would confront Bryan tomorrow night.

(3) JINDER MAHAL (w/Singh Brothers) vs. ELIAS

Graves said Jinder was once in a band in WWE; Cole said he was once WWE Champion. Graves said the Singh Brothers are WWE’s version of “Slash and Duff McKagan” (of the Guns ‘n’ Roses band). Cole said Lashley has replaced Cena in the World Cup. Jinder put Elias in an abdominal stretch a couple minutes in. Elias came back with a Drift Away for the clean win.

WINNER: Elias in 4:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Jinder is really moving down the card to lower-mid-card. Quite the fall from being WWE Champ last year. But he’s probably in the right spot now, assuming his roster spot wouldn’t be better spent on someone with more upside at this point.)

-The announcers reviewed clips of the Strowman-Lesnar angle earlier. Then the Crown Jewel logo came up on the screen. If the crowd reacted, you couldn’t hear a thing. When Renee said a Kurt Angle feature was up next, there were some cheers. [c]

-They showed a slideshow of media coverage of Evolution including CBS Sports, Forbes, ESPN, Bleacher Report, SB Nation, Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, and Sky Sports headlines.

-They went to the announcers on camera who talked about the World Cup at Crown Jewel. Brackets: Seth vs. Lashley and Angle vs. Ziggler on one side, and Hardy vs. Miz and Orton vs. Rey in the other bracket. (Ziggler is a good opponent for Angle in the first round; Lashley vs. Angle is an intriguing semi-final). Cole threw to a video package on Angle. Angle said during a promo in a workout room that winning the World Cup would be the biggest achievement of his career. (Oh, come on, that’s a little much.)


The Ascension were already in the ring. Then Bobby Roode and Chad Gable made their full ring entrance. In an inset promo, Gable asked Roode how much his robe costs. Roode said it’s priceless. Gable said it’s glorious. He asked if the thread count is over 800. Cole said during the AOP ring entrance that this match could shake up the Raw tag team division. Ascension and Roode & Gable each went after AOP as they were entering the ring. They beat them down at ringside. [c]

They joined the match officially in progress after the break. Cole said because of what’s going on with Seth and Dean, this match could be determinant in what happens next with the tag team titles. Gable dropkicked an AOP member into Viktor. Roode then tagged in and gave him a neck breaker as Gable gave him a German suplex for the win.

WINNERS: Gable & Roode

-After the match, AOP attacked Roode and Gable as Drake cheered them on. They gave them the Super Collider.

-They went to the announcers on camera. Cole said Roman understands the battle he is facing and he is determined to return to WWE. He showed Reigns at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Tex. last month. Then they aired encouraging words from kids battling cancer at that same hospital giving him words of encouragement. One kid held up a sign that said, “You Got This, Roman.” Cole said that’s become a rallying cry around the world. The fans chanted “Roman! Roman!” Cole began to transition to the next topic, but paused to let the Roman chants play out. He then threw to a recap of the Seth and Dean angle. He called it one of the most selfish acts he has ever witnessed.

-Graves said last week was one of the most emotional nights in WWE history and ended with shocking actions by Dean. He said they’re both here and Seth wants answers next. [c]


-More Evolution highlights aired.

-Seth Rollins made his full ring entrance. Graves said Seth hasn’t responded much to his texts over the past week, so he knows Seth is having a tough week. He said it’s been a roller coaster week, but his primary emotion is the gratitude he feels for how fans reacted to Roman Reigns’s news. “Thank you, Roman!” chanted fans. Seth said the positivity makes him happy and feel good. He said last week he became Raw Tag Team Champion for the third time and that also made him happy. “But I’m also feeling kind of sad because I should be celebrating that with my friend, with my partner Dean Ambrose.” He said that’s impossible because Dean turned his back on him, the Shield, “all of us.” He said he feels guilty because he has wondered if it was his fault. He said maybe Dean couldn’t forgive what he did four years ago and maybe he let it fester and lashed out at the wrong time against the wrong person in the wrong situation. He said he feels frustrated and confused. He said the only person with answers is Dean, but the problem is when Dean doesn’t want to be found, he can’t be. Seth said he knows he can find Dean here tonight, though. He asked him “as a friend and brother” to come out and explain why. He paused. Then Dean’s music played. But no Dean. Then he appeared in the stands where The Shield walked out together.

Seth said last week Dean turned his back on The Shield and now he’s mocking The Shield. He told him to face him in the ring and give him the answer he deserves. Ambrose stood there and brooded. Seth yelled angrily that when he stabbed him in the back, at least he was man enough to face him like a man and explain why he did it. Dean pulled a mic out and raised it to his mouth, then dropped it before speaking. Dean snarled as fans began chanting “You sold out!” Seth said, “You know what, man? You really are a cold-hearted bastard. On the most emotional nights in the history of The Shield, you spat on us and everything we stand for. The night Roman leaves to battle leukemia, you made it all about you. Somehow, some way you make it all about you Ambrose.” He said if he wants the spotlight, he’s got it. He said he’s fixed on it as long as he lives and he’ll make his life a living hell. More snarling by Ambrose. “Maybe it wasn’t just a nick-name and maybe you are a soulless lunatic,” Seth said. He told Dean if he doesn’t want to come to the ring, he’ll go up there and beat an answer out of him. Dean turned and left. Graves said this is far from over.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good segment. Seth has grown to be a lead babyface act not just in the ring, but also on the mic. I liked that he acknowledged his past and that he wasn’t working from a moral high ground, but then clarified that at least he told Dean to his face why he acted as he did. He owned his past, but also explained why Dean is acting worse. Dean not speaking yet is a hook for another week.)

-Charly Caruso interviewed Lashley and Rush. She asked what it would mean to win the World Cup and be called the best in the world. Lashley told Rush to answer. Rush said his man has done it all – MMA championship, amateur wrestling champion, and world championship. Rush said the moral of the story is that when you look and smell like money, there is a foregone conclusion that Lashley will prove he is the best in the world. Lashley and Rush fist-bumped.

-A clip aired of Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Graves said they’re in the building and so are Undertaker and Kane.

-Nia Jax made her ring entrance. [c]

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Graves accused Moon of trying to leech off of the celebration of Jax. Renee defended Moon. Cole shifted to talking about the Rousey vs. Becky news at Survivor Series. Cole talked about the Raw vs. Smackdown format at Survivor Series. Moon avoided a charging Jax into the corner. Jax went shoulder-first into the ringpost. Moon leaped off the second rope onto Jax with a flip dive at ringside. Tamina’s music played and she walked to the ring. Jax and Moon both watched, but Jax attacked Moon and legdropped her for the three count.

WINNER: Jax in 3:00.

-Tamina and Jax had a stare down afterward. Tamina then left the ring. Jax looked intimidated or distressed. Not sure if that’s what she was going for, though.

-They went to the announcers on camera again. Cole called it a “global pay-per-view event” but didn’t say Saudi Arabia. He said the matches are stacked and the event is free for new subscribers. [c]

(6) THE REVIVAL (Dash & Dawson) vs. LINCE DORADO & KALISTO (w/Gran Metalik)

When Metalik distracted Dawson with his Lucha Party noisemaker, Kaliso surprised him with a Salida del Sol. Lince then landed a crossbody on Dash. Kalisto made the cover and got the three count.

WINNERS: Dorado & Kalisto in 3:00

(Keller’s Analysis: Looks like a kid-friendly house show tag match is coming to an arena near you.) [c]

-More Evolution highlights aired.

-Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre made their ring entrance. Ziggler said he has his eye on the prize. He asked Drew what he has his eye on. Drew said now that they’ve broken up the Shield, his attention will be squarely on Lesnar vs. Braun at Crown Jewel. Ziggler said he looked up to Angle, but he’s going to cement his legacy at Crown Jewel by stealing another show and winning the World Cup. He said he’s such a nice guy, he’s going to give an example of what’s going to go down at the World Cup. He said he is the best who has ever walked down the aisle or stepped foot in the ring and the best thing going now and the best thing that’s ever happened to this business. “I am the best in the world,” he said. He tossed the mic. Graves said agree or disagree with Ziggler, what matters is Ziggler believes it.

-Apollo Crew made his ring entrance. [c]

(7) APOLLO CREWS vs. DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Drew McIntyre)

Crews controlled the offense as the match was joined in progress after the break. Crews pressed Ziggler above his head for several seconds, then dropped him behind him. He then landed a standing moonsault for a near fall. When Crews went for a top rope frog splash, Ziggler raised his knees. Then he super-kicked him and scored the clean three count.

WINNER: Ziggler in about 4:00. [c]


-Undertaker and Kane made their ring entrance. Taker and Kane talked about the futility of fighting the Grim Reaper. Undertaker said it won’t be swift; it will be slow, agonizing pain. (That’s an honest assessment of their last match, at least from a fan perspective.) He said, “It won’t just be the end of an era, it will be the end of their error.” Kane said that is this Friday, but tonight Triple H and Shawn Michaels are being summoned to the ring right now. Taker said they want to take their souls for eternity so they an never rest in peace. The crowd said it along with Taker. DX’s music interrupted before he got to the final syllable. Triple H came out alone. Kane pursued Triple H on the stage. Shawn Michaels showed up behind Undertaker and gave him a superkick. Cole said it was a trap set by DX. Kane ran into the ring. Michaels fled. Michaels was sans cowboy hat and hair, but he had a headband on. Hunter and Michaels did some DX chops. Taker sat up. Hunter and Michaels looked unnerved. Cole got in a final pitch for Crown Jewel.

Tonight after WWE Raw, join me live with guest cohost Matt Koon to break down the show with live callers, mailbag, and a live on-site correspondent from Charlotte.

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  1. I was glad to see Trish and Lita again and maybe we might see more of them for awhile. I will be disappointed if Cena refuses to go to Saudi Arabia along with everyone else. I do not care about any politital statement or agenda. Cena needs to be part of the team and go there for the fans who are paying to see him. The Saudi Fans had no part of this murder or whatever happened and they should not be punished.

    • The fact that you don’t care shows what kind of person you are, very sick. I applaud Cena for standing up for what is right. You are despicable.

    • Agree, the majority of the paying crowd won’t have had anything to do with the issues there. However corrupt the regime is it’s not fair to punish the people who spent hard earned money on tickets

  2. I’m curious how close Cole came to saying the Banned Words… SAUDI ARABIA because it sure sounded a couple times like he was heading there. lol

    • The fact that they are still going is terrible Anything for a dollar, I guess. Very shameful of old man McMahon an d his family.

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